What Does Insufficient Address Mean At Usps? (full Guide)

Maybe you’re writing a letter which is going to get returned. You may have sent a letter only to have it returned to you weeks later. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for a package but the tracking information says that it was returned to the sender.

Insufficient Address marking is an issue that occurs with e-mail messages sent from webmail providers. The problem is that in order to ensure that the email is delivered to the correct user, the company adds a “return to sender” address in the header of the message. This is the address designated to receive any emails returned due to a problem with the address. However, when an e-mail is returned and marked as “insufficient address,” the message does not get to the correct address and, therefore, the recipient is unsure of how to process the email.

What Does Insufficient Address Mean at USPS in 2022?

Any type of UAA, no matter who it’s from or where you live, needs to be reported immediately.
UAA may not look bad depending on the circumstance. For example, the same UAA may be completely acceptable in one ZIP code but not another.

If you’d like to understand why you should never mark an address as insufficient, why you should write an address without leaving gaps, and so on, keep reading this article to find out new ways to make sure your address is correct!

Why Does USPS Say An Address Is Insufficient?

USPS has many reasons why a delivery may be refused, but in most cases, it is a result of a sender error.

However, a problem with the zip code, house number, apartment building name, or street name could also mean that nobody at the address wants the package.

As a note, in addition, if the mailing address is illegible, or not a valid address, or the mailing address that you provided is wrong, then the postal service will consider that address to be insufficient, and that we may have to re-send your notice or the package.

Why Does USPS Say My Address Is Incomplete?

The Postal Service (USPS) considers it to be addressed correctly when “a letter meets all of the following criteria. The address is legible, the address is the same as the address on the face mailpiece, and the address is correctly directed to the intended recipient.” Also, a “part address” can be included, but it must be consistent with the address of the face of the mailpiece.

**[first]:** The first part of an address.
**[last]:** The last part of an address.
**lineNo]:** The address line number.
**address]:** The full address.

You don’t have to include your return address on the envelope, but you’ll get the undeliverable mail back to you.

What To Do When USPS Says Insufficient Address?

If U.S. Postal Service is unable to deliver mail due to an insufficient address, they will use the return address on the mailpiece and attempt to return it to the sender.

If the mailpiece is addressed incorrectly, it will either be sent to a Post Office in Atlanta, Georgia or placed in the Mail Recovery Center.

In order to take care of the situation, the first thing to do is get in touch with your local post office, and tell them that you need to know the location of your package, if at all possible.

However, if your post office doesn’t have your mail and you haven’t received it within 7 days from the date of sending the mail, then you can submit a search request through the Missing Mail application on USPS.com.

To find out more about how to have your records requested at your local post office by a postal worker, check out the following website at http://www.usps.com/custserv/custhelp/cb-faq.htm.

How Do I Verify My Address With USPS?

Address verification is an important task for businesses because accurate information is required in order to meet customers’ expectations, and to ensure they have accurate deliveries.

There are also legal reasons why an individual could want to verify his/her address. For example, if a person has recently moved, he/she will want to be sure that the new address is correct.

However, it is essential that the email system used is secure and provides the privacy and security that the sender wants. If an individual provides an incorrect email address or does not provide one, then mail cannot be delivered. Although the delivery of mail is fairly secure, unsolicited or unauthorized messages are not.

Therefore, an individual should ensure that the emails which they send via the postal service are not unsolicited or unauthorized. This means that an individual should only send mail to email addresses registered to the sender.

Why Isn’t My Address Verified With USPS?

Your address has been verified by USPS and is valid but the USPS is unable to process the incoming mail to your US address.

If you’re receiving a mailing from a company you don’t recognize, check your mailbox to make sure it’s really from the company you think it is and that the address is correct. If the address is incorrect, or you don’t recognize the name of the company on the mailing, you can contact the sender by phone or email to check the address.

Some people can’t even add an apartment to their address, so if USPS finds that your mail is being returned then it’s almost always a sure sign that your account is locked.

How Do I Get USPS To Validate My Address?

To get a USPS mailbox in your area, all you have to do is visit their website, which has a map showing the various ZIP codes in your area. You just need to choose the ZIP code for your new mailbox, or you can enter your street address and they’ll figure out where the closest USPS sorting office is. You can either sign up online or by phone. While you’re there, you may as well print off the application, which has your new postal code on it.

The organization that manages addresses in the US is called the United States Postal Service.

The AMS website provides you with a list of local offices to visit when you need to change your address.

After providing the necessary information, you’ll be provided with the office address and phone number of the AMS office who can help you get your address added or corrected in the system.

To check what to do if USPS is delivered to the wrong address, you can also check our related posts on how to check tracking of an international package.


An insufficient address (UAA) is when a letter can not be delivered since the receiving postal office was either unable to read the address or it is written on the wrong side of the envelope.

So to prevent mail being shipped back due to UAA, you must double check that the information is correct, as well as that all the information is correct. You should also check that the recipient’s address is correct before sending the package.

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