Who Sent Me A Package Usps? (all You Need To Know)

As long as a package arrives unexpectedly, it can lead to feelings of happiness. As long as the sender is clearly marked on the shipping label, I find delight in the contents.

If you get a package in the mail and there is no name or address on it, there is nothing you can do. If the address or the name is wrong it is best to return it to the sender. You can check the shipping information on your receipt to see if a return label was left.

Who Sent You a Package With USPS In 2022?

If you have received a package that was sent anonymously via USPS and the postage was paid, the sender may at least be able to track the package. However, without an address or a return address, the recipient may never know who sent them the package.

In order to know whether you even have a package, you need to do a quick Google search and look up all the ways people send packages to each other. Once you have this information, then you can learn what to do with the information.

Can You Ship a Package Anonymously with USPS?

You can ship a package using the United States Postal Service if you want.

When you package something, you should include a name and address. You can leave it blank.

The return address is so that if the package is damaged, or lost, or otherwise delivered to an undesired address, the address where the package should go in the event of a lost or damaged return package can be returned to the sender.

Despite the return address on a package being one of the most important parts of a mail piece, a significant percentage of packages are still delivered to the MRC and lost in transit.

One tip you can apply, is to put the return address somewhere like the package, so that the person receiving the package can see the address and know exactly where and how to take it back.

The Postal Service employees are trained to look for specific red flags, aka what they expect to find in the mail they open.

If your package doesn’t have a return address, it can give off the impression that it’s something you’re trying to hide.

For example, you can open an Express Mail package to verify the contents, but you can’t get any information about the sender or recipient.

You may have already noticed that some couriers and/or package delivery services do not look through your package and you may be asked to sign a receipt or they may not even open the package and just hand it over.

How Do You Know If Someone Sent You a Package?

We can know if someone has sent us something anonymously (or otherwise) with this.

To see this, you must be signed up for the Service.

Informed Delivery is a technology that lets USPS know when it can expect to deliver your package so it can plan ahead.

As a reminder, you can sign up for the delivery service at www.usps.com. You’ll automatically receive daily email updates with a short summary of new mailings. You can also view detailed information for upcoming mailings at www.usps.com.

In addition, the dashboard in your Informed Delivery email will also show you what packages are heading to your address.

When we have tracking on and order have been shipped, we will start the shipping process by emailing you.

Next, you can see the name of the city and zip the package was sent from. That, in turn, can be used to identify the sender.

Can You Send Something Anonymously Through USPS?

We can send our packages and letters anonymously through the post office, though the postal service would prefer that we have somewhere to send our package or letter if it cannot be delivered.

Sure, you can set up a delivery service or a shipping service, but if you want a real anonymous product you can order it online and make sure you ask for the item you were looking for to be sent to an address in a different country.

This is the most important part, you have to have the best quality merchandise, and ensure it is not illegal.

Packing tape is more reliable than stamps. You can also put it on the back of an envelope.

The Post Office has the right to refuse to receive returned letters. If this occurs, you will be notified in writing. If you do not agree with the Post Office’s decision, you must file a written protest within 30 days of receipt of the letter.

Since stamps are always handy, using stamps to send letters is always quick and easy.

There are no stamps in Canada, so I will put the letter in an envelope, write the recipient’s name and address, and put it in my mailbox.

A caveat is that the postal service will automatically include a city name when the address is mailed with a stamp instead of a shipping label.

The postal service may combine the two as in this example. Sometimes they send a separate letter along with a package, with the letter being postmarked when the package is postmarked.

That’s right, but you’ll still be able to send it from a different city to the one where you live.

Can You Get a PO Box With a Fake Name?

You must be sure that there is no record of your name with the Post office, so that if they find you they will not be able to file a complaint against you.

Since you’re using an older version of the server, the name on the PO Box has very little relevance. I’d suggest checking the documentation. There’s a link at the bottom of this page about where you can find the documentation.

You are mistaken. I never even use the term “Dale” as a first person name.

From my research, this is the case for Canada Post. They may be more permissive of people with disabilities than the U.S. Post Office. I’m not sure about other countries.

If you want to know more about package delivery, read our blog post on package going the wrong way, if you can reroute a USPS package. If you have an order that is stuck in the USPS mail facility and can’t find out what happened, then you can file an inquiry with USPS.


You do not know if it is real or not, so tracking becomes the only way to confirm the package is real or not. You can however, figure out if it is sent from a company in a certain country or not.

Further, if you find the contents of your package to be something illegal or un-mailable, like a toxic substance, you should reach out to your local Post Office and law enforcement immediately.

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