Walmart Money Card Complaints (how To Make One, Types Of Complaints + Contact Info)

Walmart’s new money card is a better option for Walmart consumers because you do not have to worry about using a credit card to shop at Walmart anymore.

Money Card complaints are routed through a customer service department [usually in India] that is completely overwhelmed by the volume of complaints.
Customers have reported that it takes days for complaints to be acknowledged, and if they are acknowledged at all, their resolution was either “not an issue or not our issue, please contact your bank”.

How Does Walmart Receive and Handle Money Card Complaints In 2022?

You will be able to file a lawsuit if you face any financial issues from Walmart. You can explain the details of the problem to Walmart’s customer service representative to seek assistance. In case Walmart refuses to help you, you can seek the help of legal lawyers. You can also file a class-action lawsuit against Walmart if you face financial issues on a long-term basis.

Here you will find helpful information on how to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about your Walmart Money Card. You can also find information on how Walmart handles complaints. You can read up on the different types of complaints that Walmart Money Card holders may have and you can find out more about the steps you can take if you see a problem in your account.

How Can I File a Complaint About My Walmart Money Card?

You can complain about your Walmart Money Card if you go to a Walmart store and speak to a customer care agent.

In addition, you can make a complaint against your Walmart Money Card by calling customer care, sending a complaint letter, or sending direct messages to the company’s social media.

You should call Walmart after you have done all the required action. The customer care executive will be available to help you.

Or, you may decide to make a complaint by writing a complaint letter and mailing it to Walmart MoneyCard, Customer Service, P.O. Box 5100, Pasadena, CA 91117.

Additionally, Walmart received complaints about the Money Card from the Facebook page, and the MoneyCard Team responded to these complaints with a statement on the MoneyCard Facebook page.

To resolve a problem, send an email with your problems. A customer care agent will respond to you.

When lodging a complaint by telephone, give as much information as possible to the customer care representative to help the staff at the company reach an appropriate resolution.

If you send a complaint letter to the company regarding your bank account and you should expect a response within 14 days.

But if you don’t get a response from the company within 14 days, you can call them and confirm receipt of the complaint letter, or go back to your letter to verify that you entered the correct address.

What Are Common Walmart Money Card Complaints?

– There is a problem with the card itself
– There is a problem with the customer service
– There is a problem with the store
– There is a problem with the system
– There is a problem with the computer you are on
– There is a problem with any of the above.

How Do I Contact Walmart to File a Walmart Money Card Complaint?

Contact customer care about your Walmart Money Card.
Contact the Walmart Money Card Credit Line, and find out what options there are to get help.
Contact your local Walmart store about your balance and how you can get help.

How Do I Make Complaints Against the Walmart Money Card?

If you contact Walmart and receive an unsatisfactory response or lack of response to your issue, you can escalate it by filing a complaint with the government agency that protects your rights as a consumer.

If Walmart has charged you hidden fees on your money card, or engaged in deceptive or unfair business practices, then you can escalate the issue by contacting your local Better Business Bureau.

If you want to file a complaint in India, contact the embassy of India in Washington, and if you’re in the UK, contact the embassy in Washington.

How Can I File Walmart Money Card Complaints with the FTC?

If you are not satisfied with the Walmart’s Money Card complaint service, you can file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. The phone number is 1-877-382-4357.

This is something called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can report them on their website if you think they have done something wrong.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will ask for your email address, the issues you’re having, a clear description of the issue, and any available supporting documents such as bank statements and receipts.

If Walmart then refuses or neglects to handle the complaint in a timely manner, the FTC will then pursue the complaint on your behalf.

In case Walmart does not respond at all, the commission may file a civil lawsuit against the company in federal court.

How Can I File Walmart Money Card Complaints with CFPB?

If you have a complaint against Walmart Money Card, submit details of the complaint on the company’s official website.

The bureau works to make sure all businesses are following the law and the regulations of the consumer protection act.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established in order to protect consumers, ensure that credit lenders and issuers can’t take advantage of you, and that our financial institutions must act fairly and honestly.

CFPB might sue Walmart, if it can’t get a settlement with Walmart, to try to make Walmart stop violating the rules.

How Can I File Walmart Money Card Complaints with BBB?

Walmart Money Card customer will have to contact the company on its website to report wrong, chargeback or any other forms of complaint.

You have the option to choose to cancel your credit card and then use it for Walmart purchases only.

If the company does not handle the issue, the BBB will give the company an unsatisfactory rating, and will publicly release this news through the company’s BBB Network.

Can I Sue Walmart Money Card?

Luckily, Walmart Cash and Walmart Money Card gives you the ability to sue them and get back your money.

You can sue Walmart over this issue in small claims court. Additionally, you can send a letter to the company telling them that you are considering legal action.

How Effective Is Walmart at Handling Complaints about Money Cards?

Walmart’s rating on the Complaints Board ranges from 4 stars to a 2-star rating out of 5 stars. According to the Complaints Board, Walmart has a 4.5 stars rating.

Of the 1,200 complaints submitted through the website, only one person has been satisfied, while 4,941 people are still unhappy with their experiences with TripAdvisor.

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This complaint section for Walmart Money Card users helps you to be able to know the status of your complaints. You can find here all the information regarding the status of your complaints pertaining to your Walmart Money Card.

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