Does Cvs Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

The drug test policy that is being brought into many shopping centers is being adopted by many leading retail chains in the United States of America.

In my research I found that CVS drug tests job applicants. In the past, when CVS used to employ many positions in the stores, they had drug testing policies that were not enforced. If you got arrested and needed to pay a fine, it was on your own to get yourself a job at CVS. However, they have a drug testing policy for candidates. This is the procedure for getting drug tested.

Does CVS Drug Test In 2022?

The tests are meant to ensure that employees can handle the pressures of corporate life in one of the most competitive industries in the world.
In addition, CVS says that drug testing serves as a deterrent to those who would abuse drugs and alcohol, and discourages those who use the substance.
CVS operates under the policy of “zero tolerance” when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

If you want to read more about the illegal drug policy of the CVS, which employees have to undergo drug tests, and what happens if you fail a drug test, then keep on reading.

What Is The Drug Policy At CVS?

CVS strives to keep its working environments alcohol and drug-free for the safety of its employees and customers.

Employees are not to sell, possess, or use illegal substances in the store or in the presence of patients, clients, or the public, or while on store premises.

Does CVS Drug Test New Employees?

Potential candidates who apply for a job with CVS may be asked to take a drug test to check for illegal drugs.

Employees who are concerned about the alcohol-free policy may request a urine or hair test during their interview for the job. CVS employees are given instructions on how to report to CVS for this purpose.

Does CVS Drug Test All Employees?

While drug testing for positions in management and pharmacy is mandatory for all CVS stores, some stores such as the Woonsocket Location do not require drug testing for positions such as the cashier.

If you are hired, you will be given a copy of the drug screening form to complete and bring to your first day on the job.

Does CVS Drug Test For Promotions?

You may be required to be drug tested if you are promoting and applying for a more advanced position at CVS.

This should help you if you are thinking about how to deal with your boss who keeps interfering with your work.

If you fail to pass the required drug test, there are different reasons why you may be denied the promotion.
For example, if you are refusing the test or test positive for illegal substances, the position will be denied.
If you have an allergy to certain drugs or if you fail the test because you have a history of alcoholism, the position will be denied.
However, if you were involved in an accident without legal consequences or if the company has a conflict with the law because of the nature of the job, in the case of the latter, the position will be denied.

There will be a mandatory 6-month waiting period before you will be eligible to reapply again.

What Type Of Drug Test Does CVS Do?

The company’s main drug testing tool is a urine test. You can get a drug test done, and you go to a place like a pharmacy or health food store.

It is a condition of your employment that you submit to a urine drug screen and that you must maintain employment.

What Substances Does CVS Drug Test For?

The company will conduct drug tests for drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine, and more at the workplace.

Some states in the country have made marijuana legal, meaning that CVS will test for the drug in its employees. For this reason, the company needs to make sure that its staff are not smoking nor consuming the drug.

What Happens If I Fail A CVS Drug Test?

If you test positive for drugs it’s considered a fireable offense, CVS considers failing a drug test a fireable offense.

This is called a “drug-test termination” and is typically reserved for employers who can prove you are lying at your drug test.

After 6 months, if you reapply to work at CVS, you will have to submit a new drug test. If you clear the drug test, then you can work again.

Do I Need To Take A Drug Test At CVS For Legalized Substances?

It is important to note that you are required to take a drug test as a condition of being an International Student. A positive test will lead to either suspension or expulsion from the program.

In case the drug test detects a legal substance, such as marijuana, you may be subject to a disciplinary inquiry at CVS that may result in your termination.

Does CVS Sell Drug Tests?

CVS sells a range of drug and alcohol tests in-store and on its website, stocking a variety of brandst, including DrugConfirm, BACtrack & TheClearNow. The prices for these drug tests range from $12.99 to $89.99.

Note that to prevent fraudulent reviews, CVS conducts their own drug tests on its employees using a third-party testing center rather than selling tests in-store.

If you’re wondering whether other drug testing policies apply to your employer, use our database to find out.


CVS expects all employees to follow the policy of not taking drugs or consuming alcohol on the premises. The company also aims to ensure that employees do not consume alcohol on the job, but they do not have the power to check this.

If you make a prescription mistake at CVS, you will be fired from the position for breaching the company policy. Although you can reapply in six months, you will likely be required to undergo another drug test to assess your suitability to work at CVS.

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