Usps Pre Shipment For A Week? (What To Know & Do!)

The other day, I ordered a parcel and when I checked my USPS tracking number it said it was in ‘pre-shipment’

What does pre-shipment actually mean? This is what we discovered…

Why is my USPS package still in pre-shipment?

Your USPS delivery status “in pre shipping” means that your item was packed with a shipping label attached, but not yet received by the postal service which will deliver it.

This article will discuss “preshipping” and explain why it occurs. It also explains what to do if you get a preshipping alert.

What does Preshipment mean?

Pre-shipment refers to the “location” of a package before it travels from the merchant to the buyer. Online orders are more complicated than traditional mail.

The process of purchasing an item online begins when you have paid for it. Once the merchant generates the USPS shipping label, your item will be considered “pre shipment”.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your item has been shipped. This is where electronic information can get ahead of itself. UPS has a similar status for parcels that are ready to go, but not yet “gone”. The message said “UPS Shipping label created”. This format may be a bit clearer.

The item will be in pre-shipment during the entire warehouse checkout process and any subsequent journeys by any other carrier to an USPS Outlet. It will be in pre-shipment until it is received by USPS.

The status of your package refers to the stage in which your item is at the Post Office, but not yet scanned.

Why do some packages stay in the US for so long before being shipped?

There are many reasons that package pre-shipment complications can occur. Important to note that this term refers to all time the package takes to reach the Post Office.

This means that even though another carrier may have your package (e.g. FedEx or UPS), it will still be considered “pre shipment” by USPS. It hasn’t reached them yet (for the last stage of its journey).

This means that delays in pre-shipments will not always be caused by USPS.

What is the USPS’s Pre-Shipment Time Limit for Packages?

You can leave your packages in the pre-shipment stage for as long as you like. These delays occur before your item reaches a USPS outlet.

Pre shipment waiting times have been reported by consumers as ranging from 24 hours up to 12 days.

As your package reaches USPS, it can experience the usual delays caused by carriers. These can include traffic issues, weather conditions, and volume of mail.

Consumers have also reported that the merchant could print a USPS shipping tag at any time. This does not mean that your item is ready for shipping.

Delays at the warehouse level can lead to longer “pre shipment”, which is again nothing to do the USPS.

What do I do if my packages are stuck in pre-shipment?

You can ask the company where you purchased your packages to locate them during the pre-shipment process. Although most large companies should be able to provide information, some consumers report that smaller companies (or those located overseas) have not responded to their inquiries.

International orders will have a longer pre-shipment time than domestic orders. Consumers are advised that surface and air freight can cause delays even greater than domestic shipping.

Some buyers feel that companies might wait until they fulfill an order quota before shipping the shipment.

Your “pre shipment” notification could also be a waiting list for a product to become available or to arrive from another country. This is where the “pre shipment notification” is more like a confirmation that you have placed an order than an alert that your product will soon be shipped.

If this happens, you have two options: wait or ask the merchant for information and wait. Only the information that they have received can be provided by the USPS.

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It’s a concern to find a package in “pre shipment”, especially if it isn’t delivered within a few days.

It is important to keep in mind that your item could be in transit, but it has not yet arrived at a USPS outlet.

This means that your shipping label has been generated but not yet received by USPS.

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