What Is Usps Regional Rate? (all You Need To Know)

Small businesses know that U.S. Postage rates have been rising and that they must work around expensive postage charges, especially when mailing is just a one time event or when they have limited time for mailing.

USPS Regional Rate shipping is a way to offer low cost shipping to your customers. It’s a more expensive way of shipping, but often customers prefer it because it can be cheaper per item. It is also ideal if you’re shipping to a lot of different regions. Like if you’re shipping to many different countries from a single location, you can use one shipping box and ship to many different regions at a more expensive rate.

What Is USPS Regional Rate In 2022?

Regional Rate is a better option to use if you’re shipping only a few small items, less than 20 lbs. It’s cheaper to post and cheaper to ship than Priority Mail. Note: If you have already had Priority Mail shipments, you can’t use Regional Rate boxes unless you’re sending more than 20 lbs.

Regional Rate allows you to have multiple packages, each with their own price, and they’ll all be available even though you only purchased a single package.
Regional Rate also allows you to specify a price, and the system will automatically split your package up into the Regional Rate packages.
In this way, you only pay for the Regional Rate packages based on what you actually use, rather than buying multiple packages at full price.
Regional Rate is not free, but if you are a large company, it is often the most affordable option.

How Does USPS Regional Rate Work?

If you are a small business owner who ships mainly within a certain radius from your location, USPS Regular Rate shipping might be the service for you.

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Essentially, it “rewards” customers who print and use their own labels versus the Post Office.

The label is printed using a special proprietary ink which has been designed to last and perform well in the United States Mail.

I don’t have any idea about it but I found out that some of the region codes are just different names of the country codes. So, basically, all you have to do is choose your country and you will be redirected to the correct rate.

You can find Regional Rate boxes at the Post Office. Box A and Box B.

In the United States, a box is considered a package that is shipped in a box or container that can be sealed with a packaging seal, has a weight limit of 10 pounds, and is considered a package that is shipped in a box or container that is sealed with a packaging seal.

They are as large as a standard luggage locker, but can hold a ton of stuff. There are also models with a separate compartment for a laptop.

This is a good and cheap option to order the boxes by USPS.com. However, one has to pay shipping for each box.

Printing labels at home or the office is a very good way to save money. If you are a business owner, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to print labels from home.

Postage is to be paid.

How Much Is USPS Regional Rate?

For example, if a package is going from the US to Canada (Zone 1), then it will be delivered at this rate.

So as a shipping company, you can tell if a customer will get a good rate by where they start shipping from.

So for example, to ship a $5,000 item to Zone 9, the cost is approximately $4,600.00, or $1,000.00 more than a Zone 5 item, and $1,400.00 more than a zone 2 item.

The USPS would want to charge more for heavier packages, so they limit the weight to something they feel is reasonable. The package is now worth $6, and the actual cost of the postage is $2.60.

* Please keep in mind that the original language below says that if you buy postage at the Post Office, the cost will be at least $2.25 per Zone 1-4, but will be at least $1 per Zone 5-9. The new language, when corrected, changes the text to Zones 1-9.

A 20-pound Priority Mail package is already shipping to the local office for $21.95 and it goes to Zones 1 and 2 as well.

However, the Regional Rate price is still well lower than the quoted price that this buyer is getting for the Priority Mail International box!

How Do You Know If You Can Use A USPS Regional Rate Box?

We are unable to ship to a business address outside of the U.S. so, if you are a business customer, please use a residential address.

In other words, you ship a certain volume of packages of a particular size that qualifies you for the lower Regional Rate.

In 2019, USPS got rid of the Commercial Plus program. They also changed the pricing policy and now offer Priority Mail Cubic Pricing for commercial and large volume mail.

What Are The USPS Regional Rate Zones?

As you can see from the chart below, the regional rate and airport tax for your destination will depend on the distance between your destination and you.

You would pay the Zone 1 price for a shipment from Los Angeles to Los Angeles. And if you’re shipping to a different zip code in the same city, you would pay for the higher Zone 1 price.

But in comparison with Los Angeles, Florida is a more desirable area to live, so it would be a lower zone group.

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What Is The Difference Between USPS Regional Rate And Priority Mail?

When you have a package that is oversized for a flat rate box, you get Priority Mail for free. That’s the best you can do for less than $25.

Regional Rate customers usually pay less for Priority Mail shipping as compared to Priority Mail and the rate for the service is based on location and weight of the package.

As outlined above, a 20-pound package (Box B) shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight to Zone 9 costs only $44.24.

However, a parcel of the same weight shipped via Priority Mail to Zone 9 can be $161.40, so the cost to ship to Zone 9 via Regional Rate will be $117 and a saving of $44.60 versus a shipment via Next Day!

What Is The Difference Between USPS Regional Rate And Flat Rate?

It is recommended that you use the flat rate service for your shipping.

If you have a large item, or you want to send a premium product, you may want to consider choosing Priority Mail or Priority Express.

If you’re traveling within the same region, there is no difference between Regional Rate and Zone Rates. But if you’re traveling to a different city/region, the price will be higher for Regional Rate flights.

But why shouldn’t I go to Amazon.co.uk and see what they are charging in their local currency. I don’t need ‘regional’ rates when I can get the same service at the same price.

The USPS also said that they’ll be giving out more details about their shipping costs with their Flat Rate Shipping.


You can use USPS Regional Rate shipping with USPS Priority Mail shipping if you live in an area with less expensive shipping zoned addresses.

Regional Rate is the lowest rate at which priority mail can be shipped. Items with a total weight over 20 pounds will have additional charges.

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