What Does Undeliverable Mean At Fedex? (full Guide)

FedEx may be one of the top logistics and transportation companies in the world, but even FedEx doesn’t succeed in delivering every package that enters its mail stream. In fact, the company doesn’t even deliver every package to its own employees.

So, there are several reasons why a FedEx package may become undeliverable. Why does FedEx consider a package undeliverable? Well, let’s begin with what FedEx calls undeliverable.

What Does Undeliverable Mean At FedEx In 2022?

Customs may not release the shipment, because the customer failed to declare the items or to pay the required import taxes.
The sender did not provide a correct or complete address.
The recipient refused delivery.
The shipping packaging is incorrect. Either the contents are damaged, or they are improperly wrapped.

Unwanted packages are not fun so if you are in this situation, keep reading this article!

Why Does My FedEx Package Say Undeliverable?

Delivery problems, which are considered to be the single, most common cause of undeliverable packages, are usually caused by one of two situations. The first is that the carrier has the wrong address or no address at all. The second is if you provide an address to the carrier that is not up and running.

Packages can be held up because of issues with the buildbot (like dependencies not building) or because the build itself is failing (like it’s trying to build too many projects at once).

FedEx could be telling you that the information you entered for the recipient or address is incorrect.

Customs does not release what they seize.

They will still release the shipment for you, but you will have to pay another shipping cost.

This means you need to have the invoice to the customer in order to have them pay for shipping.

If the shipping company has any fees, customs will hold the package until you settle any applicable fees.

Wrong address may lead to loss of your order.

Address issues are one of the most common reasons behind undeliverable packages.

To improve delivery rates for international shipments, please ensure that the receiver’s address information matches that found in your shipping records.

It was found that it is quite easy to get to the destination with the data of one of the key points.

To avoid common address issues, use a trusted and trusted route, for example using a USPS certified mail number and an accurate zip code.

The recipient is no longer in the account for the purposes of fulfilling the order.

For example, someone receiving a shipment of a product that they didn’t order might find that they need to talk with the person who ordered the item. They might not know that this person is their supplier.

– If it was a mistake, it was a mistake, you need to correct that and deliver it again. If you got it right the first time, there’s no need to contact the sender.
– If you didn’t receive a package, then you need to contact the sender.

All of the above.

The best way to ensure an easy delivery is to pack your parcel with care.

If you’re concerned about returning a shipment because of changes to rates or tariffs, you can file a Claim for Reversal under the United States International Trade Commission (USITC).

What Happens When A FedEx Package Is Undeliverable?

It’s important to know why you’re experiencing a delay with the package so that you can make sure it is delivered on time and not left in a FedEx hub for a long period of time.

Sometimes, FedEx can deliver a package if a letter is attached to it. In this case, FedEx may deliver a letter to the recipient who can then return the package.

If a package has not been received then it is not held at customs. If a package is held at customs then it is held at the country of origin and the fee to pay the courier is all that is required.

If you send the item to an incomplete or incorrect address, FedEx will try to contact the sender or recipient to correct the issue.

They will contact the sender to see what they are doing, and if it is not working, they will contact the sender and ask them to do it all over again.

Most postal services will provide tracking numbers for packages. You can get these by contacting them or by simply entering the tracking number into the online tracking function on the website.

In case a package has been damaged, it can not be delivered to the recipient, but can be repaired and shipped back to the shipper. In this instance, the carrier may request for the shipper to pay for the damages.

If something happens and you don’t receive the package, a small notification will pop up on your phone showing your the status of the package.

So when a package is delivered but not found, it is delivered to a warehouse and cataloged by a system that will ensure that the package will be recovered and re-delivered.
The system can be accessed by FedEx agents on the ground or by FedEx employees using the FedEx Express web platform.

It is sold and it is disposed of after a certain time.

 It is also important to know that packages that are scanned at FedEx’s distribution centers will generally be delivered, in most cases, within three hours of the scheduled delivery time provided you are using the FedEx shipping label.


While FedEx might do its best to deliver all the packages they are charged with, there are times when external circumstances make this impossible.

The sender address is invalid, or
The recipient address is not valid, or
The package is too big, or
There is a communication problem with the sender, the recipient, or the postal service, or
The package is not properly wrapped, or
The package is improperly tagged, or
Something else.

Therefore, you should double check your shipment details and keep a close eye on your tracking information.

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