Can You Use Cartwheel On (all You Need To Know)

Target not only offers great values throughout the US, but it also has special rewards and discount schemes like Cartwheel to offer even greater value to members.

Target has several convenient online shopping options for you to choose from. With the availability of a Cartwheel app on both mobile and tablet devices, you can now easily have your Target carts delivered to you right to your address.

Can You Use Cartwheel On In 2022?

You can use Target coupons and promo codes to save money on groceries, health and beauty products, electronics, home decor, and more. The company even offers deals on pet-related items, like dog and cat food, pet clothing, and grooming supplies. There is even a Target coupon that applies to veterinary care.

In this article you will learn more about Target’s integration of Cartwheel with Circle Rewards, how you can use Cartwheel for discounts on, and much more.

What Is Cartwheel?

Target’s Cartwheel program is a shopping tool designed to offer customers percentage-off coupons and bonuses, with offers ranging from 5% – 50% off certain products. The company has three main lines of business including grocery, pharmacies, and general merchandise.

Circle will give you an extra $10 in credit if you use it on your purchase and then go to and make your purchase on

Does Target Still Use The Cartwheel App?

App users are having issues with the Cartwheel smartphone app.
When using the mobile app, users will no longer be able to access discount coupons.
Users are asking the app developers to resolve the issue.

Target Circle is a new program that replaces Cartwheel. You get the same discounts and you can link your Target Circle account to PayPal to make those purchases. There is still an opt-in bonus for using their app (which I have not activated and don’t plan to use). The Cartwheel coupons are no longer being added to your Target Circle account and cannot be used anymore for purchases.

Is the Target App The Same As Cartwheel?

The Target Circle program now includes a rewards portal where you can find the same offers you see on the Circle app.

The free version lets you sort your offers in four ways: newest, discount, trending, and expiring.

You can also filter the contents you see by selecting “Category” in the dropdown menu on the top right corner.

How Do You Use Cartwheel On

You may apply the promotions by selecting the discount from the Target mobile application, then clicking “Apply” at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

But you can use Cartwheel/Circle offers to order online items for in-store pickup – you cannot use these discounts if you are ordering offline.

 In the product page, you will not see the discount applied to your basket until after you complete checkout.

How Many Times Can You Use Cartwheel Offers On

Because the offer is a combination of the Target Gift Card (50% off), and the Target RedCard (25% off), Target’s discount stacking policy states that you can use the Target RedCard offer up to 4 times per transaction for each type of discount.

One should take advantage of the offered offers and discounts and get the best possible deal. For example, you can save more by getting a Target RedCard and adding a premium subscription to Target’s e-gift card app.

How Much Does A Target Cartwheel Or Circle Membership Cost?

Luckily, there is no cost to sign up for the rewards program. Any customer can join the program if they want, either by visiting the Target website, or using the Target app.

Signup with email address or with Facebook to save for free.

If you sign up for the CardCash/Chase Cash app, you can earn 1% cash back on your purchases.

To see what Target is planning for the holidays, you can visit their page: Target Holiday Events and you can find all of the items they are offering.

For more information and a full list of discounts at Target, go to the official Target Holiday Sale page.


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