What Is Invalid Usps Address? (how To Fix + Other Faqs)

Many organizations provide a free moving truck. However, that means your mail will also be delivered to the new location. While this can be convenient, there are some important things that you should know.

If your mail is not being delivered because you have an invalid address, you have two options. Either you can call your post office and request that they stop delivery because you don’t live at the address, or you can try fixing your address. This article will discuss how you can find an updated address for your mail to work properly.

What Is Invalid USPS Address In 2022

The US Postal system will consider an address invalid if it does not match data in their address database. New and unregistered addresses will no longer be accepted. Additionally, incorrect data and an address located within a postal code serviced primarily by post office boxes will all be accepted as an invalid address.

If you’re having issues with mail delivery and think it has something to do with your address being classified as being junk, then continue reading for the solution!

How Do I Fix an Invalid Address with USPS?

There is a way to check that your address is registered with us.

There are many reasons that USPS will miss an address change. The most frequent of these is that the person moving is not registered with the Post Office.

All of us have to make sure if we live in some home or we work in a company or something, that we keep our address updated.

In the United States Address Management System (AMS), you must enter your address. This is the name and address where you would like your US mail to be delivered.

The best places to find a Post Office Address Management System are at the USPS and the USPS Post Office page. Here you’ll find a list of all the Address Management System Offices.

When you enter your own address, you’ll be directed to a page where you can find additional details about the service.

The next step is for someone to be dispatched to your home. They’ll bring your new address label with them.

There is a chance that USPS may take some time to update their database. If you have already filed a request to change your address in USPS, it may take a few weeks for their database to update itself.

What Is an Invalid USPS Address?

When the address on a letter doesn’t match an address in the USPS database, this means that it is invalid.

A postal worker can’t deliver the mail to this address because it’s not a valid address.

Why Does USPS Say an Address Is Invalid?

Mail is delivered to the destination address, rather than the intended recipient.

One of the most common reasons something will come up as invalid is because it contains incorrect data.

This could be a misspelling in the telephone number, an invalid address, or a missing zip code.

You cannot use the exact address that you received from your bank online, because we cannot provide that information to the US Postal Service.
You cannot use the address of a business, as this may vary from where your USPS deliveries are sent.

In order to avoid this problem, you need to ensure that the data you send to your application database is correct as to the address of the user.

The reason why an address will come up as invalid is because it is marked as “vacant” in the USPS system.

Addresses get labeled as vacant if they don’t have a postal code.

In addition to these explanations, new addresses, unregistered addresses, or addresses within a postcode which is primarily served by PO boxes will likely be found by the post office to be invalid.

What Happens If USPS Cannot Verify an Address?

If the postal service can not deliver the mail to the expected location, they will use the return address on the mailpiece and attempt to return the item to the sender.

*If no return address is present a mailer may, or may not, be able to get a refund on postage, depending on the outcome of the transaction.

If you have a problem with your mail, you can call a USPS Consumer Affairs representative at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

Even though you can search for your mail online, you might not find it. The Post Office also receives and processes mail for people who did not register online.

To know more about USPS change of address, you can visit our other blog post on USPS change of address delivery delay and USPS change of address delay.


A simple misspelling or omission of a digit or letter(s) is the reason why USPS considers a mailing address invalid.

A mail which is sent to an invalid address is sent back to the sender and is placed in the trash folder.

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