Aldi Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + More)

Aldi also follows an agenda, set forth by the company’s company values and also has their own internal policies and guidelines.

Aldi has an official complaint procedure. If you have a problem, you have to send email to the customer service and complain about a certain issue, which might then be taken care of.

How Does Aldi Handle and Receive Complaints In 2022?

If you are unhappy with a product, you can call our customer care or you can raise the complaint online. Our representatives check for any quality issues by visiting the store and verifying the product. If the complaint is not resolved, you can ask for an additional refund. Otherwise, Aldi will not refund or reimburse the money after the product is delivered to the customer.

If you want to know how to make a complaint against Aldi, why they handle complaints, and the many types of complaints that happen, keep reading about Aldi complaints!

What Are Common Complaints Made Against Aldi?

Aldi’s website clearly states that its customers can contact the company with a complaint or a query.

How Do I Make a Complaint to Aldi?

If you have complaints about the store, you can visit, write to, or call the store, and describe your complaint to a manager of the store.

If you need to complain to Aldi about a product, then you should have information on the brand, name, and receipt for faster action.

– Aldi always advises customers to have the batch number, barcode, and the product’s “Use by date” if applicable.
– We strongly advise our customers to avoid opening packages that are not in date-specific packaging.
– Due to the nature of the product, please do not keep the package for longer than stated on the packaging.
– If you have any questions, please contact us.

In case you are making a complaint on an online purchase, it is a good idea for you to have the purchase number, email address, and postcode available for faster review and complaint resolution.

How Do I Contact Aldi to File a Complaint?

~~For your convenience, Aldi US will accept any complaints you may have.

Aldi UK Customer Support
Customer Service
Customer Service
Aldi UK
Home Delivery
Store Deliveries
Customer Service
Customer Service

If your email is not delivered to that address, then it is being sent to your spam folder, which means that your email is being filtered and may cause email problems.

Please try again to send and email. If this problem still occurs, we encourage you to call us at 0800 328 9092, our U.S. Customer Service number.

Aldi Australia has a phone number for customer service, and an email address.

– If you have a pending complaint you can give it to a human instead of sending it to the department. You can also refer someone else to handle the complaint. You can only refer a person who is at your company or is an employee of a partner of your company.
– You will be sent a document that describes the complaint and the action that the associate will take.

To create a custom survey, choose this option and click Next.

What Is Aldi’s System of Receiving Complaints?

Aldi’s complaint handling system is quite easy to use: customers can call a customer service desk, send an email, or complete the complaints form available on the company’s website.

After filing a complaint, the company will be notified of its disposition. If it decides that a violation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation has occurred, it will notify the person concerned within three months.

Customers who fill out the online complaint form, should include their contact information, such as name, address, and contact information.

So, the customer is supposed to give more details and comments on the complaints.

A consumer complaint should specify the specific store which is being complained about.

It is equally important to include as much information about your product as possible.

Once a customer submits the form, it will send them a complaint report that’s based on the information that was submitted.

How Does Aldi Deal with Complaints?

Since the complaint was posted on the Aldi support forum, there is a higher chance that they will look into the issue.

However, if the complain cannot be resolved, or he is not satisfied with the result of the complaint, you have the right to pursue ADR.

Aldi’s Retail ADR is a third party company that will take up customer complaints about their products and services. They will investigate your complaint and make sure you get a fair resolution.

You can choose to have further investigation on an alternative payment platform if you are not satisfied with the resolutions offered by customer service.

For help on the rules of the EU Shopping Basket, please visit the ‘European Union Online Dispute Resolution Platform’ at

It is important to know that submissions made on the EU platform are sent first to Aldi’s Retail ADR before going on to other parties such as Aldi’s headquarters, the EU headquarters, and the EU Commission.

How Effective Is Aldi at Addressing Customer Complaints?

The store was able to resolve complaints successfully, which demonstrates how successful they were.
If you would, please keep in mind the following points while reading.

In the case of Aldi, I know because my roommate works for them, it seems like they are always running sales and offering low price items. We have been coming here frequently and we’re always getting some amazing deals!

The good score is highly contributed by the company’s effectiveness in handling the complaints of the customers.

Does Aldi Give Vouchers for Complaints?

There is no information available on Aldi’s website that confirms whether Aldi has any complaints policy but most shoppers prefer to get their complaints resolved by contacting Aldi directly.

What Are Aldi Service Hours?

The stores hours are 8AM-10PM, 7 days a week.

Because of the limited hours and resources it has for customer service, Aldi will call its associates in less than an hour, so customers should plan to work with the company within those times.

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Aldi’s policy on its products is that they are not liable for the damage caused to them by the buyer. If the items cause any damage to the buyer, the buyer is liable for the damage.

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