Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? (times, Locations + More)

The company’s Prime offer includes streaming movies and TV shows, a fast and free shipping option, and a few other extras like free two-day shipping on thousands of products.

The online retail giant does offer Sunday delivery in select areas within the United States. But, some cities are exempt including Austin, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday In 2022?

You can get an Amazon Prime membership for $99 a year. You’ll save time and money with two-day shipping every order you place, plus the ability to stream videos from Prime Video, listen to music and stream shows and movies to your laptop or other device.

Want to know more about Amazon Prime delivery times and locations for the coming week? Keep reading to discover the times and locations for Amazon Prime delivery for the coming Sunday. Also keep in mind, Amazon Prime delivery locations change from week to week.

What Time Does Amazon Prime Deliveries Come On Sunday?

And that was the good news — it’s not just Amazon Prime. If you take advantage of the program, you can get your daily deliveries on Monday, even if you live in a rural area.

A service for Amazon sellers, which was announced in September 2017, offers customers the option of having a delivery within a one-hour window around their purchase. The service costs $7.99 for any purchase and $4.99 per extra item.

If you want to make sure you’ll be able to see the delivery person when they arrive, you can track your Amazon Package using your order details.

Where Is Sunday Delivery Available For Amazon Prime?

You can order any size of stuff you like on Amazon and have it delivered. Just get it to your delivery address on a day you choose, and it’s delivered right to your front door.

The Prime Air drone delivery program is currently offered in select markets, including Seattle and San Francisco, and there are plans to expand to other cities over the next few years.

Amazon has partnered with UPS and USPS to begin to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays.

Amazon sends the package to UPS or USPS, and then UPS or USPS will handle the local delivery from their facility to your front door.

The only company that UPS and USPS deliver for on Sunday is Amazon. This was just a fact, for a moment.

If you want to confirm if “same-day delivery” is an option, you can look for it on the website at

Amazon has made available a list of items that can be delivered on Sunday, and that list includes electronics like televisions, DVD players, and Blu-ray players.

Books include romance, kids’ and adult fiction, nonfiction, religious books, business and career books, mysteries, and cooking.

How Do You Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery?

If you go to the Amazon app or Prime app and try to look up a sale for something that’s out of stock, the box will change color from orange to red, and display a message on the screen saying that the item won’t deliver on Sunday.

You can select your preferred delivery date, whether it be one, two, or three days.

You can also choose between getting it delivered on the same day or on a future day. You can also choose to only have it delivered on certain days.

If you don’t see Sunday deliveries or other options available, it means this service is not offered in your area. If you decide to set a future date and time for delivery by, for example, choosing 3:30, you will have the option to order a Saturday or Sunday delivery.

Prime can deliver items to your locker or mailbox for $4.99.

Amazon Locker is a convenient place where you can pick up your packages, and you can pay a fee if you want them to get to you sooner.

It may possibly be delayed, but it’s a chance to check the delivery status. If the order shipped and there is a delay, you can follow the tracking information from UPS.

Is Sunday Delivery Free On Amazon Prime?

Those without an Amazon Prime membership can also get free Sunday deliveries.

If you’re a Prime member, you can get free two-day delivery on your orders placed Thursday or Friday.

You may opt to either have it delivered the next day, or you can pay more for guaranteed Saturday delivery.

When ordering with our non-Prime account, you can only order items that are available for Prime members.

When ordering with [the] Prime account, you can order items that are NOT available for Prime members.

The best way to guarantee an item arrives by Sunday is to order with enough time to get it there, and be prepared to pay a late fee.

You’ll also see the pricing and delivery options for each item on the product page, so you can make the right call that works for your schedule.

Amazon Prime has gotten a lot of criticism for its lack of reliable Sunday delivery services. A study from a few years ago showed that Amazon Prime’s network of Sunday delivery services was only about 66%. However, this is expected to grow to about 90% as more UPS and USPS networks are added.

For Amazon, you can find out more about Amazon’s delivery times and refunds if the products are delivered to your country and if Amazon delivers to your city.


Most of the things at Amazon have multiple options, although you can get free delivery with Amazon prime membership.

Amazon Prime members can get their packages delivered on Sunday. They just need to get the items on Friday, Saturday or Monday.

If you use Amazon Prime, you will be able to buy things at the weekend with free delivery to your home and it can be delivered in two days.

You can choose your delivery method here.
For example, if Saturday/Sunday delivery is available in your location, it will show up on the product page and throughout checkout.

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