Amazon Review Program (all You Need To Know)

Some Amazon sellers pay people to review the products they sell on the site, not just the items they sell. Once someone reviews your product, that helps increase it’s overall rating, which can be seen by buyers.

The short answer is yes, but only a small portion of the review process is compensated. The longer answer is quite a bit more complicated. The short answer is I get paid to write reviews.

Amazon Review Program In 2022

You may think that you’re getting away with it, writing a positive review about a product with high star rating, but Amazon is all about authenticity. They will spot-check you and delete all negative feedback if they find evidence of faking it. So, don’t lie about your experience with the product or write a fake comment.

If you want to learn more about why you should review products on Amazon, like what the Early Reviewer Program is and how to become a part of it, read on!

What Is Amazon’s Review Program?

 Amazon has a program called the Early Reviewer Program that encourages people who have already bought an item to give a review of said product.

So Amazon is asking users who want to give feedback, to either give their review a five-star rating or a one-star rating.

The Amazon encourages potential buyers to read as much as they can about the product when they are shopping online.

To participate in the Early Reviewer Program, the seller has to list the product in order to be eligible for a reviewer reward.

You have been notified that you have the right to review any product you purchased before. You are also welcome to write a review on any product you purchased in the past.

Why Does Amazon Have A Review Program?

A new program called Early Reviewer was created by Amazon, it helps sellers get reviews for their products.

The “problem” is that the reviews of the products are all written by one reviewer and are not representative of the consumer.

Why Did Amazon Ban Incentivized Reviews?

Amazon placed a ban on incentivized reviews
because it made it challenging to judge the authenticity of said reviews.
But that’s not true.

There are several things about these posts that we think are important. The quality and the number indicate that the users are experts in the field. You can get a feel for this by looking at the number of followers of the author. Furthermore, in some cases users provide free and informative content.

In many online markets where a product can be reviewed by its buyers, it is common for some sellers to hire third-party freelancers to give them positive feedback on their products.

These products include knockoff watches, fake designer bags, and a large amount of items with suspicious reviews, which were bought and are listed on the app.

Are Amazon Reviews Reliable?

The company banned incentivized reviews when they were caught cheating.

While asks for reviews only from customers who have already bought the product, will ask for reviews from anyone who wants to write a review.

* Write a review based on your own experience and knowledge, and not the experience of others.
* Reviewed items are not a consumer’s expectation, but are a reflection of our customer’s experience with that product.

There are no refunds for this item.

If you’re curious as to what makes review eligible or not, Amazon states that any customer who doesn’t have a history of abusive or dishonest reviews is qualified to write one!

How Are Reviews Chosen For Amazon’s Review Program?

If you’re an existing Amazon customer, we need you to review products you’ve purchased from Amazon. You must have ordered at least 50 items, your order must now be fulfilled by, and your account must be in good standing.

We chose reviewers whose reviews have a lot of feedback.

We’re looking for people who really helped you.

What you say is so important to us.

A) must love music, B) must be at least 13 years old, C) must have a computer, and D) have at least 10 reviews in the past.

You can’t know that it’s part of the program until after your purchase.
– [Commenter] Thanks, that’s actually helpful.

Amazon doesn’t disclose if a seller is a part of the Early Reviewer Program so customers don’t need to search the products to get the reward.

It’s also easy to make sure your review is honest by reading your mind. I have never had a need to lie to Amazon. I was going to lie to them anyway.

Do Amazon Reviewers Get Paid?

Yes, you can use Fulfillment by Amazon to get paid for your reviews on Amazon.

It also depends on how helpful and thorough the review is. While Amazon does not give rewards, it does still give some type of recognition to their top reviewers.

If someone chooses to submit a review, they will get rewarded between $1 and $3.

The fact that you wrote a review will not affect the amount of the reward or the chance of earning future rewards.

Amazon rewards its reviewers to write positive reviews about the product as they receive it.

What Other Benefits Do Amazon Reviewers Receive?

Sometimes reviewers receive free stuff as a bonus for providing honest reviews. However, there’s no guarantee that Amazon will do this.

Amazon customers love to reward each other and it is a great way to motivate someone to keep reviewing.

It will only cost a couple of dollars, but it can help you save a little extra money on your next Amazon purchase!

Do You Have To Be An Amazon Prime Member To Be A Reviewer?

It is not a requirement. You can create a free, Amazon account.

As a way to avoid negative feedback that can damage your business you’ll be required to meet Amazon’s strict Community Guidelines.

You can also find the best deals, watch streaming movies & TV channels via the Amazon Prime Video service free of cost.

How Do You Become An Amazon Reviewer?

There are no requirements to be a reviewer on Amazon. We are looking for people that love Amazon for the products.

With that, Amazon’s eligibility criteria is that if you have not spent $50 on Amazon in the past 12 months you will not be eligible to write customer reviews.

– Review whole products
– Review with a reasonable balance between positive and negative reviews
– Leave feedback for other customers who might have similar products
– Avoid giving direct feedback about an item, but rather leave your feedback by typing a short review of your experience with that item.
– Be fair, impartial, and independent.

When you write a review, you agree to treat users who report your review as described in our User Agreement.

If you take down an app that you have not reviewed you can be banned from ever writing a review again. If you leave the review, you can still be banned if we notice suspicious activity on your account.

What Should Amazon Sellers Know About The Early Reviewer Program?

You can have an advantage over other buyers on Amazon.

Your first product on Amazon will get a higher review than the majority of your competitors.

The items you wish to review for the magazine must be of your own creation and not have appeared in an issue in the past year.

You can find out more about Amazon in our special post on whether or not Amazon reviews affect sales, and the Amazon chargebacks.


Amazon randomly chooses someone who bought the last product on a similar product line or who has been fairly active on the account.

I am really thankful to be featured here. With the help of my reviewers, I have managed to increase my reviews count exponentially. I am also really thankful that my reviews count has increased exponentially.

Overall, it wants the review to be as genuine as possible and expects every review to follow its Community Guidelines.

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