Amazon Flex Drivers License Verification (How Long Does It Take?!)

Amazon Flex allows third-party users to become Amazon delivery drivers using a ridesharing app. It is similar to Uber and Lyft, and can provide a great opportunity to make extra money. It is easy to get started. You will need a valid SSN, driver’s license, and a vehicle that can be driven. Before you can start work, you must be at least 21 years old and have passed a background check.

Amazon will need to verify that you have a valid driver’s licence before you sign up for this opportunity. It is very simple. Simply upload photos of your license to Amazon Flex mobile app. The verification process can take a while depending on where you are located and other factors.

This article will provide information about the wait times for Amazon Flex License verification. It also provides details on Amazon’s background checks and requirements for Flex drivers.

How long does Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification take?

Some Flex drivers say they are verified in a matter of days. Others report it can take several weeks. It all depends on how fast Amazon’s employees can complete the verification process. This question is not easy to answer.

Amazon Flex may have just opened in your area. This means that verification might take longer. It is possible that some of these accounts have signed up to wait on Flex openings in their area. This can make it very competitive.

It is important to take a clear picture of everything so that you can reduce the time it takes for your license to be verified. You must ensure that your license is valid and includes a clear picture of you. Also, ensure that the information on your license matches what you entered into the app when signing up.

If you have all the information in order, your license verification should take less than two days (reports on-line say that it can be done in as little as two days). You should expect to wait up to two weeks for your license verification. If you have questions about your application or it has been awhile, contact Amazon Flex Support via email or phone.

Amazon Will Check Your Driving Record

A background check is required as part of signing up for Amazon Flex. Before you can drive for Amazon Flex, you must agree to the background check. This background check includes motor vehicle records checks.


Online reports show that background checks take a bit longer than driver’s license verification. It can usually take between four and two weeks. Amazon Flex customer service can be reached by email or phone if you have been waiting for your background check to complete.

What to do if your driver’s license verification fails?

Some users report that the license verification has failed repeatedly. There are many reasons this can happen. Most often, the problem is with your driver’s licence photos.

Amazon Flex lists several requirements for License Verification on their FAQ page.

  • Upload a valid driver’s license and a photo. You cannot use a temporary or learner’s license without a photograph.
  • You must upload your license images in the correct order. You will be asked to upload the front and back of your license. Upload your images in the correct order.
  • Images must be sharp and clear. Amazon will not verify your information if your license photos are blurry. Before uploading, ensure you take clear photos.
  • It is important that the edges of your license are clearly visible. You should not crop the image too close the license’s edges. Use a dark background to ensure the edges are visible.

Follow these guidelines and your license verification should be easy. If your license verification is not going according to plan, contact Amazon Flex customer service by phone or email.

What is the time frame for Amazon Flex Background Checks?

The background check, just like the license verification can take anywhere between a few days and several weeks. It is not possible to predict how long it will take. Background checks take longer depending on where you live and how much information you have.

According to Amazon Flex FAQ, background checks take between 5-10 business days. However, it may take longer in some cases. This is consistent with users’ online reports, although some users claim that their background checks were completed in less than one day.

Your background check should be clean if you have lived a normal life without any traffic violations or criminal convictions. You may be rejected if your background check contains a long list traffic violations.

Amazon Flex background checks are performed by a third-party background check service. Amazon recommends that you call Accurate Background at 1-866-216-8024 if you have any concerns or questions regarding the background check process. To review frequently asked questions regarding their background check process, you can visit their support page.

If you have any comments or questions about this article, please leave them in the comment section. We are grateful and wish you all the best with your driving.

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Amazon can take from a few days to several weeks to verify a driver’s license and run a background check.

Most drivers can be on the road within five to ten days. However, it depends on where you are and how many applications Amazon needs to verify before yours.

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