Why Is Doordash Not Accepting New Drivers? (What To Know!)

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DoorDash is just one of many companies that offers drivers the opportunity to earn extra money by delivering food. It is easy to set up and can help you earn additional income on your own schedule.

DoorDash may not accept new drivers in certain situations. This is due to supply and demand. There are many reasons. It can be frustrating to wait to see if DoorDash accepts your application. Therefore, it is a good idea that you are informed about why they may reject your application.

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DoorDash Does Not Accept New Drivers

DoorDash won’t take on new drivers if there are already too many drivers in an area. They may place you on a waiting list if there are too many dashers in the area. The waitlist process can take up to a month and may take as little as a few days.

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DoorDash Will Not Allow Me to Become a Driver

Thisonlineworld.com reports that DoorDash places new drives on a waitlist’. This could be due to two factors. Both are related supply and demand.

DoorDash might not allow you to sign up as a driver if you have too many drivers or DoorDash services are not available in your area.

DoorDash will allow too many people to become drivers. This will lead to too many delivery orders. Drivers will struggle to make any money if there are too many drivers.

You won’t also be able become a driver in an area without DoorDash. You can sign up for another region if this is the case. You must however be able to deliver in the area you have signed up.

What is the minimum time you have to wait before becoming a dasher?


To become a Dasher, you will need to wait for 5-7 business days. The company will take this time to conduct background checks on you before they accept your application. Sometimes, the process takes longer than seven days.

Background checks are a screening process that you must agree to. The background check is the same for all applicants. You might not be hired if the screening finds anything that would disqualify you as a driver.

You can request a report if your application is rejected because it failed the background check. The screening checks are usually for criminal records and motor vehicle licence records.

It can take up to 1-4 business days for your activation kit to arrive in the mail. The kit includes your DoorDash Red Card and hot storage bag as well as a manual for new drivers.

Although the kit isn’t necessary to start making deliveries, it can help make things easier.

What will disqualify you from DoorDash?

You could be disqualified from becoming a DoorDash driver for a variety of reasons. DoorDash checks all applicants for criminal records and records regarding automobile licenses.

DoorDash can disqualify you for DUI, violent crimes, and driving with an expired licence. You may also be disqualified for other reasons, such as blurry photos of your license.

Background checks also look for any involvement in motor vehicle accidents or other moving violations. You will be disqualified from driving for DoorDash if you have three or more of these “major incidents”.

If you are charged with moving violations related to an accident, some types of accidents may be considered two separate incidents.

Employers cannot have background checks information without your consent. In the event that they plan to act against you based on your background check, they must notify you.

Background checks usually only cover incidents that occurred within the last seven years. Some things, such as federal crimes, can be seen in background checks for longer periods of time.

Why Is DoorDash Dasher Not Working?

DoorDash’s driver app can be difficult to use for some drivers. The app might not work for a variety of reasons. It is usually a quick fix to get it back up and running.

Clearing the cache data on your DoorDash Driver app may help if DoorDash Dasher doesn’t work. If that fails, you might need to update your OS.

You can find the app cache in the apps> section of the Android settings page. You can also find it in the General section of the iPhone Settings (under “iPhone Storage”).

Clearing the DoorDash Dasher app cache ensures there are no corrupt data that could cause problems with the app. If the errors persist, you might need to troubleshoot your app.

DoorDash Dasher can be prone to a variety of errors. DoorDash’s support site provides more details on how to fix the errors.


For those looking to make a little extra cash, being a DoorDash driver can be very rewarding. It can be frustrating to wait for approval to become a driver.

It is therefore important to fully understand the application process and plan accordingly.

You should request a report if you fail the background check for DoorDash. This will allow you to determine the root cause. Sometimes, it could be as simple as a blurry photo of your license.

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