What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering? (Find Out!)

Amazon’s delivery times are always incredible to me. Amazon delivers your order within hours of placing it.

What time does Amazon begin delivering packages? What time can you expect to receive an Amazon package? This is what we found out after looking into it.

When will Amazon start shipping?

Amazon delivers as early as 4 AM. Amazon usually delivers by 6 AM and 8 PM, respectively. Amazon also offers overnight delivery, which can be ordered if you meet the minimum order payment or pay a small shipping charge.

This exception is only if you have chosen signature delivery. Your items will be delivered between 8am-8pm in this instance.

You should be aware that many factors can impact the delivery time of your parcel.

This article will take a look at Amazon’s delivery process, from beginning to ending, and any issues that may arise.

Amazon Does Early Morning Deliveries

Amazon will deliver your item in the early hours of the morning depending on when you placed your order and what kind of Amazon membership you have. You can choose overnight delivery if you are able to. This would allow the item to be delivered before 8AM.

Amazon has a help and support page that allows you to check details about your order and track the status of delivery.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and choose overnight delivery, your package should arrive by 8am the next day. However, this is only true if the order was placed by midnight on the previous night.

The speed of shipping will depend on what type of delivery you choose, where you live, and how large (and available) your order is.

Amazon’s help page will show that Saturday and Sunday deliveries are not available in all areas. This is an additional cost.

Amazon Delivers Before 8AM

Amazon delivery usually arrives before 8 a.m. Your early morning delivery should be fine if the drivers are not being held up and your package isn’t large or bulky.

These are some things that could delay your delivery

  • Weather conditions
  • Drivers are unable to locate your location
  • Package labels that are missing or damaged
  • The recipient rejects the package because it isn’t for him.
  • Your package is too big for a PO Box
  • You have a PO Box and have placed perishable orders
  • The package was not available for signing (this option can be added during the order process).
  • You used a restricted address
  • You have used a business name
  • The package was damaged in transit
  • It is not uncommon for a courier to deliver a large number of packages.
  • You didn’t select early morning delivery when you checked out
  • You didn’t place your order in time for the early morning delivery option

Undeliverable items are returned to Amazon if they are not available for delivery. Amazon will issue full refunds and allow you to place a new order, if necessary.

Amazon Delivers at 4 AM

Amazon now offers overnight delivery starting at 4 AM. You may be able to spot an Amazon courier starting a delivery day very early in the morning.

It is important to understand that the courier you see is just beginning a round of delivery; this is not the time when you can expect a drop off. You can expect overnight deliveries between 4AM-8AM.

Groceries and parcels are usually dropped off at 6 a.m., and 8 a.m. if you need to sign for your items.

What happens when Amazon stops shipping each day?

Amazon drivers cease delivering every day once they reach the end of their delivery time. Schedules depend on a smooth drop-off run, which often does not happen. Therefore, delivery may take place late at night.

If you see an Amazon courier working late at night it is likely that they are not on schedule. This could be due to the large number of packages they have.

Most deliveries are made on weekdays. Weekend options are only available to Amazon Prime members.

Also, weekend days are not considered business days when choosing your shipping speed.

Is it possible to see where my Amazon package is during delivery?

Amazon allows customers to see the location of their package on a map when it is being delivered. If the package is less than a mile away, you can view the location of the driver in real-time.

It is not possible to find your item if it is being transported in a delivery van. This is for safety reasons. It is possible for each item to be found at the exact same place it left.

Track your package with Amazon’s help and customer service pages Shipping and Delivery.

Here you can see the status of your delivery.

Click on Track your Package and choose the order that you want to track. Clicking on Track Package next to this order will take you to the tracking information webpage.

This will show you the tracking number as well as the estimated delivery date. It is important to check whether the courier picked up your item, and whether it has been delivered or not.

Learn more about Amazon These articles will help you learn more about Amazon.


It can be confusing to figure out when and how your Amazon package should arrive. Multiple factors influence shipping and delivery.

If you order a package from Amazon, delivery will usually begin at 6AM unless you have chosen overnight delivery, which can take up to 4 AM.

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