Shipping Shoes Usps (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

USPS is one of the most popular choices for shipping online shopping purchases, and it’s known as the most reliable form of shipping.

I don’t know how much it costs to ship your shoes, but I would say USPS is a good choice. You can get it to anywhere in the US for free, and even in Europe.

Shipping Shoes USPS In 2022

In general, the USPS is very reliable and efficient when it comes to shipping. The service charges are very reasonable, and the shipping times are reasonable as well. It’s nice to have other shipping services that are as good as USPS, but unfortunately, you can only get the USPS on its own.

Read the rest of the article for a more in-depth cost comparison and insight into which shoes you can ship and how to ship them.

What Shoes Can You Ship With USPS?

The United States Postal Service does not limit the type of products you can ship with some very rare exceptions.

If you are using a 3D printer, you can send a print in any USPS weight category.

you cannot ship a pair of shoes that has a detachable knife hidden in the heel.

The following is a list of words that have more than one meaning or that are idioms. See the linked reference for explanations and examples.

I’m not sure, the weight limit is 100kg, but there are no restrictions on the type of shoes that you can ship.

You can pack as many items as you want into one package (as long as they’re individually under the limit, and the total weight is under 70 lbs).

Which USPS Shipping Services Can You Use To Ship Shoes?

Priority Mail is generally the most reliable option for shipping shoes. However, you also get a free tracking feature as well.

 Shoes and clothing are difficult to ship through the USPS so they came up with the Priority Mail Service.

This is the mail from the United States.

You can send your shoes as quickly as possible, or you can use services like Ground Retail or Media Mail, if fast delivery isn’t your primary concern.

While the USPS does offer tracking for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, these services are not available for all locations and are only offered on a limited selection of packages. Customers are also charged $10 for “service authorization” when tracking is enabled.

To compare prices and see the different packages available, check out next section!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes With USPS?

Priority Mail is probably the best choice for shipping shoes because it provides the highest levels of service while still keeping prices reasonable and not having to worry about extra boxes.

In order to find out what shipping costs will be, simply enter your address, choose the type of shipping, and choose a shipping method.

Average pair of shoes have a weight of about 2.5 lbs, so we can calculate approximate price by service by using this measurement.

The Priority Mail Express is for average shipments, and it costs around $55.00 to ship an average pair of shoes.

Shipping on priority mail may take a bit longer than other shipping methods and may cost more.

When you want to send a small package and pay per pound, you can also use Ground shipping.

The cheapest option to send large packages is Ground Parcel Post. You can send a package from for about $5 and it is delivered in 5-7 days. Also, international priority mail is available at $25 for all international orders.

A pair of shoes is a very important purchase for the traveller, and the price on the package is always going to be higher if you’re travelling the furthest and/or buying your shoes at the destination.

If you do not know how to ship shoes across the country, then you will be able to find a professional service that is able to do this for you. Most states have services that can ship multiple pairs of shoes, but if you don’t know how to ship or have a problem finding a service, you will be able to use a service that can ship multiple pair via USPS, UPS, or other shipping services.

If you’re trying to see what you can pay using services like USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes, use the USPS Price Calculator to help with the estimate.

How Do You Ship Shoes With USPS?

The first step to shipping anything is to make sure you ship it well!

– For a new pair of shoes, always wrap the shoes in paper (either tissue paper or newspaper) to help protect them from damage in transit.

Next, pack your shoes in a sturdy but lightweight box you can buy at any drug store. You want to make sure your shoes don’t shift in the box while being transported, so buy something that’s easy to move around. Some packing materials work best depending on the weight and shape of your shoes, but remember that you want your shoes to fit snugly in the box so they don’t shift.

The packaging process is completed by wrapping your box properly and securely with packing tape.

Once you’ve packed your shoes safely, and are ready to ship them, you can drop them in a local United States Postal Service drop box or swing by your local U.S. Post Office and place them in the hands of a U.S. Postal worker.

If you are looking to learn more about how to ship your clothes USPS, I recommend that you read our post on shipping clothes USPS.


For shipping shoes, USPS is the best option. They are very convenient and very easy to use. You can track your package’s location on their website.

United States Post Office is an ideal way to ship items such as shoes. They provide shipping for free and will usually deliver within two days. They also have special boxes made just for shipping shoes so you don’t have to spend money on a custom box.

If you choose not to use Priority Mail, you have several other options available at different price points and delivery windows.

3. Your shipment arrives but the order is incorrect.

Make sure your shoes are packaged carefully before you drop them off at the post office.

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