Can You Send An Amazon Gift Anonymously? (Yes & No… Find Out More!)

Christmas is approaching and most people worldwide know that it means gift season. Amazon is the best place to shop for gifts on many occasions. But what if you wish to gift someone anonymously?

An anonymous gift is a fun, cheeky way to express your personality. Keep reading …. to find out how and if it’s possible.

Is it possible to send a gift anonymously through Amazon?

You cannot send anonymous gift through Amazon. This is because there are two addresses listed on the invoice for the transaction: the delivery address and the billing address. These two addresses are necessary to ensure that Amazon follows its security protocol to prevent any illegal or suspicious activity.

Is there any way around it? Technically, yes. However, there are a few things that you must do to make it work.

Continue reading to find out more ….

Amazon: How to Send Anonymous Gifts

This is how to send an anonymous gift via Amazon:

  • First, purchase a gift certificate with the amount you wish to spend on the gift.
  • Next, choose your email address to be the recipient of your gift card.
  • Soon after, you will receive an email with the code.
  • Search for the product you are looking for on Amazon. Add it to your shopping cart
  • You may have the option to check the item as gift. If this is the case, your gift will be wrapped and ready for shipping as a lovely surprise.
  • After you’ve purchased your item, go to checkout and enter the delivery address for the recipient.
  • Check the box “gift receipt” on the “choose gift options” page so that you can hide the item’s receipt.
  • You’ll remain anonymous when you add the gift certificate because it won’t appear on the gift. Then, pay with your card. That’s it!

It’s possible to use a fake account name, but that’s not recommended. This is illegal and against Amazon’s guidelines. You could be in serious trouble and lose all your Amazon account privileges.

Another option is to send the item directly to yourself and then go to the post office to mail it yourself. This is legal and safe and anonymous.

There are many other options that you can look into, including those that don’t involve Amazon purchases.

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What other options are there to anonymously gift?

There are many other ways to accomplish this, so let’s review some of the most popular and see if they’re worth it.

As we mentioned, this happens after you receive the gift from any retailer. Then you need to follow these steps:

  • After you receive the gift, wrap it and write a note explaining why. You can also let your recipient find the note by giving clues if they are feeling more imaginative.
  • You then place it in a shipping container or mail box to ensure that it doesn’t get lost. If it is fragile, wrap it in appropriate packaging.
  • This is the most important step. Write down the address and name of the recipient. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes.
  • Finally, mail your gift package through a public postal office or private company.

Another popular online retailer is eBay. It offers a wide range of used products and is reliable with its sellers.

  • First, buy the item you wish to gift. Next, add the name of the recipient to your eBay listing.
  • Use your shipping information when adding an item.
  • If the packaging slip is not included with the item, the recipient will not be able to access any of your information. This will include your eBay name. However, you can opt out by notifying the seller.

Once you have completed each step, keep track of your package to ensure it reaches its destination.

Things to Consider When Gifting Anonymously

You might be hesitant to buy a gift item if you want to remain anonymous.

  • It’s possible for the person who received the gift to return it. This is because it’s anonymous and can be interpreted as suspicious or wrong. Make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • A safe place to deliver your items can cause disruptions in your entire idea. Keep a plan b ready for every situation.
  • Unanonymous packages are suspicious. If you do decide to send anonymous packages, make sure it is appropriate and doesn’t raise eyebrows.

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Amazon does not allow anonymous gift sending, but you can do it if necessary.

It’s legal to send anonymous gifts, but it can be suspicious. Your surprise could backfire. Take your time planning and don’t use fake accounts or names.

Make sure you have all your options safe, and plan your surprises for the holidays.

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