Does Ups Deliver On Saturday? (all You Need To Know)

There are so many different shipping companies to choose from that it’s hard to keep track of which offer Saturday deliveries and how much those deliveries can cost.

So, the UPS delivery person will come to your house on Saturday at 9am.
If you are not home when the delivery person arrives, the UPS delivery person will park your package around the block, either at your neighbor’s house or the closest UPS store.
If you are not home and the delivery person is unable to find your package, UPS will leave a note for you.
If you are home and you’ve received the package, you can sign for it.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday In 2022?

UPS will be delivering between 9am and 7pm on the whole world on Saturday in 2022. However, delivery times will vary depending on the service you are using and the delivery location.
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To see what the packages will look like when they arrive, keep reading this blog to learn about a new way to deliver packages straight to your front door, every Saturday!

Will My UPS Package Arrive On Saturday?

Packages can be delivered Monday through Friday, depending on the city you are in, and the time of the day.

However, in recent years, the entire United States and more than 122 countries around the world can receive a Saturday delivery.

As of 2018,[*] UPS began delivering both residential and commercial packages on Saturday.

Because of that, packages can be delivered to residential addresses, offices, and other businesses on Saturdays.

Even if you buy them Monday through Friday, there is a chance that you will not have them by Saturday.

While UPS has put an astonishing effort into making sure that Saturday deliveries are available in most places, they don’t have that great a selection of day-definite deliveries yet.

This is mostly due to the time of day the package leaves and the time it arrives at your door.

UPS’s Saturday deliveries are not guaranteed in every place in the United States and some areas may be out of stock that they will not guarantee a delivery to.

Rather, this guarantee is only applicable if you are living in one of the large cities listed on the previous page.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturdays During the Holidays?

If the package gets delivered on an official holiday, UPS will make sure the package is delivered on the following week.

You will not get a Sunday delivery. If you can’t live without your pizza on Sunday, you can order it from us on Saturday, although by then it may already have been shipped.

The package you ordered was shipped on [DAY].

But why did I think your translation was incorrect? Well, let’s take a look:

We need more time because shipments are sent on the weekends.

Please be sure to have any packages delivered on Saturday or holiday. Most of our employees will be out of town on those days, so you may have a bit more difficulty getting your package picked up or delivered the next day.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday to My Area?

The company is offering free Saturday delivery in most cities until July 7, but it has the option to end the offer at any time. Customers must be at least $35 per order and ship to at least one of Amazon’s four-digit ZIP codes.

The company will only deliver to major metropolitan locations in the U.S. and in several international locations, such as Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Amazon does not currently offer Saturday deliveries to all items in all areas. If an item is not yet eligible for Saturday delivery, then you will receive your order by 5pm on the Thursday.

If you are looking for more information about the locations that are eligible for delivery on Saturdays, you can check out the image in this article.

What Time Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?

If you receive a package early, check the delivery location and sign in on the tracking website. Delivery dates may be longer than expected.

Saturday delivery may be slower, but you can use most of your shipping options, and if your destination has a later delivery window than your shipping service, you can use that to your advantage.

If you use UPS Next Day Air Delivery, you will receive your package within the next day or two. If you use UPS Next Day Air Next Day, you will receive the package within 2 days.

Standard UPS delivery times are about noon or 1:30.

If the item is not shipped via UPS Next Day Air, we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain time.

In addition, because the UPS driver is required to report to the UPS facility, the driver typically does not return until after 8 pm. The package delivery service is not available to the public 24 hours a day, and the UPS driver is not required to be available 24 hours a day.

How Much Does UPS Saturday Delivery Cost?

If you’re using a service that provides a single flat price for any size package, it’s usually cheaper to do the delivery on Monday or Tuesday on a weekend.
The reason for this is that there is typically more competition on those days.
This will usually result in lower prices.

With regards to shipping services, there are a number of factors that play into this, such as the type of service, the type of item being shipped, the weight of the item, and even the destination of the item.

If you order Monday-Friday before 2PM EST, we typically aim to have your package shipped on the same day, which means it will arrive in 2 business days (and typically in just one business day).

If you’re shipping anything heavier (like a refrigerator), then it may take longer to get to Canada because it can be a bit tricky to get things through customs.

For residential packages, the cost is the same as other day deliveries.
For commercial packages (including residential), the cost is based on the weight.

To make the costs of last-mile delivery more manageable, the fee is split between the customer and the couriers.

The following example demonstrates the differences between the sentences.

FedEx Ground
FedEx Home Delivery

Please keep in mind that weekends are defined as Saturday and Sunday.
You can find more information about shipping fees for residential shipping in this help article.

If an international package is being delivered on Saturday, you may have to pay additional delivery charges depending on how far the package is traveling overseas and where the package is being delivered to.

While these are estimates of what most people use, you should budget on how much you plan to use your package delivery service.

If you want to know how much your package will really cost, you can use the UPS quote page to send all of your package’s information there and you will get a quote to find out how much it will really cost.

To learn more about which carrier delivers at night, you can read our post on whether or not UPS delivers at night.


Saturday delivery is not available in some countries, but Saturday delivery is not standard for most items.

UPS will deliver your packages to the door on Saturday and you will be charged a fee of around $16 when the package goes through the shipping process, but it will arrive at your door Saturday.

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