Walmart Grocery Pickup Complaints (how To Make One, Types Of Complaints + Contact Info)

As the company grew, it was able to offer grocery delivery and online shopping. A few years ago, it made the decision to offer an in-store pickup feature as one of the methods of delivering groceries.

In case the customer has any issue with the transaction, the store is able to send the complaint to the manager, who will then handle the issue accordingly.

How Does the Walmart Grocery Pickup Complaint Process Work In 2022?

Walmart grocery home delivery received complaints, particularly for people who are unable to go to the store due to their circumstances. In addition, people complain about the speed of delivery and the quality of the goods. Consumers also reported problems with delivery personnel and customer service. This was the main source of the initial complaints against the home delivery service.

In order to make a complaint, you will have to look at the steps mentioned at the bottom of the screen. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, then you will have to go to the store’s Website.

2. If you are unable to find the complaint form on the website, then you must go to the location where the manager was located at Walmart.

How Can I Make Complaints About Walmart Grocery Pickup?

If you have an incident, the first thing you should do is talk to the store manager.

When you complain in the store with your credit card, the satisfaction rate exceeds 90%.

The Walmart grocery pickup website that enables customers to order for pick-up; the Walmart phone number that accepts orders and asks customers to contact a store near them; by calling the Walmart store where they purchased the item; by calling a customer service representative; by calling the Walmart Grocery Pickup hotline.

When you write about it on social media, you increase the chances by being more specific about what happened and providing evidence.

How Does Walmart Handle Grocery Pickup Complaints?

Walmart is not the only place where consumers can complain, sometimes a store manager is not aware.

Customers can choose to use the customer service to file a complaint on the product. The customer service will have an option in the “report a problem” to file a complaint or file a complaint.

For a store manager, you should call the store manager and explain your concern. The store manager will then provide you with a satisfactory solution.

What Alternative Avenues Can Customers Use to Complain About Walmart Grocery Pickups?

For example, you can also talk to your local police department, or the police department where the issue occurred, or the county clerk’s office and file a public records request in order to find a paper trail of your complaint.

What Are Common Complaints About Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Walmart Grocery Pickup complaints commonly involve issues with the store and the general customer service of Walmart. This includes, but is not limited to, unresponsive customer support and failure to update inventory.

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How Effective Is the Walmart Grocery Pickup Complaints System?

The Walmart Grocery Pickups have gone to a lot of lengths to establish a comprehensive complaint resolution mechanism in order to indicate seriousness.

They say that customers are less than satisfied because they have to complain on the phone to customer service and wait for a supervisor to return their call.

When an individual buys groceries from a place like Sam’s Club or Walmart, they are often willing to wait outside for a few minutes in the cold or rain just to not have to queue up at the cashier.

Based on a sample of 78 reviews, Walmart Grocery Pickups scores 3.9/5 stars and earns an estimated average of $0.99.

It seems, from the reviews about Walmart Grocery Pickupt, that most shoppers are unhappy with how long it takes to resolve a complaint. The company has a rating of 2.37/5.

Some of the complainants mentioned a range of service issues like orders taking too long, not receiving their order at the scheduled time, not receiving their order at all etc. Some even mentioned the cost of this service, which was extremely high.

The following is a list of the food items that can be delivered to Walmart Pick Up Locators.

If you wish to purchase any item from the following list, you will have to order it through the Walmart website.


Customers can file a complaint with Walmart Grocery Pickup by calling 1-877-WALMART or sending an email to

The review also states that customers are satisfied with how Walmart handles their complaints, and that they opt for alternative ways of resolving their complaints if Walmart’s resolution is inadequate.

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