Does Usps Reimburse For Lost Packages? (What To Know!)

It can be very frustrating to receive a package that never arrives.

Is USPS able to reimburse you for lost packages? Is there anything you can do? This is what we discovered when we looked into it…

Does USPS Reimburse For Lost Packages?

Under certain circumstances, the Untied States Postal Service will pay for damaged or lost packages. These will include the shipping method used, whether insurance was included, and the exact reasons for the issue.

This article will discuss the USPS reimbursement policies. It will explain what they are and how they work.

What happens if your USPS package goes missing?

If your shipment items are not arriving, check first the mail class that you sent them. Every mail class is unique. All the international and domestic shipping services are listed in a table on the USPS website.

Priority Mail, for example, has a 1 to 3-day shipping time with tracking and insurance. First Class Package Services however has a 1 to 3-day shipping time with tracking and insurance.

You can view the policies by clicking on each shipping company. This is important because the shipping service you choose will determine if your mail is late or lost.

You should be aware that international shipping services can differ from domestic services.

What should I do if late USPS mail arrives?

The USPS has a webpage dedicated to delayed mail. This page will provide information about the USPS definitions of “late mail.” You’ll also find a table listing all mail services and when your items can be considered “late.”

If you use First Class Mail, for example, you must wait 7 days after the date of mailing before you start your search request.

You must wait 14 days after the date of delivery if you used Domestic Registered Mail before you submit your search request.

Tracking can be used to track your packages at any time. To track the status of your packages, simply enter your number in the USPS tracking bar. Each type of mail has its own tracking number. Below the tracking bar you will see an example of each type.

Where is your tracking number? It’s here:

  • Your Post Office shipping receipt
  • The sales receipt for insurance
  • If you have completed your online shipping, the confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • You will find the shipping confirmation email of the online retailer.
  • The bottom part of your USPS Tracking Label must be removed

USPS recommends that you start a search if your tracking information has not changed in a while or you don’t have any tracking information.

What should I do if my USPS package is damaged?

Either the sender, or the receiver can file a claim to have damaged (or missing!) packages replaced. No matter who files the claim the item must be kept intact, including all packaging, wrapping, and contents. Items that are eligible include:

  • Priority Mail Express and insured mail
  • Items that can be collected on delivery (COD)
  • Register Mail with Included Insurance

The USPS has a How To Filing A Claim Page. This page lists all the steps you need to take, including how to appeal. Two appeals can be filed at once. Within 10 days, the USPS will respond to your appeal.

How do I apply for a USPS refund?

You can request a refund if you purchased Priority Mail Express with a money back guarantee. You will need to provide proof of purchase such as a tracking receipt or purchase receipt. If you are applying in person, a photo ID is also required.

Online refund requests are possible, but you will need an account with USPS.

Scroll down on the USPS refund page to locate the shipping service that you used. You’ll be able to find out if your order is eligible for a refund and what you should do.

Click on the Request (mail Service) Refund tab. Sign in to your account and have all your details ready.

Learn more about the USPS You can read our related post to find out if USPS accepts FedEx returns and if USPS delivers at night.


If you use a mail service with tracking and insurance, USPS will reimburse you for any lost or damaged package.

There is an online step-by-step process to search for and request refunds.

You can also visit your local post office and bring your receipts.

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