Does Fedex Ever Deliver Early? (will Drivers Deliver Before The Scheduled Time)

Some of you may have noticed that sometimes you pick up your FedEx package earlier than you expect. This happens because FedEx ships packages in small increments, so as not to overwhelm your local postal service.

It turns out that the answer is a resounding yes. FedEx is the one and only carrier that we’ve heard from that can promise early delivery. But there is a catch.

Does FedEx Ever Deliver Early In 2022?

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Can a FedEx Package Come Early?

I think that when your package arrives, it will never be delivered before the time that is indicated on it.

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Why Do Some FedEx Packages Arrive Early?

There are several reasons that FedEx can’t get packages to you on time.

Another is that containers are far more efficient to move than cargo, because cargo can be moved as bulk, while containers are moved as individualized packages.

This package may get shipped faster than expected based on shipping volumes.

Purchasing things, and returning them in a timely manner, is easier as well.
This is in part because when it’s time to check out, the person at the counter will remember they ordered this, and will return it to the check out person.
But it also comes in part because the people who need to receive the packages can schedule their time so they are free when the packages arrive.

Sometimes customers get their packages early because their address is different than the delivery address on file.

If you live in the same local service area, the package may go directly to you without going through a hub.

Does FedEx 2Day Come Early?

2Day (or 4Day) packages will give you extra days for shipping. However, shipping times are usually very close to the expected arrival date. In most cases, you’ll almost never receive a 2Day package early.

because this is the only way we can get our services to people. It will be hard to ship them early, but if we don’t, then people will get stuck.

That being said, if you sent something to me with TwoDay service that’s shipping to me on Tuesday, there’s a good chance that you’ll get it on Monday.

Other, non-express services, like FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, and FedEx Ground Economy are much more likely to be delivered early for the reasons given above.

Why Does FedEx Refuse to Deliver Early?

As a matter of fact, the FedEx drivers don’t always deliver packages as quickly as customers want.

FedEx customers have reported that they are receiving their packages before the pre-schedule date.

To avoid the embarrassment of not being there on time, some drivers will make it their business to know your schedule so they can deliver at the right time.

But I can’t blame it on the holidays, the holidays are over.

In general, this would only cause problems when your app uses a different tracking ID for advertising.

FedEx usually informs customers when their package enters a destination city. This information will be updated several times during the day, but most of the time, there will be no update for up to a day.

Understanding what happens when a package is held is not difficult. Sometimes, FedEx is unable to deliver your package on time due to some sort of delay or error in your package shipment.

I believe that it will be difficult to receive your package.

For that reason, the shipping department may struggle to accommodate the shipping volume by holding packages until their intended delivery dates.

Also, drivers won’t drop off packages because they already have too many other packages to worry about.

The first people to get their hands on early deliveries will be the people who order more stuff than they have room for.

It’s very easy for a new driver to believe that they’re the only one delivering and therefore they should make more money.

What Does FedEx’s “Shipment Arriving Early” Mean?

As a matter of fact, it can be really exciting if you are the type of person who is really passionate about the brand and/or the products you order.

There is not much we can say for sure since this is a company decision, but we do know that we don’t expect that to change.

The process of delivering your order from the postal service to your address may take up to a few days, depending on the location of your package. In the event that you see an update during this time, just wait until your package arrives. If you would like to see an update on the progress of your order, we suggest contacting us.

Thank you for choosing Shopify. We appreciate your business.

Some packages could be early but you can get them delivered in another way.

To learn more, you can also read our blog post on how to get cheap international shipping.


If you are too impatient, consider getting your package delivered faster via Priority Delivery. However, keep in mind that this option is only available for the items in one box.

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