Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise (what Is It, What You Can Get + More)

The company’s stock price has risen on the back of strong sales and profits, especially the company’s recently introduced Frappuccinos.

If you’re like me, then you may want to try out buying the merchandise of 400 Starbucks stores. If that’s you, then you want to continue reading this article to find out what the heck it is.

Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise in 2022

Starbucks Rewards program was launched in 1998 and has continued to grow. The program now has more than 26 million members in more than 130 countries. Starbucks’ rewards program is designed to help its customers build loyalty and to encourage them to continue to visit its stores.

What kinds of merchandise can you get for your 400 Stars?
Your rewards will vary depending on what kind of merchandise you buy. You can get several types of rewards, such as new characters, items, and consumables. For more info, please see below.
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What Is Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise?

Starbucks customers can earn Star by joining the loyalty Rewards program by downloading the Starbucks app or acquiring a physical Starbucks Card and using it to pay for any of the beverages at Starbucks.

Whenever you make a purchase, you earn stars that you can exchange for free drinks, food and merchandise.

The rewards program is free to join. You can also use the Rewards program to get your Starbucks Coffee online or within the app.

You can start earning Rewards and customize your drink using just 25 Stars. You can even wait until you have more Stars to earn a higher Reward level.

150 stars mean that you get a free handcrafted drink, a hot breakfast sandwich, or a parfait.

The highest level of reward is 400 stars to be redeemed for a bag of Starbucks coffee products and merchandise up to $20 in value.

As well, if your item is worth more than $20, you don’t need to use your 400 Stars to pay for the difference.

What Is Included in Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise?


Pick any of the above items for your 400 Stars, but choose one that’s less than $20.

As an alcoholic drink reward, the player can obtain the “Alcoholic drink”.

If you want to know if you can use your Stars Bucks on the new Starbucks mobile app (iOS | Android), just tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the app, look for the “Rewards” menu and the “Rewards FAQ” will tell you what you can use your Stars Bucks.

How Do I Redeem Starbucks Stars For Merchandise?

If you redeem Stars for a free cup of brewed coffee at a company-owned store, you’ll get 150 Stars. However, you can also get a free coffee by buying a Starbucks Card, or you can get more Starbucks Stars with the Buy a Starbucks Card promotion. Visit our FAQs for more info.

Sometimes new merchandise sells out very quickly. “Sometimes” in this context means “very often”.

You can expect to find a variety of types of coffee beans available as well as a selection of merchandise.

Can You Redeem More Than One Reward With Each Purchase?

If you buy something in-store, you can get more than one reward at the same time. They will be added to your account as usual.

You can get a 400 tier reward and a 150 tier reward, and for example if you have 5 stars, you could get a 400 plus 300, so get a 700 tier reward!

This would be an issue if you had two drinks purchased and you needed to split them as one coupon or you could not get 2 rewards.

If you purchase items using the mobile app, you can get 2 rewards for one purchase.

Can you go over 400 Stars at Starbucks?

You can earn 400 stars at Starbucks and earn a free drink as a reward. Some Starbucks regulars earn thousands of stars in their rewards accounts.

You cannot use your stars unless you have an application for it by the deadline.

If you have your Stars on a Rewards card, they can be found in your account. If you’re using Starbucks mobile app, they’ll be in your rewards account.

To know more about Starbucks, you can also see our post on what is a Starbucks coffee, and when does Starbucks open and close.


Starbucks Rewards program is a program from Starbucks that lets their customers earn stars. You can earn stars by buying different drinks and food.

There are 400 stars inside the coffee bag because it has 400 grams of coffee. If you put more than 400 grams of coffee in the coffee bag then it wouldn’t be possible to write 400 stars on it.

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