Does Target Have Senior Discounts? (+ Other Ways To Save!)

Target is an American chain of discount department stores. They offer a variety of products in a large store which is a big attraction for shoppers.

 Yes! Target has a wide variety of discounts for senior citizens, and there are different kinds of discounts available based on the type of discount that they are offering. They have a great variety of senior discounts, and I’ll try to show you how to benefit from them in the next section.

Does Target Have Senior Discounts In 2022?

The Target RedCard and Target Circle are the smartest ways to save at Target. They let you save even more money than the manufacturer coupons you could be using. These two savings programs are free, and you can sign up for both from the Target website or Apple App. They offer a great way to save at Target!

Now, here are a few other ways that seniors can save at Target that I want to mention. First, if you are a member of AARP, you get discounts on services and merchandise with that membership. For instance, if you are in the AARP Medicare Supplement Program, your prescription co-pays are lowered, and you save money on over-the-counter medications. This is the best way seniors can save on medicine. Also, if you join AARP, you get access to online savings and other discounts. So, if you are looking for more ways that seniors can save on merchandise and services, you also might want to think about signing up for AARP.

Does Target Have AARP Discounts?

Just like the case with senior discounts, Target does not offer any AARP (formerly known as the American Association for Retired Persons) discounts in-store, on their website, or on the Target app.

However, Target does offer AARP members a small percentage of merchandise discounts in-store through an AARP-branded product, Target Card.

Target also encourages people to shop for the entire family with their Target Kids’ Club membership, where families receive savings of up to 30 percent in the store!

Seniors Can Use Manufacturer Coupons At Target

When a manufacturer’s coupon is presented in Target’s store, they will accept whether it is a Target or internet print at face value. However, the stores will not accept “store specific” print limitations or requirements included on the backs of the print outs, such as a coupon bar code, a certain cash register number, or whether the coupon was scanned on that register.

Target allows stores to apply for a Target coupon match. This is a great way to get a coupon for free products. However, Target does not allow manufacturers to send coupons directly to customers for free products. That’s why there is a $4.99 shipping for free Target coupon match.

Target Circle Rewards Are Also Another Grear Way To Save

Target Circle Rewards is a free loyalty and rewards program to reward customers that shop at Target.

The app allows Target’s loyal customers to earn cashback on Target purchases and find deals on Target merchandise.

There’s also a 1% bonus when you use a non-RedCard payment method at Target in-store or online.

There are two different promotional codes that you can redeem at checkout in order to receive discounts on your purchases.

While this is open up to any Target customers, it is nonetheless a great tip by Target which will save seniors some extra money!

Target Weekly Ads Provide Great Savings For All Customers, Including Seniors

A Target weekly ad is normally sent out through the US mail at the end of every week and contain exclusive offers about deals on products and they can be found in most weekend newspapers, on the Target app in the row ‘Weekly Ad and Catalogs’ (in the Discover tab), or online at

You’ll see this message only once.

Target keeps your information private and secure. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties.

Target RedCard Also Provide Additional Savings

A RedCard is actually a credit card that can be used in almost any store.

To apply online, call 1 (800) 659-2396. You can also mail a paper application request to the mailing address listed above.

If you got the Target RedCard, this means your card type and amount of insurance you choose is approved.

RedCard members can get 5% discounts on in-store purchases and at and they also get free shipping on eligible orders.

They usually get a coupon or deal from Target at the start of the year, which you can use for 10% off on anything you’d like.

Furthermore, cardholders can return items bought online or in-store, even if the items have modified return times.

Walmart does not have an age discount. Costco does not have an age discount. And Home Depot does not have an age discount.

The final example is another example of the same pattern.


You may also find some of these reward schemes more useful than others. For example, Target offers a rewards program called MySavings, which helps you save money when you shop at Target.

Anyone can sign up for Target’s Reward Circle and use its Target Weekly Ads. Additionally, you can apply for a RedCard to save money at the Target stores.

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