Does Fedex Deliver On Saturday? (residential, Fees, States + More)

Not too long ago, shipping companies like FedEx only delivered Monday through Friday. However, FedEx recently decided to expand its delivery options, so you can now get your package delivered on any day of the week.

Online shopping is growing every single year. In fact, it’s expected to reach $800 billion by 2024. With this in mind, FedEx is striving to compete with Amazon and Walmart. To achieve this, it needs to ensure that all customers will continue choosing FedEx for all of their shipping needs. With Saturday delivery, FedEx is ensuring that all the eCommerce companies can get their products to their customers within a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.

Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday In 2022?

This is my second time with FedEx. If all goes well this will be the third time. I would like to learn about the service options available to me and if there is anything else about the service that I need to be aware of. I also have a small business so I would like to find ways to help the company grow.

If you are interested in learning more about FedEx’s Saturday delivery options, then make sure you read the entire article for some useful tips and facts!

Which FedEx Services Deliver on Saturdays?

The service charges differ based on how far away the package is being delivered, and how quickly the package needs to be delivered.

Orders placed for Saturday delivery will have your order shipped for Monday delivery.

Also, even when shipments aren’t delivered on Saturday, FedEx will normally deliver these items on a Saturday and will not charge you extra for the service.

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Where Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays?

FedEx delivery is available throughout the United States, which is especially useful for Saturday delivery.

The Saturday delivery network means that you will have the ability to get your packages delivered on the weekend. This can sometimes be an issue, especially when you are having problems finding a suitable shipping driver. However, if you have the option to get a Saturday delivery you’re likely to find that you can get your package to your home address on time or before time if you’d like.

The service area of the destination address is a significant factor.
However, when the availability of Saturday delivery depends on the service area, the availability of Saturday delivery for your next order may not be guaranteed.

You can call 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339) to determine the service area of your destination. If your desired destination is not in the area covered by the service, you can also check out their website for their shipping policy.

If you want to know more about FedEx’s shipping commitments, you can find this chart here.

In North America, where Saturday delivery is available, Saturday delivery requires an additional charge over the standard rate.

For Saturday Delivery, we have to make sure the package gets to us at the FedEx shipping center that is closest to your ship.

Does FedEx Saturday Delivery Cost Extra?

It may cost extra depending on if you want it delivered on Saturday or not.

Delivery fee for Saturday delivery: $10 per shipment.

 Check out FedEx’s pricing list for more details about Saturday delivery fees.

What Time Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays?

FedEx delivery times depend on the service you use. So there isn’t a specific answer to this question.

While you can be fairly confident that the package will come by Saturday, you might want to prepare for the worst. If your package is delivered after 9:00 PM on Saturday, there is a good chance that it will be delivered after the U.S. Postal Service opens on Monday.

In order to know the real story behind FedEx and their reputation, you can read our posts on which delivery service you should choose.


Although FedEx has recently begun delivering packages on Saturdays, the business already has a strong presence in the US. Indeed, in 98% of US addresses, FedEx can deliver packages on Saturdays.

If you’re a service subscriber and do not have a credit card on file to receive your service, you can still sign up for a service at the FedEx Office store in your area by using a credit card and mailing in a copy of your driver’s license.

For more information about the different services and to find the nearest Office store, click here.

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