Amazon Gift Cards In Exchange For Reviews (What You Need To Know)

Amazon reviews are very important. Reviews play an important role in product rankings. Good reviews will help Amazon rank your products higher in search results pages and make it more likely to recommend your products to customers. Amazon is the best way to get great reviews. However, some sellers choose to be a little more subtle.

Sellers may include Amazon gift cards with their products. These gift cards may look legitimate, but a closer inspection will show that they offer a discount through third-party services in return for a positive review. This may seem like a great way to save money on your purchase of goods. But is it legal?

Is it possible to exchange Amazon gift cards for reviews?

Incentivised reviews are explicitly prohibited by Amazon’s terms of service. Amazon may suspend or ban your account if it finds that you have been paying customer accounts to review. This applies to any third-party you may be affiliated with. Don’t try to get around it by offering discounts through third-party services.

Amazon customers could lose their review privileges if they accept a gift card for review.

You will notice that Amazon’s community guidelines don’t only prohibit gift cards. There are many prohibited offenses.

  • Selling prohibited items
  • Multiple seller accounts
  • Encourage family and friends to leave positive reviews for your page
  • To leave feedback on your items, create a customer account
  • Inaccurate listings
  • Negative reviews of competitors’ pages

The short answer is “no”. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for positive reviews. Sellers may try to circumvent this rule by shipping fake gift cards along with the products they sell.

The physical card is not an Amazon electronic communication, so it is more difficult to detect. Amazon can however suspend or ban your seller account if Amazon suspects you are doing something illegal.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon’s policies regarding reviews and gift cars.

Is it possible to gift a gift card for an Amazon review?

It might be a smart idea to offer discounts or other services to customers in return for good reviews if you are selling on

This is typically in the form of an “Amazon gift certificate” that looks official. It’s actually a link for a third-party service, where customers can receive a discount if their review is confirmed through Amazon.

While some sellers are able to do this, it is still a criminal offense, and it can lead to suspension or ban. Amazon is having trouble keeping up to the more sophisticated repeat offenders so it’s impossible for Amazon to guarantee that any review about an Amazon product was not paid or compensated.

Are Amazon Reviews a Problem?

Amazon’s terms-of-service and community guidelines state that reviewing is prohibited. But, can you be in trouble if you leave an incentivized or paid review? It can be tempting just to accept an Amazon gift card offering a discount or some other compensation if you order an item.

Amazon cares about sellers writing reviews. Is it possible for a customer to write a review and get in trouble?


While it is legal to take compensation as a customer for reviewing a product, it is against Amazon’s terms and service. This can land you in serious trouble with Amazon.

While in some cases nothing will happen, writing incentivized review can put your account at risk of being banned or suspended. Amazon may ban your account from reviewing products in the future and remove any reviews that you have written.

If you want to avoid any problems with your customer account, be truthful with product reviews and don’t get involved in pay-for review schemes.

Amazon can track your activities even if you offer it through a third-party site. It’s a good idea, however, to keep up-to-date.

Is it illegal to give a discount for a review?

We’ve now looked at Amazon’s community guidelines. It is illegal to pay positive reviews for compensation. While some sellers may still take the risk, is it legal?

This is a complex question, as Amazon has operations in many different countries with different laws regarding copyright and exchange protection.

Amazon’s headquarters is in the United States so it is generally assumed that U.S. exchange laws will apply to all Amazon services.


It is against the law to offer customers discounts, payments, or any other compensation in return for positive reviews. Although it is considered false advertising, if the compensation is not disclosed, you can technically compensate for reviews.

Compensated reviews are illegal if they don’t indicate that the reviewer was paid.

The best rule of thumb if you are concerned about violating any laws is to be truthful about your advertising. If you have to pay for positive reviews, let those who read it know.

This way, you won’t be charged with any unpleasant things such as false advertising.

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Amazon prohibits incentivised reviews. You can be banned from Amazon if you offer discounts or gift vouchers in return for reviews.

Amazon can also revoke review privileges for customers who accept gift cards in exchange for negative reviews. These customers can be investigated and their review privileges revoked.

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