Usps General Delivery Mail For Homeless (all You Need To Know)

There are many ways that the homeless population is taken care of in the US, and one of them is through the post office.

General Delivery provides a means to direct mail your post office box to USPS when you are temporarily not able to use a physical address. General delivery can be used to provide a convenient and affordable postal box option for sending mail at certain times in a year.

What Is USPS General Delivery Mail For The Homeless In 2022?

General delivery is a service that enables US-based businesses and individuals to ship packages to a post office box, even if that address isn’t listed in the USPS database. Mail sent through general delivery is delivered by the post office, not the sender. If the original sender has an additional billing address, they’ll receive a billing statement detailing the shipping costs.

Why Should You Use USPS General Delivery Mail For The Homeless Instead Of a PO Box?

The USPS offers two free options to receive mail in the United States: A P.O box or General Delivery.

Because you can get a P.O. box and not have to worry about getting mail out of place.

The reason for this is that our Post Office locations are set up using a “zoning” system. For example, when you buy a new or existing home, the home builder will give your address for you to give to the local Post Office, not your actual address. The Post Office will then store your mailbox in the location of the local Post Office and deliver mail to your house or business in accordance with the zoning system.

But to those who seek to keep themselves safe and hidden and unknown, a simple hole in the wall is a means of protection from those who would otherwise discover them.

If General Delivery and the mailbox is not working, then an alternative is the Post Office Box.

With General Delivery, the postal employees hold your mail behind the counter, without telling you you can come retrieve it anytime you want.

While we are in the Post Office, the only downside is if you miss the Post Office retail hours, you will have to come back another day as the mail can only be retrieved by someone not behind a counter.

If you have an incomplete change of address on file, you will receive the most current mail before others who have requested updates.

For homeless people, this program is very helpful because they don’t have to worry about getting their mail if they are staying in a shelter or other place where they are not allowed to leave.

What Do You Need To Get USPS General Delivery Mail For The Homeless?

There are two ways to sign up as a homeless individual.

If you don’t have a photo ID, you will need to be a known person to the Post Office you are registering.

In other words, you may not be able to send mail from a foreign post office (the post office that the mail is going to) in the United States.

You should not have to go to the Post Office as they already provide this service. If you go to the Post Office to ask them if they provide this service, they will most likely be confused and say that it is available in that location.

For example, in the United States there is “general delivery”, where all mail to the US is collected by a Post Office and sent to one of them; so, even if you are living in Washington DC, you can still get mail delivered to the main office in New York City.

The Post Office will do background checks to ensure that you are the person you say you are. You may be asked to provide your social security number, driver’s license, etc. This will verify who you are.

If a person who lives in this city wants to receive letters from you, he or she is not required to apply for General Delivery.

How Do You Pick Up USPS General Delivery Mail For The Homeless?

Picking up your General Delivery at the Post Office is as easy as walking into the Post Office and asking the person at the counter for someone else’s incoming mail. Simply give them your name and provide your ID if it’s requested.

Since General Delivery doesn’t have a real person handling it, you’re dealing with a computer, and if the letter isn’t there, you have to wait until tomorrow.

If I could be put on a waitlist for a free P.O box and other shipping options, that would be pretty cool.

Please remember that, in order to retrieve your item quickly, you will need to be at the post office during your designated pickup time.
[Text]: You will receive confirmation of your delivery via text within an hour of leaving your location.

[Text]: Please text “SEND” to 47264 to receive delivery confirmation.

How Much Does USPS General Delivery Mail For The Homeless Cost?

When it comes to homeless individuals, the USPS General Delivery is free of charge, as are P.O boxes.

A monetary barrier to receiving information ( i.e I can’t afford it).

Postage is calculated by a formula called the Postal Value (PV). The formula works like this: The base rate, which is the cost to mail a single piece, is multiplied by the number of pieces being mailed (PV). The cost is then added to the base rate, and the result is the postage for the mail piece.


General Delivery may be available at your local post office if the P.O box you ordered was not available.

It takes no application to get started, and once set up you should never have to worry about your mail not reaching you.

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