Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions? [full Guide!]

Costco is one of the largest grocers in the U.S. and customers depend on them for their grocery store needs, and especially the numerous prescriptions they may require.

In order to figure out whether or not Costco delivers prescriptions, I started to do some leg work on the matter. As you can imagine, I had no luck finding any info on the web.

Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions In 2022?

Costco does have a mail-in order option, where customers can order a script online and have it sent to the nearest drop-off location. Prescriptions can then be picked up by the customer or delivered by one of their delivery partners. As of right now, Costco only delivers in the US.

To learn more about how the delivery works, how the delivery process works, and how the tracking feature works, keep on reading!

How Does Costco Prescription Delivery Work?

Costco Pharmacy is available for any prescription.
Costco Pharmacy accepts more than one insurance plan, and you can
contact the store to find out about your plan.
There is a limit of how many prescriptions and how much you can order
for delivery within that location.

Customers can order the prescription online or by sending it in through the mail.

It is no longer required that the mail order customer must sign an order form. The form that customers mail in for purchase should have their Costco ID number on it. I believe that the mail order customer will then receive a confirmation letter within 4-6 weeks of submitting the order.

At this point, Costco’s automated system takes note of any orders the customer may have made and then sends out a copy of the order and any other orders to be delivered.

The order processing time can take around 1 to 4 days, so when placing an order you should make sure you have enough time.

Is Costco Prescription Delivery Free?

It’s free from Costco. You can order it and the delivery can be standard USPS and it’s between 6 to 14 days, so you get it quicker if you put it in the mail than if you went in person.

There is an optional $10.95 3 day postage for international orders. The 3rd day is usually a Saturday, so the next day will be a Sunday. So if the customer is not available to sign for the package on that Sunday, it will be sent out next Friday.

If you would like more information about pricing, you can see my full guide about the Costco delivery.

Does ‘Instacart’ Deliver Prescriptions?

This is a good example of why, sometimes, it’s best to shop at Costco or Sam’s Club. This application [Instacart] lets you go to Costco, make an order, and then [it] [uses] someone else to bring it to you.

It lets you buy groceries online from local grocery stores, and then have your groceries delivered to your home.

The company has recently introduced a service for people with prescriptions that need to be picked up and delivered to their households, the service that was introduced several weeks ago has proven to be extremely popular by users.

To learn how to get your money back from Costco, you may need to go to the Costco consumer relations page to find out more.


Yes, members receive free delivery of prescriptions from Costco and other grocery stores with their membership.

If this was not what you were asking, you may have been asking about a way Costco does deliver prescriptions in the rest of the US. If you don’t have a Costco membership, the closest way you can get your prescriptions delivered would be Instacart (though Costco also has its own delivery service, which they refer to as “Member Club Pickup”).

Delivery is cheap as it’s free. You can even take advantage of Mail-in Order service for extra savings. And, delivery can be easily upgraded to a faster delivery option by adding an extra fee on top of the order.

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