How To Get Review Privileges Back On Amazon (Everything You Need To Know…)

Amazon makes it easy to leave reviews about the items you have purchased. Reviewing an item allows potential buyers to know what they are getting and sellers can see what other customers have to say about it. Amazon uses ratings to help them personalize search results so that the best products appear most often.

Amazon may take away your review privileges if you misuse them. This can happen even if you do not violate Amazon’s terms and conditions. How do you get review privileges back from Amazon?

How to Get Amazon Review Privileges Returned

You will need to appeal to Amazon to have your review privileges restored. An Amazon associate will review the account and determine whether to remove the ban. This appeal can be initiated by calling Amazon or via email or chat.

Amazon is committed to ensuring that product reviews are legitimate. To get their products sold better, there are many sellers who manipulate product reviews.

They will pay for positive reviews and sometimes hack accounts of legitimate buyers to leave fake reviews.

Your account can be flagged and your reviews removed if you break Amazon’s terms of service.

This is to protect buyers against illegitimate reviewers, but sometimes legitimate accounts can be flagged by mistake and you will lose your ability to leave reviews.

For legitimate users, who are following the rules, this can cause stress since they have no recourse but to deal with Amazon’s customer support.

…. will help you learn more about Amazon, their review process, how people are banned, and how to reverse it.

I am blocked from reviewing on Amazon.

Before we can understand how to get your review privileges returned on Amazon, let’s first understand what kind of activity would violate Amazon’s review policy.

  • A seller posting a review on their own product (or that of a competitor)
  • A seller offering to reward, discount or other compensation for reviewing, even though these offers are made through third parties
  • Review by a Seller’s Family or Employees
  • A seller asks a buyer for a review to be removed or changed

Anything listed above can result in your reviewing privileges being revoked and, in extreme cases, account suspension. Amazon’s community guidelines provide a more detailed listing of expectations and rules.

There are many reports that customer accounts have been flagged online and their review privileges removed even though they have not broken any of these guidelines. It is usually necessary to appeal this decision through Amazon’s customer support.

Amazon: Will You Allow Me to Review Again?

Amazon’s automated review system results in legitimate accounts being blocked for illegal activity.

Even if no rules are broken, certain activities can be grounds for a ban.

These things can be unpredictable, but there are some reasons why this might happen.

  • Customer accounts leave a lot of reviews within a short time.
  • Certain keywords in customer reviews can make it look suspicious.
  • In order to post a fake review, a customer’s account was compromised.

It’s important that you read and understand the notice regarding your ban from reviewing or suspending your account altogether.

Once you have figured out why your account was blocked, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get your Amazon reviewing privileges back.

How to File Your Appeal

After you have received the notification about the action against your account take steps to make sure that it wasn’t your fault.

Get in touch with any sellers or buyers who may have reported your account activity and make arrangements to resolve their grievances, if necessary. Take screenshots of the activity and send them to your appeal.

You should not have any problems getting your review privileges reinstated if your account activity proves that you aren’t doing anything illegal. These little errors are usually due to Amazon’s automated reviewing process.

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How does Amazon identify fake reviews?

They don’t. Amazon’s automated review process was programmed to detect suspicious activity but it’s not a reliable way to determine if a review violated community guidelines.

However, professional reviews are often more valuable than customer reviews.

  • Technical product descriptions
  • Perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Reviewers who describe the product as if they don’t actually own it
  • A more literary style than a natural speaking tone.

A review that contains this type of writing can be flagged as a paid review. This is even though it was written from an actual customer.

Amazon Reviews Removed – Are They Ever Reinstated?

It doesn’t matter why this happens, it can be frustrating when your review privileges are revoked for something you did not do. There is an appeals procedure for reviews that have been removed, blocked or blocked. To get Amazon customer service to investigate the problem, you can reach them at:

  • Visit Amazon’s Customer Support page
  • Click on “something else” when you are asked to choose what you need assistance with.
  • Scroll down to “tell us more”.
  • Choose “Memberships subscriptions or communications” from drop-down.
  • Choose “Other memberships or subscriptions” from second drop-down.
  • To connect to a representative by phone, select “phone” or “chat” for an online chat.

Once you have been connected to a representative, tell them what is wrong and they will usually be happy to investigate it. Although there is no guarantee that your reviewing privileges can be restored, it is possible to have your account verified and free from suspicious activity.

If you are unsuccessful in appealing to the court to reinstate your review privileges, you will need to create a new account to allow reviews to be left again.

Feel free to ask any questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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You can appeal to Amazon to regain your review privileges. A team member will then check to determine if your account was flagged incorrectly.

Amazon will most likely return your review privileges if they mistakenly flagged your account.

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