How Many Times Will Fedex Attempt Delivery? (full Guide)

If you want to receive a package as soon as it arrives, we suggest that you look up the latest delivery statistics and set up your package to appear as “delayed.” Most people receive around 70% of their packages in three days after they’ve been shipped.

When a package goes missing, the FedEx team is likely to follow up with the carrier as they have tracking info on your package.

How Many Times Will FedEx Attempt Delivery In 2022?

It is often difficult for delivery carriers to estimate whether a package has arrived at its destination. However, a tracking number is issued when a package is delivered to the customer or the local FedEx office.

The driver can also access the package status via the FedEx website, using a user ID and Password.

If you’re interested to learn more about FedEx, then it’s good to keep on reading this article so that you get to enjoy more benefits.

What Is A FedEx Attempted Delivery?

It is important to understand the difference between attempted and successful deliveries because it determines if the customer gets a refund.

If your package is not required to be signed for delivery, FedEx will leave the package in a secure location and the package may be delivered even when your home address is not known.

_____. It’s a good idea to make sure to include it with your package and attach it to your package when submitting it to the archive.

It’s a good idea to make sure to include it with your package and attach it to your package when submitting it to the archive.

When this happens, the driver will keep the box and leave a door tag informing the recipient that a delivery attempt was made.

However, according to the latest instructions,

In case of delivery failure, the driver shall leave a note informing the recipient of the delivery attempt and shall return the package to the sender.

An additional problem which we have when we deliver to a secure storage location is that the package can be stolen, or even open, while it is in storage.

When attempting a delivery, FedEx will reattempt the delivery the next day, or will deliver it to a location.

Will FedEx Attempt To Deliver Again?

If FedEx fails to make a delivery, the driver will usually try to make it the next day.

[NextStep]: If FedEx fails to make a delivery, the customer will typically have to contact FedEx about the problem with the package. If a delivery attempt fails, the customer will typically have to contact FedEx about the problem with the package.

Commercial customers and residential customers can generally expect deliveries between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily for commercial customers and from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday for residential customers.

So if you leave your package in a public location it’s going to be more likely that it will go to the landfill.

It’s not really a bad problem to have, but if you’re worried about waiting on your package, you can get it to the USPS for pickup.

It is quite common for residential deliveries to be delivered to nearby FedEx locations or to retailers like Walgreens or Dollar General.

If that’s the case, your package could be available for pickup as early as the evening of the attempted delivery.

The most common symptom of a potential delivery issue is the inability to load a delivery, with the “Delivering” indicator still showing as Red and the “Delivered” indicator still not appearing.

Usually, if you’re not happy with the location or time of a pickup, you can ask for a refund.

if you see the word “Reserved”, you need to fetch your parcel, if it says “Unclaimed”, then you have time to wait.

As well, your package will have a tag to indicate if it is being held for pickup at that time. If so, the tag will have the address and hours for pickup listed on it.

To be able to recover the goods, the recipient will need to inform the service provider of the location via the provided link.

Finally, if you’re worried about missing the next delivery attempt and your package requires a signature, you can get the back of a stamp and mark the tag with an ink or pencil.

This authorizes FedEx to deliver even if the customer is not there.

How Many Times Does FedEx Attempt Delivery?

The package will be delivered to the delivery service for you. The courier will try to deliver it up to three times. That said, three times is the absolute maximum number of attempts.

When you create an order, you usually don’t have to enter more than once for each package.

What Happens After 3 Delivery Attempts FedEx?

You can configure how often FedEx makes deliveries with the
Delivery Policy option under the Deliveries drop-down menu on the
Manage Tracking page.

There’s not many reason to panic if you miss a few attempts in online games.

This package will be shipped to a local FedEx location or a drug store. After you sign for your package and collect it, use your key to enter your apartment so you won’t have to come home to pick up your package.

The company is also increasing the length of time it will hold packages for up to ten days and for up to five days.

If you’re lucky, you might receive a call from FedEx reminding you to pick up your package on Saturday.

Will FedEx Attempt Delivery Twice In One Day?

FedEx may only attempt delivery once per day and is unable to provide you with deliveries on weekends, legal holidays, and/or at other times that may be more convenient for you.

If you miss a delivery at your location, FedEx will either try to deliver it the next day or will redirect your package to another location.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Want FedEx To Reattempt Delivery?

If you don’t expect to be home when a FedEx delivery attempts to deliver your package, you can use the FedEx Delivery Manager tool to control what happens in that case.

With this tool, you will be able to redirect your package to a pickup location near you, giving you the flexibility to collect your parcel when and where it’s convenient.

To learn more about FedEx delivery, please see our posts on how to receive FedEx packages on Saturday, and how to know what time FedEx will deliver your packages.


If your package requires a signature, FedEx will make another attempt. If this fails, FedEx will make a third attempt. After the third attempt, FedEx will not attempt to deliver your package any further.

This is mostly due to customer demand, as the service is more popular than many other FedEx locations.

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