Can You Reroute A Fedex Package? (all You Need To Know)

If you realize that you forgot to include something with your package, you could potentially waste a bit of time having a package returned to you. But, you also have the ability to use to change the delivery address for your package before it leaves your possession.

You can easily change your delivery address and reroute FedEx packages in case you’re out of town but don’t have any other option. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about rerouting packages, including how to do it and how much it costs.

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package In 2022?

FedEx’s new service is called FedEx SmartPost. This service allows FedEx customers to change the delivery address or reroute a package and it costs $5.55. These changes occur anywhere in the country. Delivery or pickup happens in a FedEx location. Any package less than 120 miles away from the original address costs $5.55.

There are a lot of things to know about shipping your packages. Make sure to read this entire article!

There are a lot of ways and tools to make your life easier.

Can I Change the Delivery Address of My FedEx Package?

If you are the shipper, you’ll find it easier to change the delivery address on FedEx packages through the FedEx website.

You can choose the location where a package is delivered instead of where it’s picked up.

Re-routing is always done by shippers; they can change the shipping address the same way they change the delivery address.

Are There Any Restrictions on Rerouting FedEx Packages?

A lot of rules and regulations will apply to shipping packages and products from the United States to France.

– the shipment is being routed through a US port
– the shipment is less than $250 USD,
– your package is not a “large package”.

Aside from being basic, you should also be aware that it may be impossible to change if the original air waybill is attached to the shipment.

It is not possible to change the delivery address for dangerous goods shipments, due to safety and security reasons.

If a shipping company will not accept a shipment at a pickup address in the same service area, the shipping company has the option of the carrier’s pickup point (or “door-to-door service”) in another service area.

Please try to only do one reroute per package. Also, please remember to check the Reroute table before placing orders. You can find this table by going to your Service Control Center. It will show a list of your rerouted packages. The details of these packages will also be written to your ticket.

Where Can You Reroute a FedEx Package?

They can be placed in any office, warehouse, apartment, or living space.

You can change the street address for a package by rerouting that package to an entirely different Postal Service facility.

you can have a package routed from a residential address to a FedEx location for pickup.

The location will always be the FedEx location with the most suitable service option for the shipment.

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package to a Different State?

No way to change your location. If you need your package picked up in another state, you have to authorize it.

In your scenario, you are going to have to pay significantly more if the package is more than 120 miles from the original shipping location.

We discuss the idea of rerouting in a later section, so be sure to check that out if you have questions about pricing.

How Do I Reroute a FedEx Package?

Go to the [original location][1] of the package.
Make a note of the FedEx tracking number.

An address change request can be made on the phone.

To do this, call 800-766-5587 and identify yourself. Provide the FedEx representative with your tracking number.

To continue with the transaction, simply add your shipping address (and payment address, if applicable).

Does FedEx Charge to Reroute Packages?

First Overnight, the overnight shipping service, doesn’t charge you to ship through their service. For other services, they charge you for the services they use to send your package.

For delivery to a location within 120 miles of the original delivery address, the fee is $5.55 per package.

If you need to route to a location more than 120 miles from the original delivery address, FedEx charges $33.50 per package and delivers 1 day after the scheduled delivery date.

FedEx charges $22.50 to deliver 3 days after the originally scheduled delivery date.

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Now, log in to your FedEx account and enter the new delivery address. To avoid any confusion, please add a note at the end of the address and mention that you’re shipping an order.

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