Can You Use Poly Mailers For Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

I know that USPS has different containers to help meet the needs of different types of products.

I contacted the USPS and found out that you can ship with USPS using a poly mailer. The cost for USPS is much cheaper than the cost of other carriers.

Can You Use Poly Mailers For USPS In 2022?

One of the biggest advantages of using a poly mailer is that you’ll save on shipping. If you’ve ever tried to ship a box with a few shirts inside, you know how easy it is to end up with boxes with no room when you have to ship them. Poly mailers are the same. You can fit a whole lot more inside them and they’re able to make it through the mail more easily.

Poly mailers are widely used due to their low cost, so be sure to keep reading to find out how you can use them with USPS!

What Is A Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are a kind of packing material that is much more practical than corrugated cardboard.

Poly mailers are gaining popularity because they are cheaper, easier, and more eco-friendly than standard packaging.

This means you can do a lot more with less, which is great if you are a small business, and your shipping rates are fixed.

– A polymailer is one which uses multiple addresses and multiple headers, possibly even multiple envelopes.

The standard mailer, which was chosen, is called the “no-padding” standard mailer as it does not have padding.

It is best to use standard mailers for larger items rather than a bubble mailer because they are a bit more expensive than the bubble mailer, but they will stand up to the additional pressure.

When you need to ship delicate items like your jewelry or expensive electronics, an extra layer of padding can be really helpful.

Bubble padded poly mailers are perfect for items like wristwatches because they protect them from getting creased and scratched.

The standard poly mailers we discussed above come in many different types from inexpensive to very expensive.

It is easy to puncture, tamper, water, and tear a traditional box. With an expansion poly mailer, this is never a problem.

When you think about it, eco-friendly poly mailers are perfect for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment and support a brand initiative dealing with a smaller carbon footprint.

The biodegradable poly mailers are better than petroleum based ones. Using renewable energy resources to manufacture the mailers is better than using oil and gas.

What USPS Shipping Services Can You Use With Poly Mailers?

You can use any size and weight of mailer that is up to the size of the largest package you are mailing. For example, a 2″x6″ mailer can hold up to a 11″x17″ (8 oz. letter size envelope).

There was a plan to categorize packages as either “Thick” or “Skinny” for a fee, and then charge a higher shipping fee on packages that were not categorized accordingly.

There is an added benefit to ordering a Box, since the Boxes are larger and weigh more than the Envelopes. As a result, the postage cost is much less for a Box than the same size Envelope.

And if you’re sending a single piece of mail weighing 16 ounces or less, use USPS First Class Mail or USPS First Class Package.

* USPS Priority Mail is for use when sending heavier items with great care of the contents.

To ensure the highest rates, you must first ensure that you are mailing within the 48 contiguous United States only. If you are mailing to Alaska or Hawaii, your rates will decrease.

If you are mailing a product that weighs less than 70 pounds, you can use the USPS Media Mail for that package.

Although Media Mail does not restrict where you can ship certain items, it does restrict the type of content you can ship. For example, Media Mail does not allow CDs or DVDs that are more than eight pages in length.

The contents of your package need to meet the minimum weight requirements to qualify for Media Mail delivery. It’s also important to note that if you’re shipping a letter, the only thing that USPS is allowed to inspect is the exterior of your package. So, be sure to make sure your package is properly packed and ready for delivery.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship With USPS When Using Poly Mailers?

If you are shipping an item that is small or medium in size, the shipping cost will depend on the weight and the distance traveled.

The price of shipping for any package depends on a lot of factors, but it can generally speaking be compared to the price of any given package.

As a result, the poly mailers are significantly lighter than traditional packaging materials, which means they’re able to travel far cheaper than traditional packaging material to ship to people. This also means less CO2 will be used to ship the poly mailer.

For the consumer, poly mailers are a great alternative to traditional packaging. However, poly mailers are only good for lightweight consumer goods.

Poly mailers help in reducing the overall size of shipments. In addition to it not adding any extra bulk which decreases the amount of freight. As a result it reduces the overall shipment cost.

The USPS has a website where you can find the following:

The destination zip code
The weight of the package
The total value of your package
The shipping service you choose

…and they also give you an estimate of how much your shipping will cost based on that information.

What Are The USPS Rules For Poly Mailers?

USPS allows you to use a poly mailer to ship your packages, but they have certain guidelines for how they process your shipment.

The overall thickness of the package was based on the weight of the package. It helps prevent the edges of the package from tearing.


USPS will send you regular mail in a poly mailer. Poly mailers are more expensive than other shippers because they are heavier, so USPS recommends that you use them for items that are large and/or valuable.

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