Can You Use Any Box To Ship Usps? (priority, First Class, Internationally + More)

You have to take on the big responsibilities of life at some point and that means keeping a box until adulthood.

C: I know it’s tempting to just ask people to pay for things but keep in mind that this is also a fun conversation starter.

U.S. Postal Service offers many Flat Rate boxes. To save on shipping costs, you can order them from the website.

If you have a package you can use any box! You can use any box, period. And you can also use any box service. They’re all the same.

Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS In 2022?

A box can be as large as its dimensions allow without breaking USPS shipping rules. The box can be any shape, color, style, or material. The box doesn’t need to be sealed, but the box does need to be at least one quarter of an inch thick.

If in the future you want to use USPS for a different purpose, such as using it for shipping your products internationally, make sure you find out the cost for using USPS.

How Do You Use Or Reuse A Box To Ship USPS?

One of the things you can use is a plastic crate that is marked as a container. It will be easier to reuse it when you are shipping to a different destination.

1. [Your own] name and your organization’s name should be clearly written in the box.
2. [Your own] name and your organization’s name should be clearly written on the box and its front.
3. [Your own] name and your organization’s name should not be written on the box and its back.
4. The size should be suitable for the contents.
5. The box should be waterproof.

Any package containing any written messages or pictures referencing these products or services will be flagged as suspicious and taken out of circulation.

For more information on preparing your box for shipment, go to the USPS website and click here.

Is It Cheaper To Use Your Own Box To Ship With USPS?

Whether it is a flat rate box or a custom box, the USPS allows you to change the dimensions of your box. This makes it possible to change the size based on the dimensions of the actual package.

There are many reasons that it’d be more expensive to send lighter shipments by regular Priority Mail rather than by Priority Mail Flat Rate.

I don’t need to do any legwork because I already know which is cheaper because it’s the cheapest service.

If you go to you will be able to use their postage calculator tool that will tell you which postage to use for a particular shipment.

Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS Priority Mail?

If you are shipping just a plain or non-fragile item Priority Mail is ok. For shipping boxes that will not hold up to the handling of a postal service, you should use the Priority Tube.

You can also use the Priority Flat Rate box. You only pay the flat rate if you are shipping to a higher rate box location. Otherwise, you only pay the regular Priority flat rate.

The Priority Mail Express service does not ship boxes, only letters and envelopes.

If you need to be able to ship boxes, then you’ll have to get a 3rd party shipping or delivery service involved.

Even if you choose a different shipper, the shipping costs are still lower than with FedEx, because there is no tracking and it is just as inexpensive to ship multiple pallets as it is to ship a pallet or shipping box.

Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS First Class?

First Class shipping is only for shipping small boxes. If you want to send something heavier/bigger, you’ll have to choose a different shipping service.

Can You Use Any Box To Ship Internationally With USPS?

You can send parcels to the United States in any of five ways: Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Package International or Registered Mail.

You will also need to make sure that you have a current, valid passport issued in your country of residence.

What Is The Smallest Box You Can Ship USPS?

I’d say use what you are comfortable and you want to use, but for an online purchase I’d probably skip the printed front and use the shipping cost as a barometer of what I should use.

What Is The Largest Box You Can Ship USPS?

First class mail can generally hold up to a 3″ x 5″ envelope, and it can hold up to a maximum of 4 pounds of contents. Second class mail can easily include up to a 5″x 7″ envelope, up to a maximum of 2 pounds of contents.


As a bonus, if you use your own shipping service, you can select the country to ship to and it’s not automatically defaulted to the “US” as it is with most other services!

If you want to use your own box to save money, use the postage calculator to find all the different services for which your parcel is eligible (including Priority Mail), as well as the estimated cost.

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