Fedex Delivery Instructions (What Is It & How Does It Work)

Sometimes, you want to make sure you can get some rest while your packages are left on your porch, but you don’t want to have your porch become a haven for thieves.

There are many instances where leaving delivery instructions for your FedEx driver means the difference between a positive delivery experience or a negative one. In this article, I’ll go over what delivery instructions are and how to leave them.

FedEx Delivery Instructions In 2022

New tools in FedEx’s Delivery Manager tool allow FedEx customers to update their delivery preferences and instructions. Customers can choose a drop-off location and request a specific time for delivery. They can also ask the driver for a different house number or a different room. These services are usually free.

In this section, I’m going to give you a lot more information about FedEx’s delivery notifications. Make sure to read the entire section!

What Are FedEx Delivery Instructions?

Once a FedEx delivery team has arrived on site to deliver your items, the delivery instructions will appear in the FedEx App.

Customers can request these two options for the delivery driver when they receive the delivery notification from Amazon. Then, the driver can only ring the doorbell or knock if the customer does not respond to the notification.

The instructions you see below can be applied to a single delivery or saved and applied to new deliveries in the future.

FedEx is rolling out a new web tool to allow shoppers to send more than one package.

> The website allows customers to enter a shipping address, choose multiple packages and add delivery instructions, all by logging into their account.

> In the future, FedEx says the tool will also be used to track shipments and monitor delivery speeds. The FedEx web tool doesn’t yet appear to be available to everyone.

How Can I Add Delivery Instructions To My FedEx Package?

First, you need to sign up for Delivery Manager online. You will use your FedEx account email address, and click “I am already a FedEx customer” if you aren’t. You will need to enter your account password. Then use FedEx Delivery Manager online to set your delivery instructions. For example, tell the delivery person who will be receiving the package where to leave it.

Once on the page, click on the orange “Sign Up For Free” button. When you do so, you’ll be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address.

You will need to enter the following information. Please be patient as this may take a few seconds to load.

First, you’ll give FedEx a user ID and a password, and set up a security question. Then, you will receive a verification code to finish setting up your account.

In fact, go to the delivery you wish to leave instructions for. If you’re unsure of which address is yours, you can find it by checking the tracking link on the homepage of your order.

This section is useful for getting a package delivered to a store or a location and it includes a dropoff option.

Do I Need The FedEx Mobile App To Use The FedEx Delivery Manager?

I’m glad I don’t have to use the FedEx mobile app to manage my deliveries. I can just use the FedEx Delivery Manager.

Delivery Management is an online service that you can use through your browser on any of your devices.

Do FedEx Drivers Read Delivery Instructions?

According to the article, France wants them to make a big push in the Middle East to stop them from getting weapons there and attacking Israel.

We can see that in Amazon’s warehouse this becomes a big problem. For example, a delivery person might follow instructions by pulling forward but not by pushing the delivery door.

You can take advantage of Amazon’s two-hour window of peak capacity to deliver your package during this window or have the package delivered on a different day. However, they will not deliver your package to the lobby of your building unless you ask them to.

Because they don’t understand French, they could not understand the instructions.

Also, a driver mentioned they follow instructions as long as they are reasonable and don’t pose a safety issue.

Although only some drivers are able to read the warning labels, some customers will not even see the warning labels.

If a driver has to look on all the packages and see where they are being delivered, it may take too long to deliver the packages.

How Much Do FedEx Delivery Instructions Cost?

Delivery Manager is free, but FedEx has a cost for the service.

Free package tracking – It’s the most important and the most useful service for all the reasons you already thought about. The package tracking feature of the Delivery Manager allows you to monitor the shipment status of your package even when you are not online. It also allows you to re-schedule or cancel pending packages so that you won’t be charged for any late deliveries.

If your package is going through customs, you can specify which carrier or which door it will be delivered through for a small fee.

Another option allows you to choose a delivery time between 11 AM and 5 PM, which is $8.35 per package.

Also, another option allows you to choose a delivery time within a two-hour window up to seven calendar days after the original delivery date, which typically costs about 11.5 dollars per package.

This feature allows FedEx package recipients to reroute their packages to a neighbor, family member, or friend for a fee.

For distances up to 200 miles, the cost is 2.5 cents per mile;
For distances up to 400 miles, the cost is $1.75 per mile;
For distances up to 1,000 miles, the cost is $2.50 per mile.

If at any time you choose to change your travel plans, your package must be modified to reflect your new route. You will be charged the appropriate service fee for any modified services.

To learn more about FedEx tracking, you can also see our posts on whether or not FedEx scans packages, if FedEx delivers to PO boxes, and if FedEx updates tracking.


The Delivery Manager tool allows companies to take deliveries of their own products directly to their customers’ homes.

They can request a delivery with their phone as a way of getting the products to their doorstep.

You can find instructions for updating your driver here.

Knowing where and when your packages will be delivered is going to make sure that you don’t have to deal with delivery issues.

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