How To Find Out Who Sent You An Amazon Package (step-by-step + Other Faqs)

Yes, I have received a package that I didn’t order, and I want to find out who sent it to me.

If I’m interpreting this correctly (and Amazon will be the judge), any packages for you that have been shipped should show up on your Amazon purchase history, even if you never downloaded the package or received it.

How to Find Out Who Sent You an Amazon Package In 2022

You’ll need to keep your Amazon account current so that you can remember your packages. Some Amazon users have said that they’ve set up certain time-consuming tasks for their Amazon accounts, such as setting up automatic bill pay, or creating new password for their account. However, they’ve been able to remember this information for the most part.

If you’re looking for some information on Amazon package tracking then you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll go over a variety of ways that you can know who sent you an Amazon package such as, knowing if the package was sent anonymously, so you can start tracking and sorting the package you’re getting in your hands.

Can Amazon Tell You Who Sent You a Package?

You can check the tracking info on an item to see if it was sent from Amazon.
You can sign in to your Amazon account and see the order history listed under the Orders link.

This can be used by the recipient to send a surprise gift to someone but can also be used by criminals to steal your information.

When ordering a gift for someone, you can use your Amazon account to purchase the item so that Amazon can track how much that person actually uses it.

How Do You Find Out Who Sent an Anonymous Amazon Package through USPS?

If you have an Amazon package, and you’re trying to figure out who sent it to you, you may be able to get some information as to the person if the Amazon package arrived via USPS. Amazon makes information available on packages, depending on what package tracker tool you use, or by using the service through a mobile app, or through a web browser.

From the tracking number, you can try to find out the sender of the package. If you have their information, then you can contact them and ask for the package to be returned.

When a package is returned, it is sent back to the sender and you may get a tracking number. USPS states the tracking number will be in your shipment information from UPS or FedEx.
UPS and FedEx will give you a tracking number when the package is delivered to the USPS. I believe the package may be in transit for 30 days before it is sent back to the sender, which is the reason you are seeing it as “pending”.

Will FedEx or UPS Tell Me Who Sent an Amazon Package?

If you received an Amazon package that was delivered by FedEx or UPS, you could find out the name of the delivery company and the location of the pick-up by contacting the company.

– The sender’s name
– The sender’s address
– The sender’s phone number
– The sender’s delivery tracking number
– The sender’s email address

Please note that you will receive a tracking number to follow the progress of your package.

After successfully sending the item via PostNL, you will receive an email notification when your package is delivered.

However, if you cannot locate a carrier number, and therefore cannot communicate with them, contacting Amazon for confirmation is the last resort.

Can You Find Out What’s Inside an Amazon Package Without Opening It?

You can find out what’s inside an Amazon package without opening it, which is great if you don’t know who sent you a package and there are no details available, Amazon has a feature called “Tracking & Labeling” that allows you to track your package.

If you want to get a better idea of what you’re getting an Amazon gift for, you can also download the Amazon app and click on the camera.

You will be guided to place the camera near the barcode to be scanned to bring up the list of contents inside the package.

It is possible to scan a barcode and see what’s in the box and what not. It may help you to figure out if the gift was ordered on your Wisherlist and sent to you, or if the gift was not meant for you.

Do You Have to Pay for Amazon Packages You Didn’t Order?

You can just keep any delivery that you don’t want, or even pay for the free item, as Amazon considers it as a gift.

Also, Amazon has a report that you didn’t purchase so you can get in touch with the sender if you think they sent you something you didn’t ask for.

If you receive a package from Amazon containing food, seeds, and/or plants, you should contact Amazon to find out the sender, or contact the USDA so you can send it to them.

It is important to check that items you were sent from abroad are safe or be careful when you receive them. If you are unsure if the items you’ve received are safe, you can check if the international return label is broken or if you find a letter from the post office.

If you don’t need the product or the product didn’t come from Amazon or if you don’t know who sent it, you could choose to buy something else from Amazon or get a gift card and donate the card to your local food bank or another charity.

Amazon Prime shipping is usually faster.
Amazon usually has a wider range of items in stock.
Amazon usually has more options to choose from in terms of delivery options.
Amazon usually has cheaper prices.


If you want to know who sent you a package, the best thing to do is to call the place that sent you the package and give them information about who sent it and the date and time you received it.

You also need to provide other useful information like item number, order number, contact number, package number, and other useful information in the outside of the package.

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