Does Fedex Deliver On Sunday? (residential, Business, States + More)

This means that on some Sundays people are more likely to take delivery of their packages.
To find out which days of the week are the most likely of these, the researchers used Amazon’s huge volume of data on both orders and deliveries to see which Sunday it is during the year when people are most likely to use its services.
This is what the data shows.

 As part of its effort to remain competitive, FedEx now offers a range of delivery services, including some that are available on Sundays. If you’re curious, then be sure to check out our guide!

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday In 2022?

Read our guide to determine everything there is to know about FedEx’s Sunday delivery options, such as how much it costs and more!

Which FedEx Services Deliver on Sundays?

Sunday delivery is only available for the FedEx Select Service, FedEx Ground and FedEx 2Day. All shipping carriers offer no day-of-the-week service for any of their shipping services.

They are only available during the week.

Some of the best things in life are free.

Does FedEx Deliver to Residential Addresses on Sundays?

The most popular shipment method used by FedEx on Sunday is Ground Home Delivery. Therefore, the shipping company primarily helps residential customers ship products on Sundays.

What Time Does FedEx Deliver on Sundays?

Delivery of your package will occur between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM. If you need your package earlier than that, we’ll need to contact our FedEx driver for an earlier delivery.

You might receive a delivery outside of this time frame if it is due to traffic, weather or the busy holiday season.

If your item doesn’t arrive on Sunday by 8:00 PM, don’t panic! Follow up with FedEx to learn what happened.

Maybe it’s possible that the delivery on Saturday may have been pushed back a day due to unforeseen circumstances.

Does FedEx Sunday Delivery Cost Extra?

FedEx delivered a package to me but it wasn’t delivered on time.

For example, you can also purchase Amazon gift wrapping for free as well as other freebies available.

Are There Any Places FedEx Doesn’t Deliver to on Sundays?

FedEx says it will deliver to 95% of U.S. addresses on Sunday.

The weather system that is bringing snow to North and South Dakota is also bringing a significant amount of snow to the Midwest. The only area of the nation that is not expected to see a significant snowfall is the southeast.

You can use the FedEx’s weekend delivery service map to determine whether or not your destination address is covered by delivery on the weekend.

The shipping cost starts from 50$ and you will be able to view it in the order history tab.

After entering your information, you can either view a map or view an overnight

Send a package via FedEx and see if the delivery location was accurate.

Because FedEx has almost constantly updating and expanding its weekend delivery options, that’s why it’s almost constantly updating and expanding its weekend delivery options.

In other words, we can’t promise to get your package to you by the end of the day on Sunday.

In this case, the service area of the destination is a postal code, and the availability of Sunday delivery is determined by the service area of that postal code.

If you don’t receive your package and believe it might have been stolen, please contact your carrier and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-USPS-STOLEN (1-877-872-7467).

FedEx will not honor any Sunday delivery commitments to customers in Hawaii.

What Happens If Sunday Delivery Isn’t Available?

If your package is not delivered by the original time it was scheduled, its contents will either arrive early, or on Monday.

If someone lives outside of the FedEx coverage area they may receive an email from FedEx stating that they will be unable to receive their delivery on that date. If they are expecting a delivery on that date and they do not receive it they must contact FedEx to reschedule their delivery.

If the package is outside of the area, you may get a delivery day. The delivery day is given when purchasing the shipping.

If they need to wait at home, make sure they know about this post and give them the time and date for it to arrive.

To know whether or not you’re eligible for FedEx delivery of Saturday deliveries, you can read our post about whether or not FedEx delivers on Saturdays.


FedEx is one of the only companies out there that delivers packages on Sundays. This service is very attractive to clients who need to ensure their packages arrive when their recipients are available to collect them.

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