Kohl’s Complaints (how To Make One, Types Of Complaints + Contact Info)

To manage its complaints effectively, Kohl’s has an integrated CRM system that connects complaints from multiple channels, such as its website, phone, and emails to a complaint resolution system.

Since you are very interested in this topic, I will tell you how this complaint resolution system works.

How Does the Kohl’s Customer Complaint Resolution System Work In 2022?

Customers commonly complain about the product quality and condition, and the overall service they receive from Kohl’s. They are dissatisfied with the quality of products being shipped to them, and the customer service the store provides. Many reviews rate Kohl’s complaint resolution mechanism as largely ineffective.

If you continue to the next webpage, you’ll learn more about what you can complain about at Kohl’s. You’ll also find out how to contact Kohl’s management for any complaints.

How Do I Complain About an Incident at Kohl’s In-Store?

If you have a problem with the Kohl’s employee, you should feel free to call Kohl’s and complain about their service, or you can send them an email.

If the problem is within the control of the store employees, they will resolve it themselves before reporting it to the manager.

Complaints concerning the corporation have to be made here as a requirement of law. If the problem cannot be solved with your complaint, then you will be required to file a complaint with the police, and if it is not solved, you can file a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office.

Other options include, contact at Kohl’s and/or social media.

How Do I Complain About an Incident That Concerns Shopping Online at Kohl’s?

You can go to the manager of the store or to the staff if you shopped online and picked your purchases in-store.

Otherwise, you can contact customer service, comment on the contact us section on the website, send an email, or send a tweet.

You can ask for the free gift if you want to ask them to send you something.

How Do I Contact Kohl’s to Lodge a Complaint?

 I am unhappy with the service I was given at Kohl’s as well as the quality and the product.  I would like to register a complaint with the Kohl’s customer service  and also with the Kohl’s Corporate Customer Service. I need Kohl’s Corporate Customer Service to contact.

If you are unhappy with the service that you have received from [Original], then you can also send your complaint to the following address. However, be sure to give them adequate time to respond.

Kohl’s is a fast growing retail chain in the United States.

Ridgewood Drive is a cul des sac, so you have not arrived at your destination yet.

Menomonee Falls, WI is the location of the game.

This is a free e-book (free PDF) from the library.

Where Else Can I Complain About Kohl’s?

People also often complain on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. However, this is a last resort. As a customer, you will most likely not use an extraneous system to resolve your complaint.

Both the federal and state governments are dedicated to ensuring that customers are treated fairly and that companies act in a responsible manner.

The government agencies that protect consumers concerning the goods and services provided by Kohl’s include :

The Better Business Bureau Serving the Midwest.

Both customers and employees can post grievances and complaints against the companies on review sites.

There have been many cases of Kohl’s having to take action against those who are not following rules and regulations.

You might ask your customer service agent about the complaints being filed against it, and if the company is willing to help resolve them.

Also, if the complaint can be proved, a customer could get a refund out of the money he or she paid for the faulty product.

What Happens When You Lodge a Complaint at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s sets procedures for dealing with customers’ complaints. However, these procedures follow a standard in the industry.

No more waiting for a human to deal with your complaint!

What Are Common Complaints Received by Kohl’s?

Kohl’s employees are not happy with the products Kohl’s sells them, Kohl’s staff is not happy with the customers they serve and the Kohl’s complaint resolution process is no longer very effective.

How Effective Is Kohl’s Complaint Resolution System?

Unfortunately, the game is getting many reviews saying it’s bad.

For instance, Hissing Kitty gives Kohl’s 1.69 stars based on 349 customer complaints on ReviewMeta.

Site Jabber offers 3.5 stars to Kohl’s. They mostly do well on pricing and product. They’re less impressed with Kohl’s customer service.

Trust Pilot gives Kohl’s one star on complaint resolution, and notes that the retailer has not replied to complaints on its site for 12 months.

Kohl’s also scored lowest among retailers on in-store customer service (60/100) and lowest among department stores (77/100).

Specifically, Kohl’s had a score of 2.7/10 on issue resolution, 3.1/10 on reachability and responsiveness, and 4.2/10 on the friendliness of its staff.

Overall, the verdict from reviewers about Kohl’s on the Customer Service Board is that the majority of them feel that their complaint was resolved in a fair and satisfactory way.

Additionally, Pissed Consumer gives Kohl’s 2.4 stars and ranks it at 60 out of 373 supermarkets and malls.

What Are Kohl’s Customer Service Hours?

Kohl’s can be contacted through email and social media pages. We recommend contacting them on these pages and avoid phone calls because they take a long time to get back to customers. Kohl’s is a large company and they have an international customer base.

Also, we are located near the University of Houston (UH) and close to many other universities.

Kohl’s wants to respond to customers’ complaints as soon as possible.

You can find what’s new, latest news, and latest trends on Kohl’s and its products in this blog.


Kohl’s customers who have any issues can visit customer service counters or call customer service hotline.

There are so many review sites out there that people can go to find out all the things these customer service representatives are lying about.

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