Delivery Exception Meaning Fedex (What It Means + Other Common Faqs)

A FedEx wheel is an ideal delivery system: it’s fast, precise and reliable. The company’s fleet of thousands of fleet trucks have the ability to deliver packages at incredible speeds, ensuring they arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

If the message is delivered to a queue, there is a chance that the message will be stuck there. The best practice is to wait for a specific timeout period to expire before trying to redeliver the message, but sometimes things just don’t work out. In this case, it is important to know what the delivery exceptions mean and what you can do to avoid them.

Delivery Exception Meaning FedEx In 2022

Packages may experience delays in delivery, and this will likely last one to two weeks. In the event of a delay, your package will be put on hold at the destination country. If a delay is unavoidable, you may have to fill out a form to reroute your package for delivery within one to two weeks.

You’ll need to implement an observer pattern to get notifications of when an exception happens.

What Is A FedEx Delivery Exception?

If you are receiving a Delivery Exception on your tracking information, the tracking information may be incomplete or inaccurate. This is likely due to a delivery delay.

Any other circumstance that could prevent a driver from being able to make it for a scheduled drive.

Why Do FedEx Delivery Exceptions Happen?

However, FedEx’s delivery exception can be a bit complicated. To better understand why, we’ll need to take a look at the way tracking information is delivered.

The package delivery company will keep your package for 14 days. If they don’t deliver the package within those 14 days, they’ll call you. They won’t let you know why. This can happen if their truck is broken down, or they have to go through customs, etc.

There are some instances where the driver encounters a problem and has to make an emergency delivery. These are rare, and will be discussed one on one with the driver. In these instances, the driver will try to make your delivery as soon as possible, and will ensure that you are able to get your package as soon as possible.

How Long Do FedEx Delivery Exceptions Last?

We are currently experiencing some network issues which are affecting delivery of this email. We are working to resolve the issue but in the meantime, please feel free to check your spam or junk mail folders for the message.

Does A FedEx Delivery Exception Mean That My Package Will Arrive Late?

According to UPS, “Deliveries are never considered late if you placed your order before the cut-off time and receive your order within the delivery window.

There are a lot of people counting on you to deliver. I want to make sure all your customers receive their packages on time because I don’t want you to lose your reputation for delivering things on time.

How Do You Avoid FedEx Delivery Exceptions?

Your business partner may offer a service that is unavailable.
Your business partner may not be able to deliver what you ordered.

Yes, customs delays are completely out of your control. When this happens, the only thing you can do is be patient and wait for the issue to resolve itself.

With that said, there are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of an exception occurring.

This means, you will want to consider how to arrange for shipping of your products between the date of purchase and delivery to your customer.

You need to decide yourself how many days you are willing to wait for your package, and what amount of stress you can handle – while you still expect it in time.

Another way to reduce the possibility of a delivery exception is to make sure the recipient is available to receive your package upon delivery.

You can ensure that your package will arrive at the receiver’s location safely by providing an accurate tracking number and encouraging the receiver to register with FedEx Delivery Manager.

With that they can keep tabs on the package and make arrangements to be there when it arrives.

All of these documents are available to you as a member of the team. If you ever encounter problems, the best way to solve them is to check with the owner.

International shipments must be shipped in a condition that allows them to remain intact during transit. Packages should not have identifying marks scratched off, taped over, or otherwise altered from their original condition.

When it comes to international shipments, you should detail the contents of your shipment and be honest about the value of the items. Add the proper international shipping codes to the shipment.

What Is A FedEx PM Exception?

“POD” is the term UPS uses to describe a POD exception.

In the case of the return of a shipment, the driver must return the shipment to the origin delivery station for the night if it is undeliverable.

The package may also be returned to the sender. To request a return or exchange, please contact your package provider’s customer service.

To know more about FedEx delivery options, you can also read our posts on where can you get FedEx packages delivered, tips for FedEx shipping, and how to use FedEx label.


Exceptions can be a lot of trouble, so it can be hard to know the reason why you got an exception.

If you don’t want to be patient, you can send FedEx a ticket to get the issues resolved.

The only reliable way to ensure delivery of something is to ensure you have enough time for shipping, giving sufficient time for addressing your item, and ensuring someone will be there to accept the item from your hands.

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