What Does “origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Mean? (usps)

You can easily tell when you receive the next tracking email if you’re in the “In Transit” section of the USPS delivery status tracker, but it can still be difficult to tell if the USPS is actually in the US or in another country. Even a US address can take up to 5 days to be processed by the USPS, so this type of tracking can still be of limited use when you need to know where your package is.

Finally, we’ve researched what this term means, if you’re looking to ship items internationally, check our guide for more information!

What Does “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Mean at USPS In 2022?

“Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” is a USPS tracking term associated with packages arriving from overseas in 2022. It’s a general term, and therefore doesn’t provide detailed information about a package location. It can mean that a package is prepared and ready for shipment, or it can mean that a package has been delayed due to weather or transportation issues.

The following terms refer to the tracking of shipments as they arrive to destinations in the U.S.

The actual process is often referred to as ‘International Shipping’ and it is one of the most important steps that occurs when a customer purchases an item through the online store.

What Does “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Mean at USPS?

In the shipping industry, an Origin Post Prepared Shipment or OPP is when a package is ready for shipment.

An online shop that ships to all 50 states usually has a US address, because they usually ship to a local warehouse for delivery.

You can check the status of your packages at https://www.usps.com/shipstatus
You can check the status of your packages at https://www.usps.com/shipcheck

You may want to include the tracking number you received to facilitate the tracking process when you check your packages.

Other times, it can mean that your package has not yet been processed and/or it is currently in transit or in your hands.

Why Am I Seeing “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” at USPS?

The government in some countries will start getting packages from the United States. This is because the United States doesn’t have a ban on people coming in from those countries.

that’s why other countries’ postal systems communicate with USPS to inform the company about shipping timeframes because that’s how the US system works.

The tracking term for this package was “consolidated” by USPS. This means that no matter what, USPS will move this package from New York to Virginia.

If you wish to know exactly how close your package is to getting sent, then you can check the status of all of your packages from your Tracking page. This page also lists every step taken by the courier to deliver your package.

For example, it could mean that your package is ready to ship, although it might not be sent directly to you today.

If you see the same origin message more than once during a browser session, you may be blocking the site. You can see the exact list of restrictions that your browser is blocking and you can update it to allow those sites the access that you desire.

The issue is not that we’re not able to build and install a system in one location, but rather the issue is that every time you ship a machine, you have to pay to ship it, then the transportation costs come into play, and that’s not cheap.

If your package needs to be rescheduled due to weather, staffing shortages, or issues with transport, we can’t wait for the weather to change!

A large freight shipment is more likely to have problems on the long journey than a small shipment.

Since there was no arrival scan done, there’s no confirmation of the identity of the passengers on the flight.

The USPS can update their tracking every time a small package gets scanned into their system.

It’s very possible the courier missed scanning and delivering your package.

When people order items on Amazon, they think their items are in different locations. They don’t realize that the package has moved. So even if the package is tracked, it can seem like it’s still at the delivery address as long as it’s not being delivered.

While trying to install an update, the update package caused the system to run out of disk space.

The United States Post Office takes advantage of its efficiency and reliability to expand its scope of business. It is a big business for these people. Because of this, people are being able to do more than ever before.

I believe that a warehouse worker was talking about how they’ve experienced the back-log and delay in deliveries.

How Long Does “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Take?

When I saw my tracking information said that my package shipped, I was worried I shipped my package on the wrong date and that it would take a while to change it.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can tell you that the status of your order will be marked within 3 to 5 business days.

The reason for the delay is that an investigation has started about how we can improve the experience of our customers. We are taking these steps because we want to keep you happy with our service.

What Should I Do About an “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Message?

Some people have said that it would be great if the Origin Post shipping notification would tell about the expected shipping date, but I have not found a way to achieve that – at least not in the current version of the extension.

But I have figured out how to tell the Post’s internal system when the product is ready to be shipped.

The best thing you can do is to wait and not make any rash decisions. It’s likely that your employer will eventually send your resume to other firms.

The courier can get lost
A mistake was made by the courier
The courier can be delayed by the weather/traffic/etc.
The courier could be robbed, or get hit by a car etc.

In most cases the issue will sort itself out in due time without you having to do anything.

If neither of the sentences fits, you must go for the most general version of the subordinate clause.

However, if you have been waiting a week or more then it is time to take action.

Another option is to call USPS customer service to see if you can get any insights of the issue.

Call for customer service is available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (ET) and Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (ET).

You can write an email or use the live chat function on the company’s website.

I’d recommend contacting the person sending your shipment, in case they have any issues or need to know why you haven’t received it.

They are also able to contact their local postal service to ask what is going on and to find out more information.

To know more, you can also visit our other articles like how to print a tracking label at USPS, USPS shipping address format, or how to track your USPS mail at USPS.


This generally means that a package has been prepared to ship from the manufacturer to your doorstep. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

If you use your package for free shipping or want to save money, you can track your package status at USPS.com by using the tracking link provided by the sender. A tracking number will be included in your receipt email that you receive shortly after the package has shipped.

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