Does Fedex Deliver At Night? (7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm + More)

Because your mail gets sent directly to your house, you are in complete control of your packages which are held at your home until you are ready to collect.

While most people are not home at night, some of us need something delivered at night, like when we’re at work or taking care of our children. If you’re wondering if FedEx delivers at night, you’re in luck! You’ll find the answer here.

Does FedEx Deliver at Night In 2022?

[Original]: Although, in certain regions, FedEx is also capable of delivering in some areas between 10:00 AM- 3:00 AM, Monday-Saturday.
In the case of a weekend delivery, if you select the option to have your package delivered on a weekday, you can get your package delivered as late as 9:00 PM, Monday-Thursday. If you select the Saturday option, you can get your package delivered as late as 9:00 PM, Saturday.

What Is the Latest Time for FedEx Delivery?

The standard delivery schedule for FedEx runs from 9 AM to 8 PM.

If you have any questions, please go to

FedEx Home Delivery is a service intended for residential customers; therefore it may have a later delivery time depending on the location.

What’s more, those of you that choose the Evening Home Delivery service will receive your orders anytime between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.

This service provides online and mobile options for customers to schedule an appointment for the FedEx courier to drop off items at their home or business.

Customers are able to choose when they like to use the service. You can also see that your customer has chosen 11:00 pm.

Does FedEx Deliver Past 8:00 PM?

FedEx normally delivers the deliveries by 8:00 PM. However, there are occasions when the deliveries are completed later on.

You may not receive a confirmation because your shipping method is not guaranteed (e.g. 2Day or Overnight).

Through the hard work of our drivers, FedEx becomes a reliable partner.

In addition to the abovementioned reasons, if your order is late, your item may be returned to us for a full refund, minus any shipping charges.

FedEx delivery drivers are also known to work long hours, which is probably why their delivery times are always late.

Because it’s the company’s busiest month, drivers often have to work late just to keep up with the additional package volume.

If you’re not expecting a package, no problem. Just open the package when it arrives.

If you’ve ordered online, the time you want to receive the product is the same as when you placed the order. If you have any requests for delivery time, simply let the sender know when you receive the tracking number.
In case you send a request to your sender, it may take more time than usual to ship the item.

But the point is, if your car is out of the garage the whole night, there’s no way of knowing what’s going on.

If you track your package on the internet like Amazon, FedEx, UPS or others, you can see when it will leave the country and where it is going.

As long as it’s showing “Out for Delivery” in the status of your order, you should expect it to arrive the same day. If it’s showing something else, like “Next Day,” then it’s going to take a day or two.

Does FedEx Deliver at 10 PM?

It is very rare for FedEx to deliver any packages, either by 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM (at the latest).

Still though, you may receive the occasional late night delivery during the holiday season, as Fed Ex struggles to keep up with the massive increase in package volume.

Does FedEx Overnight Deliver at Night?

The name sounds like an overnight delivery company. However, the company has no overnight services. It also has a daily service through which it arrives during the day.

The name of a German airline that operates flights between Germany and Africa, was inspired by the name of its founder.

And with all this in mind, we’re going to take a closer look at FedEx’s three overnight delivery services and when each of them deliver.

FedEx promises one box delivery in the morning on the next business day.

The majority of deliveries are made between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM. Some locations may receive deliveries as late as 2:00 PM.

For overnight delivery, the carrier has to deliver by the next business day. If you want to be certain they will definitely make it by a specified time, we can guarantee overnight delivery if you use the priority overnight service.

some parts of the country may receive deliveries as late as 4:30pm.

This item usually ships the next business day and usually arrives in 1-3 business days.

To get more information about the different services available in the FedEx Canada program, you can read our post about FedEx Canada services.


FedEx has about 60,000 drivers on its payroll and there are over 700 drivers who specialize in overnight shipping. In all, drivers could be dispatched anywhere from 1 hour from the nearest depot to 2,000+ miles from the nearest depot.

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