Can Shipt Pick Up Prescriptions? (What To Know!)

Everyone needs a prescription at one time or another. However, many people find themselves in an awkward situation and can’t get to the pharmacy.

This is a great opportunity to consider which delivery services could deliver your prescriptions to your home. The main question is, can Shipt pick-up prescriptions? Let’s see!

Can I Pick Up or Ship Prescriptions?

Shipt shoppers are not allowed to deliver prescriptions due to legal restrictions. These orders may not be delivered by Shipt shoppers. However, Shipt shoppers might be able to deliver them if they were scheduled for home delivery via the pharmacy’s website. Shipt shoppers can only deliver prescriptions in these situations.

To find out what options are available in these situations, you’ll need to contact your pharmacist.

There are several options available if you need your prescriptions delivered directly to your home. Shipt is not able to do so. Continue reading …. to find out more.

Is it possible for someone to pick up your prescriptions?

You can ask a friend or family member to help you get your prescriptions. The pharmacist will decide and ask all the questions necessary to provide you with the information you require.

There are many options available to you if you don’t know anyone who can deliver your prescriptions.


Amazon runs PillPack, which will take care of your prescriptions and deliver them to you.

You will need to create an account to receive free delivery.


ZipDrug isn’t available in all areas, but it will deliver your medicine to your mailbox at a great price.

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon introduced a new program in 2020 that allowed customers to fill prescriptions online and have them delivered quickly.

Amazon Prime is the best way to reap the benefits of this service, including exclusive discounts and other benefits.

CVS Pharmacies

CVS Pharmacies offers its own delivery service. This can simplify things and even deliver what you ordered the day before.

Additional products, such as soap or toilet paper can be ordered.

You can also get free shipping if you spend more than $35


Target is a shareholder in Shipt. However, Target will not be able for you to order prescriptions from them. But, if your order is placed directly at Target pharmacies, you can get free delivery.

This is because Target’s pharmacies are operated by CVS which provides its own delivery service.

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It is more difficult to deliver prescriptions than it is to deliver food. However, there are many options to have any type of pharmacy product delivered to you.

Many people order prescriptions online and send them directly to their pharmacy.

Shipt will not be able pick up prescriptions but you can still choose from many options.

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