Big Lots Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + More)

Big Lots has a system for tracking all complaints and concerns from the customers that they have, so the company can be sure that they are all solved.

Do you want to know how you can file a complaint against Big Lots? Well, you should know that Big Lots handles customer service complaints with dignity and respect, so the company may request that you keep in mind that it was the customer who contacted them in the first place.

What Is Big Lots System of Receiving and Handling Complaints In 2022?

The most common complaint at Big Lots is dissatisfaction with the customer’s shopping experience. Some customers are satisfied with the outcomes of this system while others do not. This shows that the relationship between customers and Big Lots is still a long way off from being satisfactory.

If you want to know more on how to find out if Big Lots is to blame for the defective products that you are buying, read on!

How Do I Complain About an Incident at a Big Lots Store?

Big Lots has an in-house team which is staffed 365 days a year to take care of your needs in person. They will even answer your questions and answer questions from their staff.

The staff will always point you in the right direction or refer you to the appropriate authority when you’re in doubt.

At the same time, if you feel you are being treated unfairly, you can report the issue to the relevant company.

You can file a complaint by calling the customer care department or writing one via email.

The company’s official website, social media sites, and customer care department are great places to get in touch with the company and get assistance from customer service.

How Do I Lodge a Complaint Arising From Shopping Online at Big Lots?

If you have any complaints, you can contact the following.

What Happens After I Lodge My Complaint at Big Lots?

You can expect that your complaint will be dealt with in accordance to Big Lots’ policies and procedures.

You should feel free to email the department to provide any additional information you feel is necessary.

The complaint is investigated. If it is determined that the complaint is unfounded, it is dismissed, if otherwise, it is forwarded to the appropriate disciplinary committee. In the latter case, the investigation is forwarded to the appropriate committee.

Basically, this is you backing up your claims, and them backing them up.

It may try to clarify its stance or admit wrongdoing, and give amends to the consumer depending on the outcome.

It is good practice for businesses to be as conciliatory as possible to the complainant about such issues.

What Are the Common Types of Complaints Made Against Big Lots?

Customer complaints are of different types, but they all boil down to the same concept of satisfaction with a product, but with the most common being complaints about service. Complaints take different forms- dissatisfaction with a product, quality, or the condition of the product.

If you are a regular Big Lots employee, do not expect to be treated nicely by the customers or their staff.

For instance, a customer launched a complaint about Big Lots store managers that were known for treating workers poorly.

Your complaint may include an attendant issue like incorrect and erroneous delivery and shipment.

These involve the inability to access your account, a problem with the payment system, a damaged or lost item, a product’s failure to meet the customer’s expectation, or problems with the customer’s email address.

People get annoyed with such techniques but at times, it gives fresh ground for a further grievance.

The people who work at Big Lots should be very ashamed of themselves.

The original post was deleted before the paraphrase was created.

How Effective Are Big Lots at Handling Complaints?

Unfortunately, Big Lots complains that they do a pretty good job at handling complaints on their website.

The number of times the company responded to the complaint, the average time to resolve the complaint, and how the company initially responded to the customer.

I rated Big Lots two stars because it took the retailer an average of 37 days to resolve an issue, and the store was located in a poorly lit area with many competitors in the space.

What Are Big Lots’ Customer Service Hours?

Most of its shoppers are available at any time of the day or night.

While it may not seem to be a popular option, you may be able to get an emergency support phone number by calling the store’s customer service.

Big Lots is a store that sells a variety of household items and clothing for a very reasonable price.


Customer service means the quality of service you give your client.

Complaints are often received about the quality, customer service, and complaint handling strategies.

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