Target Shipt Free Trial For Circle Members (secret Hack To Get Same Day Shipping)

Target is constantly working to improve its delivery timings. The Shipt delivery service completes order deliveries in as little as 2 hours after a customer places an order online.

While Target provides a free 30 day trial to all new shoppers in their store, Target Circle Members who are not new shoppers are not eligible for the free trial. Additionally, Shipt does not make any mention of “Trial” in the Target Circle website.

Target Shipt Free Trial For Circle Members 

 Target Circle members can sometimes earn a free 6-month trial of Shipt’s same-day delivery service for all orders above $35 on Register for Target Circle under the Shipt tab and save the offer. Non-members only get a 4-week trial.

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What Is Shipt And What Can I Order Through It?

A membership based delivery service that is based on Target which was acquired for $550 million.

After Target acquired them, they’ve made it convenient for Target customers to have items delivered to them same-day, particularly in Metro areas.

Shipt will help you shop like a pro at your favorite stores, while getting rewarded for your time and driving safely around.

You cannot order items that are age restricted including video games, electronics and alcohol or anything with a weight of more than 40lbs.

Can I Use Target Circle Offers On Shipt?

You don’t need to use Target Circle to get Shipt discounts. Shipt offers are designed to work with and can only be used with the Shipt app.

If you join your Target Circle, you will get more Target Drive-Thrus and Target store discounts on your purchases, and you can choose who delivers those items to your home instead of having someone pick it up for you (in-store delivery).

How Much Does Shipt Subscription Cost?

You’re able to use Target Redcards to get cheaper delivery. You’re able to use Target Redcards to get better delivery.

To get the 5% discount, Redcard users can either commit to a year-long subscription or pay a $9.99 delivery fee. This delivery fee can be claimed by Redcard users, but they cannot get the 5% discount.

When you enrol your annual membership, you will receive a free 4-week trial that will be valid from your first order. Charges will be deducted automatically once your trial ends.

Target also announced that it will be bringing unlimited free same-day delivery to its Target Circle members, which are customers who spend at least $35.

After the trial period in case you don’t want to continue, we will deduct the subscription fee from your monthly payment.

How Can I Become A Target Circle Member?

In order to become a Target Circle member, you need to sign up for an account and enter your basic personal information.

Target Circle loyalty program is a free app that allows you to earn additional points for your purchases and get special coupons and discounts that are not available through other stores.

Target app for Apple and Android smartphones will be used for the next month.

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You can try out Shipt’s same day delivery service for orders over $35 if you become a Target Circle member. Place your order through your account to access the offer and press ‘save offer’.

If you don’t have a Target Circle, you will get a four week free trial when you sign up for the annual plan. The annual subscription is $99 per year or $9.99 per delivery.

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