Fedex Informed Delivery (Do They Have A Service Like Usps?)

If you live in a location where USPS delivers mail to your door, you may have gotten used to using the Informed Delivery feature to track packages, preview deliveries, and provide instructions to your mail carrier.

Are the same delivery options available when you order something on Amazon? This article will tell you how you can order your items to be shipped via FedEx (Delivery Manager)!

FedEx Informed Delivery In 2022

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Does FedEx Have Something Like Informed Delivery?

It’s a service which allows businesses to send marketing or promotional material to their customers, and as a result of that, customers can receive that material at their preferred time. What that means is that customers receive that material through the mail before they open it, so that they don’t have to check their mailboxes. That way, they can focus on other things, such as other work or relaxing.

 This service enables customers to digitally preview incoming mail and manage packages scheduled to arrive soon via email, the online dashboard, or the mobile app.

Also, this service is used to add tracking data to incoming packages and provide delivery instructions to USPS employees.

In addition, FedEx has a similar service called Delivery Manager, allowing customers to track packages, customize delivery preferences, and manage deliveries.

What Is FedEx Delivery Manager?

FedEx’s Delivery Manager provides customers with tools for tracking their shipments, and allows them to modify their delivery instructions.

First, it’s beneficial to customers because it provides fast access to information through multiple platforms. It’s also beneficial because it allows customers to find more information through multiple search engines. Finally, it’s beneficial because it allows customers to better discover relevant information. It provides more options.

It also gives clear package visibility with tracking, notifications to customers via email and text, letting them know when shipments are sent and expected to arrive.

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Next time you get a package, you will be able to view the delivery instructions and make changes for when you’re expecting to receive your package.

Also, the Delivery Manager application is available for Android and iOS devices.

How Does FedEx Delivery Manager Work?

To start using the FedEx Delivery Manager tool, you must go to the website and create an account.

If you don’t want to receive promotional emails from us, you can simply unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the email.

Once you click the “Continue” button, the system will prompt you to sign in.

After you enter the first three steps, you’ll be taken to the verification page.

Enter the verification code, and your account will be activated.

You’ll receive a FedEx text message with a link to activate your account.

When you make the payments that you’re pre-approved for, you’ll see your package deliveries.

You will be redirected to the Amazon website to track your package. Please be sure to log in to your account.

You can create a label and a destination pick-up location, request a delivery date and a delivery time window, and more.

How Do I Get Notified For FedEx Delivery?

FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to see the status of your order, track its progress, and receive notifications when your order is delivered.

For example, FedEx offers shipping options that you can take advantage of, and they even offer an E-commerce service that helps you set up your own online store.

In some regions a capital letter is used for proper nouns as well, e.g. in the United States, a ‘J’ is used for ‘John’ to avoid ambiguity.

You can receive text message notifications about upcoming shipments and the status of shipments when you register for FedEx Delivery Manager.

If you want to receive updates through every step of the process, text “FOLLOW” and your tracking number to the number 48773.

If you complete your registration, when you receive the welcome message, text “YES”.

You can send push notifications from your app to your mobile devices via the mobile app.

If you’ve registered for the FedEx Delivery Manager app and you have enabled it, you can elect to receive push notifications about your package delivery.

All the notifications are visible in your phone’s app list.

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The Delivery Manager website and Delivery Manager app, or a combination of the two, are the only way you can receive status updates about your deliveries. You cannot receive email notifications from [name of your warehouse](

Once you’ve opted for notifications, you’ll receive the following text or email:

The number you have chosen in the above form will not be in use until the start of your next cycle.

How Much Does FedEx Delivery Manager Cost?

* Delivery Confirmation.
* One-Day Shipping.
* Pickup Confirmation.
* Order Tracking.

Delivery options include “Same Day”, “Next Day” and “2 Day”, with prices starting at $10.65 for the next-day delivery. The 3-day delivery is available for $16.92. The 2-day delivery is $15.32.

When customers choose the next day option, they are automatically charged $11.50. This fee is added to their original shipping cost.

Besides the paid services, FedEx has a service that allows customers to choose to change the delivery address and to have the package delivered to a neighbor, family member, or friend.

If you’re taking international packages, the price is going up as well. A $60 package delivered within the United States is now going to cost $14.99.

For the first 120 miles, shipping companies are required to charge less than the usual rates.

To know more, you can also see our posts on UPS Delivery instructions, is UPS package insured, and does UPS leave packages.


FedEx’s delivery manager can be used to track the progress of your shipment, the service options at each delivery point and the cost of that delivery.

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