Where To Get Usps Boxes (full List Of Stores)

The United States Postal Service allows you to reuse old boxes for a limited time, but you should not use them for any shipment, including the original shipment, as a single shipment can break them down to the point where they are no longer effective in protecting what’s inside. Therefore, getting new boxes is the safest course.

In order to be able to ship your packages with the USPS, you’ll need to obtain special shipping boxes. These shipping boxes are made for use when shipping items with the USPS. You can get the sizes in which you can use the boxes from the USPS website.

Where to Get USPS Boxes In 2022

US Postmaster (USPS) mail depots are available at a large number of locations or you can also find USPS boxes in a variety of national retailers and websites.

1. Post Offices

Naturally, if you’re looking for a USPS box, you could head to your local Post Office and find just what you’re looking for.
[Paraphrase] Naturally, if you’re looking for a USPS box, you could head to your local Post Office and find just what you’re looking for.

The shipping cost of Priority Mail boxes is free, however ReadyPost boxes are a bit pricey, they’re available at post offices, and online in a variety of prices.

The Priority Mail boxes are kept in the lobby area of the Post Office. While it is normally accessible during business hours, some locations may require a key to access.

These offer all sorts of awesome freebies, and you can get them as often as you’d like.

It’s one of the best, most user-friendly coupon sites we’ve ever seen.
They offer a full array of products, and you’ll even find some of your favorite brands for free or discounted.

A box for Priority Mail is a box for Priority Mail, there’s not really any barriers to obtaining them or having them in your house.

All Priority Mail boxes have some sort of Priority label on them. The only difference is the box/envelope style. Also, with a Flat Rate box, a $50.00 or $75.00 fee is included with the box.

Shipping from overseas countries are not eligible for priority mail.

A lot of other print products are free. And ReadyPost branded products are not.

The Postal Service has a habit of creating little shipping boxes in its post offices.

Also, if they find it easy to buy a ready-to-post box from a local shop, they can easily find a way to lift up the security grate and take it.

2. The Postal Store

Even though the USPS.com store has been available for years, you can still send the most expensive box of stamps for free.

You don’t pay anything for the boxes themselves at checkout, but they also get delivered to your house for free!

Your mail carrier literally stuffs them on the truck (which usually goes back to the post office with the letters) and drops off the truck full of post at the post office. They are put in a box.

It is often a good idea to purchase a box or a bubble mailer, just to make sure that you can always use the material for mailing your business documents.

The upside is that you have more options to get your boxes delivered online, by paying a shipping fee, as opposed to having them delivered to your local post office.

If you have a garage, basement, or other area with plenty of floor space, these boxes can work well. If you don’t, the ReadyPost ones are more of an option.

3. Walmart

Walmart is really great for a number of reasons. Stamps are a big part of their business and they sell cards, boxes, and a lot of other things.

If you want to mail something with USPS, these are the boxes you use and they are very similar to the ones you use when you use a retail store for shipping.

I’ve got a big enough space that I’m not using all the cubes to fill it up.

4. Office Depot

I’d definitely recommend it. It’s pretty fast and easy to use. You can upload your files and then print them as well. However, it’s the same kind of process as you get in the FedEx Office app.

I don’t know enough about how their boxes are different but I believe that all USPS has is shipping boxes of a similar size.

there are also many sizes available, such as a 12.25x6x17.625, a 12x9x6, and a 10.5x7x6.

These are too large to fit into First-Class Package, however they would still be too large to fit into Retail Ground packages. This includes Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

The price of a box doesn’t include shipping, which is why you see those higher prices. And remember, Office Max sells boxes individually, so it’s not as if you’re getting a huge bag of 50 boxes of paper.

Additionally, Office Depot offers free store pickup for online orders. You can make your order and then go pick up your items when it’s convenient for you.

5. Stamps.com

When you’re ordering postage stamps online, you should always make sure to look for discounted prices. One such website is Stamps.com, which can be an easy way to save money since you can order USPS boxes.

The USPS is included in the USPS store. You can access the USPS store by clicking on “Store” on the upper right corner after you have signed into your account (or created one).

You can choose your own address or an address you want on file with the US Postal Service. The boxes will be delivered to you for free.

For those with a Stamps.com account, this is a huge convenience in one place. Purchases, returns, etc., all in one place, plus the option to check out through our mobile website.

2. You Can Send a Check, if You Want to.

Are USPS Boxes Free?

The Express Mail stamp is currently being sold for $1.15. The free shipping (and free return shipping) is just because of the price of the stamp. I am not sure if these stamps are valid for international shipments as well. If they are, then it would be a great deal.

You can get USPS-branded boxes at a brick and mortar post office, but those boxes are subject to a charge; they will cost you at least $3.45.

Can You Get USPS Boxes at Walmart?

Yeah. Most people at Walmart use the online shopping tools to see what is available on those items, especially for bulk purchasing (think food, health & beauty items, etc…).

You’ll find the UPS and FedEx boxes online at Amazon.com.

Can You Use Your Own Box for USPS Flat Rate?

You can use the Postal Store to buy boxes for Priority Mail Flat Rate but they are only available in certain sizes.

You can receive your orders directly from the post office website for free, and they’ll arrive at your door on their next delivery.

If you want to order USPS boxes for your business or mailing address, you can search online for the USPS box sizes that you want to order.

Once you have selected your desired USPS box sizes, search for a local USPS store that can help you order the boxes.


Use a credit card for the USPS.com Postal Store:

Your shipping account for your credit card will be linked to the store

Select USPS Priority Mail Boxes and Envelopes

Purchase your boxes and envelopes online:

The Priority Mail boxes and envelopes are delivered to your address and shipped to your local Post Office for you to pick up.

You may use your Priority Mail boxes and envelopes right away or save for later.

In addition, this can be a great starting place for your organization to begin to educate and recruit your audience to the cause.

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