Walgreens Complaints (how To Make One, Types Of Complaints + More)

While CVS is currently the leader, Walgreens has a huge stake in the health care system. The company is dedicated to making medication and medical care more affordable by expanding its service network.

However, I have read that most customers have been concerned about how the company responds to complaints and how it deals with them. Therefore, I’m writing this blog to share my insights about how Walgreens receives and handles complaints.

How Does Walgreens Receive and Handle Complaints In 2022?

Since its launch in the year 1990, Walgreens has been one of the largest drugstore chain companies in the United States. Currently, more than 50 percent of Americans have a relationship with Walgreens. The company provides its services to about 8,000 stores in more than 25 countries and regions across the world.

How to make a complaint to Walgreens
How to make a complaint to Walgreens
How to make a complaint to Walgreens
Types of complaints to Walgreens
How to make a complaint to Walgreens
Walgreens customer service contact information
Walgreens customer service phone number

How to make a complaint to Walgreens
If you’d like to make a complaint to Walgreens, please see their contact information at their website so that you can do so.

How Do I Make a Complaint at Walgreens?

It is possible for customers to make a report if they have a grievance against their local store.

If the staff are unable to solve the issue for you, and you would like to speak directly to the store manager, you can request to do so.

If you want to lodge a complaint about a specific Walgreens store, you can send your complaints through the Walgreens Contact Us section on their official website. You can also lodge a complaint under customer service.

If the above information does not fully answer your question, you may ask for more information.

Ask a question

Ask a question

You may ask a question for help and advice about this page.

If the customer is having trouble with the company’s product or if the problem is not related to a sales issue, the customer can submit the complaint by completing an online web form.

If you are using this method with no topic selected, the complaint will be automatically directed to the administrative department and sent to the appropriate person.

I would like to know how to do this, to send a written explanation of my complaints.

 I like this feature especially since I rarely have to call customer service because I have such a great app experience.

What Are the Common Types of Complaints Made Against Walgreens?

Complaint 1: I would like to tell Walgreens customer service representative (CSR) what happened when I bought something from your company.
Complaint 2: I would like to tell Walgreens CSR that something happened and I don’t understand why Walgreens is not addressing my complaint.

1. Complaints Made by Customers on Products and Services that we sell our merchandise to you.

Walgreen pays attention to the feedback that clients give them, and once they find any problems with the service, they work to make sure the customers are satisfied.

I read that a complaint was made by a customer that the state in which I live has violated my privacy by issuing a subpoena.

If a customer complains about Walgreens breaking the law, the customer has to file a complaint to the Board of Pharmacy in the _________ State or Territory ________.

It is most important for you to be sure that the company had to pay fines and the cost of repairing the damage.

There may be some personal conflicts that make it difficult to express the problem directly.

In other cases, you can state the problem simply (but still, it’s important to understand the real problem and not just saying what you want to ask).

The company is not responsible for the conduct of its customers, agents or
associates. The company has the right to refuse service or ask you
to leave because it is exercising its own exclusive judgment as to
the appropriate manner of dealing with customers who act in
violation of this public policy.

How Do I Contact Walgreens in Case of a Complaint?

* By calling the Walgreens Customer Service line at (800) 461-8000.
* By sending an email to help@wags.com.
* You may also visit the Walgreens Customer Service website at http://www.walgreens.com or you may visit your local Walgreens for additional contact information.

How Do I Email My Complaint to Walgreens?

Unfortunately, you cannot send a direct email to report your complaints to Walgreens. You must go to the website for Walgreens
and then go to the web address of the pharmacy you visited and fill out their form for reporting your complaint.

[Walgreens] is not providing emails for complaints. They are using their online forms to send emails to them.

It makes sure that the email isn’t intercepted and doesn’t use email in order to ensure safety, privacy, and accurate delivery of the message.

To confirm receipt of your request for assistance, we may receive a confirmation email.

How Does Walgreens Handle Complaints?

If you call the Walgreens Customer Service number, and tell the customer service rep you want your complaint resolution status, they’ll tell you what your options are and what you can do next.

How Effective Is Walgreens at Handling Complaints?

If a customer gives Walgreens a bad review on Yelp, the retailer can easily track down the person and have it removed.

Although the company has only a 2.4% of its complaints being solved, they still get great ratings.

Consumer Affairs shows you a video of a review that includes a review of the product and an explanation of how it works. Hissing Kitty shows an illustration of the product.

What Are Walgreens Customer Service Hours?

Walgreens customer service agents are available all day and night long, but their main focus is on the US time-zone.

If you cannot find a live chat agent and you do not see the “Need Help? Live Chat” button between 7 am and 1 EST, it means that the agents are busy. All you need to do is to wait a few minutes and refresh the page.

 To learn more about Walgreens, visit our page, Walgreens Competitors, what is Walgreens, and Walgreens mission statement.


Walgreens lets customers report dissatisfaction through a variety of channels. They can also report concerns through customer help lines or via the company’s social media accounts.

The company sends the receipt which confirms that the complaints are received, reviews the complaints, and provides the solution to the complaints.

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