How Fast Is Usps Flat Rate Shipping? (+ Other Common Faqs)

While USPS has many different shipping options for consumers, one of the most popular options is Flat Rate shipping, which is the most affordable way to ship an item.

The flat rate shipping service is free of charge, but it may take longer to ship your packages than with express shipping. Also, if you order more than a certain amount, the shipping costs will probably be different.

How Fast Is USPS Flat Rate Shipping In 2022?

With the use of a tracking number, you will receive your package much sooner. Flat Rate packages are delivered in 2 business days or less for most delivery categories, except for Large Flat Rate Boxes; these are generally delivered in 3 – 4 weeks.

If you need to send a letter or a package to a friend and you want to use USPS FlatRate, read here to find out more!

What Is USPS Flat Rate Shipping?

Priority Mail Express provides guaranteed delivery in 3 business days, and Priority Mail allows for guaranteed delivery in the next business day.

Flat rate shipping is similar to UPS Ground except that it gives a lower price and offers better customer service.

It’s actually based on what your order would weigh without packing materials, and whether the customer is paying with a credit card.

Most flat rate boxes are charged the same whether you’re shipping the items domestically, internationally, or inside the continental United States. Some flat rate boxes may come with certain requirements for shipping, but those requirements don’t typically apply to all flat rate boxes.

How Much Does USPS Flat Rate Shipping Cost?

The weight, dimensions, and distance traveled by the package determine most USPS shipping costs. You must choose a size and shipping method to receive a shipping quote.

However, while this makes it cheaper, it also means you have to pay a flat rate for the entire size of the box, and pay for the shipping cost regardless of how much it weighs.

I was unsure of how the packaging worked, so I ordered the box sizes up or down from the box size that the product was packaged in.

Further, it is a small box with a lid that is about $9. It is ideal for small items like electronics.

But then they got to the bigger box, which we were talking about, but it was about $14.50, which was a good size for a bigger board game.

The Medium two Flat Rate box is 14” x 12” x 3 1/2” big and is side loading rather than top-loading, which means it can hold oddly sized office supplies and you won’t have to worry about it falling off your shelf.

The large Flat Rate box also comes in a size 12” x 12” x 5 1/2”, and it’s larger than the other standard Flat Rate boxes available.

In addition, the small Flat Rate box starts at around $7 and is best for items such as camera cameras.

As a side note, when an item is shipped, it typically goes out as a package, not as a package plus a box.
For example, a laptop doesn’t ship in a laptop plus a box. Rather, it is shipped in a box by itself.

Is USPS Flat Rate Or Priority Mail Faster?

USPS, the post office, offers a bunch of different mailing services, including the regular, Priority, and Priority Mail Express.

For this, USPS Flat Rate shipping is like a Priority Mail, so you can expect a speedy delivery just like the quickest delivery that Priority Mail offers.

However, Priority Mail has the added convenience of being able to schedule deliveries as you go about your business, without having to wait for the package to be delivered by the post office.

How Do You Use USPS Flat Rate Shipping?

The first option is to choose a box or envelope size, then select the quantity.

We can help you save a lot of time and avoid all the driving around. You just click on the box and the flat rate box is yours.

You can print off a shipping label from the US Postal Service site or an online shipping service.

To make sure your donations go to the right place, next find a collection box near you by choosing the drop down menu located below the “Collection Boxes” text.

To avoid getting your mail lost and found, you might want to consider picking up a Flat Rate Box. A Flat Rate Box costs $5.00, has a $50 limit, and will deliver all of your mail to the closest post office.

If you are only going to be shipping a flat rate box, then it’s best to just go directly to the post office and have them print out the label and send it to the post office to be shipped.

What Features Does USPS Flat Rate Shipping Include?

All USPS Flat Rate shipping comes with a higher price, but is often preferable for packages weighing less than three pounds.

If you’re sending your package using the Flat Rate box under Priority Mail Express, you can expect to receive a tracking number.

You also get an additional $100 of package insurance that is built-in to the price of your box.

If you choose to ship with a Flat Rate box and you’re also opting for tracking, then you’ll have access to up to $50 of package insurance coverage at no extra charge.

You can also get additional insurance coverage for your package, additional signature upon delivery, or a signature upon delivery for a fee.

But if you’d like to find more information on the cost of adding features to your Flat Rate box, you can check out this page on the USPS website.

For more information regarding USPS shipping zones, you can read our article on USPS shipping zones.


The USPS Flat Rate shipping rates will cover the cost of shipping your package to your recipient no matter how it is done.

Since USPS shipping is under two separate services, the delivery time you can expect will depend on which one your package falls under.

If you’re using one of the Flat Rate boxes with Priority Express, you can expect it to take a few days to a few days for delivery.

You should take in that, if you choose FPO delivery, you will be paying for a faster Priority Mail service, but it will cost you substantially more.

As for how often you need to get it done, it depends on the size of your order and the delivery method you choose. The best way to learn is to estimate how large your order is and multiply it by the estimated delivery time. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to be charged around $15 for the shipping cost.

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