What Does Hold At Location Mean Fedex? (Full Guide)

When you can’t accept packages in person, FedEx provides convenient options for delivering your packages.

– We can leave packages at a FedEx location, or deliver a package to your workplace.

If you have packages that need to be delivered to a location that only FedEx can reach, use FedEx Service Hold at Location to send them to a secure location and schedule a pickup at your convenience.

What Does Hold At Location Mean FedEx In 2022?

FedEx Express can arrange for packages to get held at one of the company’s own stations, warehouses or other facilities rather than delivered. The service is made available to FedEx customers before their packages are shipped or in transit after they’ve already been delivered.

If you are still confused about what a hold in location means, then make sure to check out this guide. You will learn why a hold should be your number one priority when you are preparing to go to war.

What Is FedEx Hold At Location?

If you don’t want to deal with shipping yourself, we offer a convenient hold at location option.

With this service, one of my customers’ packages is being kept at a FedEx Office location until the customer comes to retrieve the package. This is an alternative to the traditional FedEx service.

Once the package has been shipped, a customer can redirect a package to a location after the package is received at their facility or residence.

This is the situation where UPS can not deliver a package from its main delivery location to the address in which the package was originally delivered.

If the package could not be delivered as a scheduled FedEx shipment, then it could be held until the appropriate delivery time.

When I say safe, I mean someone who isn’t a friend or family member who can sign for you. I’m just speculating here but if the person that delivered the package was a friend of the thief or maybe a delivery guy then that explanation might be more likely.

The driver will either deliver to a different FedEx location or will return to the customer and deliver their package again.

Hold For Pickup Vs. Redirecting A Package With FedEx?

Place package in the FedEx box
Place a FedEx shipping label on the Fedex box
Redirect the FedEx package to a specific location.

If you have your package ready for shipment right after your request to FedEx to hold for pickup, your package will be held just long enough for it to leave. If you make your request a few minutes before your package leaves, your package will be held until it arrives.

There is much more than one way to use the API, but you’ll need to learn about how to access the API, and what each request type actually means.

 This is why FedEx will make a delivery to your actual location, but will not attempt to deliver the package to your home until you’ve checked it out at a local FedEx location.

On the other hand, a request to redirect a package to be held at a location for pickup is made after the package has been shipped.
That is, the request is made during the handling of a package at its destination, after the package has been shipped to its delivery destination.

This means that if you have FedEx SmartPost, you shouldn’t use it to send a package to a FedEx location. You should use a FedEx SmartPost account to send a package to your normal FedEx delivery address. Just be sure not to request delivery to a FedEx location in the title, or you’ll end up with a package shipped to an unplanned location.

How Does FedEx Hold At Location Work?

If you have a parcel that’s been left on your doorstep you can collect it from your local post office.

If you have a shipping service account with FedEx, this allows you to set a notification to be sent via text, phone call or email to your home or mobile phone address. These alerts are also delivered to your account via email.

The package will arrive and you will be informed where to pick it up. Make sure to bring a government-issued Photo ID.

When it comes to tracking, you can also upload your own artwork, but that doesn’t really come into play for this particular item.

Although there are other ways of proving your identity, the postal service will require your driver’s license or passport for this.

That said, you can get a real estate deed, a rental agreement or a contract, but you can also get a utility bill or a credit card statement.

If you’re having your package held by a delivery company, you’ll need to put your tracking number in the comment section.

Which Services Are Eligible For Hold At Location FedEx?

Almost all of FedEx’s shipping services are eligible to be held at location, including, but not limited to, FedEx Ground, FedEx SmartPost, FedEx 2Day, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Overnight, FedEx Freight, FedEx Supply Chain Connect, FedEx International, FedEx International Parcel, FedEx International Priority, FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Priority 2Day, FedEx International Economy 2Day, FedEx Global Forwarding, and FedEx Global Priority.

1) for domestic shipments, we will hold your shipment at our local warehouse for 20 days (if needed) and you can arrange to pick up at that time.

Lastly, FedEx Ground shipping can be selected for domestic services. This includes Home Delivery and Ground Economy.

Which FedEx Services Are Ineligible For Hold At Location Services?

When you fill out the hold at location service on a FedEx shipping label, it tells FedEx to hold your package at the location listed on the label, even if it’s not available for the scheduled delivery.

For example, FedEx SameDay and FedEx First Overnight are not eligible for the “Get it Same Day” service because they are quick delivery timeframes.

The company will not accept shipments containing hazardous materials, such as flammable items, which are only accepted at a FedEx hub location.

Where Do I Pick Up My FedEx Hold At Location Package?

If you want to pick up your package at the FedEx Office or a third-party retailer near you, you can give that information to your FedEx delivery agent.

If an attempt was made, and you didn’t receive it, and the package is now being held at a local post office, you’ll need to check the hold location on the hold slip.

If you purchased the package in an online store, the store information can be found on the delivery receipt.

How Long Does FedEx Hold Packages At Location?

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The pages of the FedEx website stating that packages are held for five business days before being returned to the sender may be out of date, and should be updated as the information is no longer accurate.

If you have trouble tracking a package, please click here to view the tracking info directly on the [Original]: eBay website.

You can know all about how long does FedEx hold packages and when does FedEx go out for delivery by reading our post on how long does FedEx hold packages.


Although FedEx doesn’t offer a package holding service, it does offer an easy package delivery service.

There are other ways of solving this problem, however delivery drivers can only deliver to the customers who are home and willing to accept the packages.

It’s possible to sign up for this service in advance or wait for it to happen.

In either case, the customer needs to present photo ID and tracking number which can be found on the label attached to the package.

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