Ups Delivered To Wrong Address (what To Do, Recovering + More)

I have a package coming in 3 days. If I can just get the tracking numbers I can wait.

For some reason, this is a bad idea.

The best thing to do is to just get the tracking numbers and go back home.

When UPS delivers to the wrong address, what happens? You may not have to worry about it as much as you might think.

What If UPS Delivered to the Wrong Address In 2022?

If UPS delivers your package to the wrong address, you can confirm the delivery was incorrect by reaching out to the sender. If your package was delivered incorrectly, you’ll need to reach out to UPS with all of the information possible about your package and file a claim.

If your package was delivered to the wrong address, you probably got an unaddressed package. What do you do when this happens? This article explains the best way to handle this situation.

What Should I Do If UPS Delivered My Package to the Wrong Address?

If you’ve been waiting for a package to be delivered and you see it at the door but the person who delivered it is already on their way out, don’t panic. The person will be back later to let you know it’s ready for pick up.

If the package is not in the location in your tracking information – and you don’t think it was delivered to your correct address – make sure your package was not delivered to your incorrect address (or even a different address).

The final part of tracking is to verify that your package was delivered to the intended address.

This means looking under patio furniture, by the garage, and seeing if you can make a meal that tastes better than the dog food in the fridge.

However, it is also a common trick when a person is expecting a package. Just because we didn’t say a name it doesn’t mean it isn’t a trick.
The UPS way of delivering packages.

The most common way to track down your packages is to check with the post office or a local sorting facility. You might even be able to check your local paper, as many have dedicated sections for tracking lost and stolen packages.

For some reason, a lot of people do not want to get involved with the authorities and the police.

Tracing the package.

On the recipient’s end, the sender can initiate a trace for the package. This allows the recipient to find out all of the parties involved in delivering the package.

If I am sending an e-mail, I will first attempt to reach out to the sender to make sure that shipping the package to the right address is successful.

If the sender doesn’t write the correctly address on their package, then UPS can’t help them.

The sender shouldn’t need to know the address they send you a package to to ensure it gets to you. They should be able to use your address for other purposes without any additional actions at all.

If your package was delivered at a certain time and you didn’t sign for it, it wasn’t at the given address.

After the recipient has received your package, you may contact them directly via phone or email to let them know that you are sending them a gift.

The best way to handle receiving packages delivered with the wrong shipment tracking is to call the customer service number of the carrier or the shipper.

You should have all the necessary information before you call and answer the questions that you are asked.

The information above should be all that you need to create a report.
It is always best to start with a general search for your order.
Once you have identified your order, take a look at your shipping method.

If you have a package tracking number:
If you got a shipping confirmation email or received a shipping notification email, you can use the tracking number to view your package status.

If you did not, then you can call your shipping provider to ask them for your tracking number.

The better information you give UPS the more likely they’ll get it out of the way and help me.

If you need to create an account, you can do so here.
For future reference, though, I highly recommend that you use your
username instead of your email address. This will allow you to log
back in with your username, rather than having to remember your
password. If you forget your username, though, you’ll have to
create a new account.

If we can help you, the best way for us to get a hold of you is via

The UPS system is complex, and doesn’t have a specific option for help with a misdelivered package. This is very frustrating.

So, press zero several times to be connected to an operator.
No operator here for you.

Just to be clear, while it is acceptable and even common to use your phone in public spaces, it is never acceptable to talk with your phone while walking along a public street, and certainly it is never acceptable to do what the man below was doing.

The UPS operator will take down all of your information and begin the process on UPS’ end of reclaiming the package, and will likely ask for a phone number to call you back at. There is no mention or suggestion that you can call the UPS store to find out the status of the package.


I think I found the answer!

A box that was shipped as an International Express package can often get misidentified as delivered either to your home or to a local sorting facility, like a UPS distribution center, which may hold a large number of parcels for the local sorting facility.

In addition to delivering packages, USPS also scans parcels to check their contents so they can be returned if they are damaged or not accepted by the recipient.

After making a successful delivery, the app will show a notification in the home screen.

If your package was sent to a place that no longer exists, or is no longer in business, or is no longer the same as the address, then a UPS person will typically visit the address and reclaim the package for you.

In this case, the company knows your shipping address and when to expect the package.

If you did not get your item within a week or if customer service failed to refund your payment, then you should consider filing for a refund.

Can I Get a Refund If My Package Was Delivered to the Wrong Address by UPS?

One of those conditions is that the recipient must not have yet signed for the package, not even as delivery has been attempted.

Most people will not get their money back because they just didn’t take the time to find the right address and take it to the post office.

If you are receiving a gift that comes with a card inside, and there is an address on the card, it’s probably the card holder’s correct address. You should be able to check the address on the card.

If the package was delivered to the address on the label, however, then the package was delivered to the right address. This means you don’t qualify for a refund.

The first step to getting a refund for a misdelivered package is to visit the claims page to file a claim.

You may have to answer a number of very intrusive questions. Please do not be offended, and remember to be very careful about what you say.

This is a normal occurrence and I would expect you to be contacted by them within a week or so.

Please note, it does not affect your current request. But, if it does, a new request will be necessary – it is simply a matter of waiting.

If you think you have a claim, the first thing you need to do is file a claim with your package provider.

A transaction receipt that shows the details of the payment, for example amount, date, currency and the recipient’s address.

 When you’ve submitted a claim with supporting documentation to the company, it will take anywhere from eight to fifteen business days before the claim is processed.

If the claim is approved, it is very important to know exactly when you were approved for that payment. Many companies will not send out an invoice until the claim is paid. If you don’t receive a payment by the specified date, call your provider and see if the payment was received and processed.

I know that UPS will not provide any refunds, but the sender can still write another package that includes the product(s) and send it to a different address.

What If I Received Someone Else’s UPS Package?

If you are a recipient of a package that’s addressed to someone else, you might wonder what to do with it.

At the same time, you shouldn’t try and close or open the package or anything.

You are in no position to do this, and you will be fired immediately.

The method that UPS uses for their mistaken deliveries is to make them look like mistakes.

Instead, once you realize you got someone else’s package, tell the voice on the other end that you are not the recipient, and press zero a few times.

Please note that you have received a package, but it was delivered to an incorrect address. Please provide me with the full package tracking number and any information you know about the sender or the intended recipient.

Once UPS has determined that the delivery is legitimate, they will either come to your residence to drop off the package or you can have someone pick it up from the local UPS location that is nearest to your street address.

The USPS is a fairly large organization, and as a result, they can’t afford to send all of the packages they handle directly to the destination address. In fact, according to data put out by the US Postal Service, only about 60% of all packages reach the destination address.

Find out more info on how you can ship from Puerto Rico, if UPS delivers on Sundays, and how long does UPS hold packages.


If you get your package delivered to the wrong address, it is important to remain calm and wait for it.

It is important to verify the address that is in the package before sending it to the store. If the address is incorrect, the package won’t reach its destination.

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