What Is Usps Ready Post? (All You Need To Know)

One of the most unique locations in each Post Office lobby is the post office-shipping store, where you can buy items like gift cards, greeting cards, and stamps. These stores vary by location.

Ready Post is an alternative to the USPS (United States Postal Service). It is used specifically for international mail. USPS Ready Post will be delivered to your door in just one day!

What Is USPS Ready Post In 2022?

The United States Postal service also offers a line of packaging called Ready Post in 2022. It includes envelopes, bubble wrap, and boxes. The box design is a little bit different than USPS boxes, but all of the other products are compatible with standard USPS boxes.

To learn more about what USPS Ready Post means, if it’s reusable mailboxes or mailboxes with locks, if they’re reusable or if they’re a different cost to the post office itself, keep reading!

What Does USPS Ready Post Mean?

USPS is ready to post is the name given to the services that are provided by the Post Office.

The boxes and envelopes are cardboard-colored, and the bubble wrap is ready-to-print, branded packaging. This kind cannot be found in retail stores.

This looks like a very good deal. A lot of people are offering the same thing. But you have a lot of good reviews which is a good sign.

Furthermore, you can purchase Ready-to-Ship packaging in your local store that sells mail-order supplies. You can also request Ready Post packaging be included with your next USPS shipment.

Additionally, you can order the Ready Post online, but you can only get the larger boxes from the USPS.

If you intend to purchase 20 large cartons, it is best to go to the post office and purchase the boxes as needed.

Ready Post is a special service that helps you get more of your mail shipped sooner and get it where it’s needed as quickly as possible.

You can’t just walk into a store and drop off your purchase. You would have to buy them, and make sure the post office is open!

Are USPS Ready Post Boxes Free?

The cost to ship a USPS Ready Post box from the manufacturer to a USPS facility is typically less than the cost for a single USPS Next Day Air package.

We will never ever use the USPS Priority Mail shipping supplies for the purpose of shipping them out the door and the answer is no.

There are more expensive alternatives to a ready post, however, Ready Post is still superior than the other options that have been discussed so far.


I found this on Amazon. I believe that it is what you need. It is a high speed, low temperature sealer that seals paper as well as envelopes.

Many people use Ready Post for a variety of reasons, but because of the costs associated with shipping, they are not the best or the first choice.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A USPS Ready Post Bubble Mailer?

Postmaster’s pricing, depending on the weight and address of the package, can vary. The typical price charged by the Post Office is $1.50 per pound.

However, your package still needs to be packaged in a way that the Post Office is willing to ship first-class mail.

However, the cost of the bubble mailer is the most significant cost when shipping.

Can You Reuse A USPS Ready Post Box?

The ready shipping box size is 12x12x8 inches, but you can easily make a version that is bigger. The first step, which was mentioned above, is to remove the top of the box. Now you can either drill holes in the sides of the box or cut them out. If you do the latter, a nice cut will look like this.

As the Post Office encourages people to reuse Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes for Priority Mail, they also sell Ready Post boxes as well.

You can also reuse them for packages, especially the smaller ones. They do have limited life, especially depending on the size of your bag.

As with any box re-use, you will need to label or otherwise mark over any box codes in the old box. This is especially important for barcodes and tracking codes.

Can You Walk Into USPS And Get Boxes?

If you want flat rate boxes to send heavier mail, you can get them for free online.
The free boxes are only available to people with U.S. addresses.
So go to the USPS website and sign up and then pay the online postage.
If you want to send small packages, you can get boxes at local post offices.

This is because they are owned by the government. You can either buy them in store, or go through the mail to purchase them.

You can either have your own shipping materials, or you can just go to the Post Office and get everything put together for you.

You can mail them from home, or use their shipping boxes, or if you’re in a hurry: buy postage stamps or buy shipping boxes!

What Is Cheaper Than USPS Ready Post?

If you only have boxes to use, boxes are kind of expensive. You might as well use an expensive box. I’m just trying to make sure you really need that box before you use it.

Well let’s just say that, as long as I’m not paying, I’m probably not in any real danger.

With the $50 worth of free health/vision insurance, the added benefits of free boxes, and $50 worth of free insurance, I think this was the best deal.

If you’d like to find out more or if you have any questions about USPS Tracking Plus, you can read our posts on what is USPS Tracking Plus, is USPS tracking accurate, and does USPS bubble wrap.


The USPS Ready Post is an “own brand” of shipping supplies, like its competitor, Amazon, which owns ShippingEasy and the service it provides.

While an alternative mailer may seem like the most convenient option, it could easily cost more than the postage to send it.

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