Does Fedex Deliver To Your Door? (porch, Doorstep, Hidden Spot + More)

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, more and more people are putting their deliveries through the door. It’s true that having your package delivered is convenient, but there are risks.

FedEx and other delivery companies have to do the best they can to make customers feel safe. When these companies deliver packages, they are exposed to risk: there are criminals in the world who will try to steal packages. In this article, we’ll explore ways to prevent package theft.


Does FedEx Deliver to Your Door In 2022?

Delivery is an integral part of FedEx’s offering, to bring an item from a place of origin to a place of destination. That’s how it works, for example, for packages delivered to an office. It’s how it works for package delivery at home and for deliveries to a business.

To know more about FedEx’s delivery policies, see the rest of this article for more useful information and tips!

Does FedEx Deliver Right to Your Door?

If your package gets lost or stuck somewhere in the process, FedEx will try to deliver it the next day.

Even though the front door is very good for deliveries, it is a bad location for a house to be, because of the cold weather.

The package was easily visible enough that it wouldn’t be noticed by anyone if it was opened, but it lacked the features that would make the package especially conspicuous.

FedEx will still deliver from one location to another location in your city.

They will also place your package somewhere where they are not likely to be found. You may find a package on the side of a road or in an alley or on a vacant lot.

Does FedEx Deliver to Your Door or Mailbox?

If your mail is too big, you can ask FedEx to deliver it to your local post office.

The postal service is good at transporting letters and small packages, which are most of the items that the Postal Service delivers.

Because when people have boxes full of personal items like mail, FedEx can’t actually go in and touch them without a warrant.

Although it is against both the local and federal law to use a mailbox for non-USPS purposes, there are people who use mailboxes to communicate with their friends, family and even the police.

If you are shipping by FedEx Ground Economy Shipping then you select the FedEx Ground shipping option in your order.

Once your order is shipped you will then receive a tracking number from FedEx. Your order will be shipped by FedEx and once that is complete you then receive an email notification of your tracking number from FedEx.

For orders shipped outside of the continental United States you will receive your tracking number from the USPS. If you are shipping to the continental United States, your tracking number will be received from FedEx.

FedEx will be able to deliver Ground Economy packages to mailboxes, however, it is not likely given the size of most packages.

Why Does FedEx Leave Packages at the Door?

Your driver has a particular area where he will drop off your stuff. It might be the front or side door, depending on how your delivery is protected.

While some customers may wish that they could be delivered to their door.

FedEx has to find alternative delivery locations for packages, so the USPS is prohibited from touching those boxes.

Will FedEx Deliver to a Back Door?

If you’re not there when your FedEx delivery person arrives, you can use the FedEx Delivery Manager to set your delivery preferences.

You can also include information like the shipping date, and the estimated time your package will reach its destination.

Can I Request a Dropoff Spot From FedEx?

When you use a FedEx Delivery Manager tool, you can set standing instructions for one-time deliveries (where you only need to enter delivery instructions for one order) or for all orders from a specific address.

 You can ask that your items be left in a big planter on your front porch, or by the grill near the back door.

You can call the same number to give us a pick up spot.

Is FedEx Supposed to Knock?

FedEx has no time window for delivery to the same place, so you may not know that you have a package delivered until days after you’ve ordered it.

That’s why many FedEx customers wonder if drivers are supposed to knock on the door or ring the doorbell when they deliver a package.

It is hard to say if the driver will extend this courtesy. He might very well give you more space if he feels he’s your friend or he might think you are annoying and be less nice. It’s probably up to him.

Also, there may be cultural differences.

You can use the FedEx Delivery Manager tool to choose different delivery options for each delivery.

If you would like to read more about this specific question, you can read our posts about FedEx prices, who FedEx delivers to, and why FedEx costs so much.


FedEx Delivery Drivers will not deliver packages to the front door unless the package is not visible from the street, and if it is, you should arrange for a different drop-off location. To request a delivery to a more stealth location, use the FedEx Delivery Manager tool.

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